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Otani Ryohei Talks About the Ladies of "Roommate"

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Model-actor Otani Ryohei has recently sat with isPlus for an interview wherein he talked about the ladies of the SBS variety show "Roommate," among other things. The model-actor from Japan who has built his acting career in Korea has mentioned that he is open to developing a love line with the ladies in "Roommate." "The ladies (in Roommate) are all attractive. I think there will be a good feeling if we spend more time together. Won't there be a possibility with everyone? I wish there's a chance to have a love line. Maybe it can be seen around this month," said Otani Ryohei when asked whether there's a chance for him to have some romantic relationship while inside the share house. When asked to pick his ideal type among Bae Jong Ok, Lee Gook Joo, Sunny, and Heo Young Ji, the model-actor shyly replied, "I cannot choose. Even if there's somebody (I like among them), I cannot say it. Haha!" Otani Ryohei then talked about each of the ladies in "Roommate" and shared his feelings about them. "There was that one time with Lee Gook Joo. I drank alcohol until late at night at the first floor and after going into my room (to sleep), I went down at around 5 a.m. to drink water and she was making kimbap. I thought, 'She's really enjoying Roommate.' It's just like going on a membership training (MT) with your college mates. The atmosphere is cheerful. I want to have a heart-to-heart talk with her at least once," said Otani Ryohei on Lee Gook Joo. Otani Ryohei also talked about Girls' Generation's Sunny. "Sunny is really cute. She's a friend who always laughs when she talks and she is hardworking. I sometimes play volleyball and she comes to cheer me at my match. She just said she'll come. I know that she has a very bright personality, (of course) she's Girls' Generation. But she really works hard and whenever I score a point, she cheers for me. She's a cute and lovely character," said Otani Ryohei. Finally, Otani Ryohei talked about actress Bae Jong Ok. "Bae Jong Ok noona is a great senior but she told us not to approach her like that. She keeps an eye on things in the kitchen." However, Otani Ryohei mentioned that he cannot say much about Nana and KARA's Heo Young Ji. "Because of their schedules, I couldn't see Nana and Heo Young Ji often so I don't know much about them yet."

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