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This Is What Happens When a Random Person Jumps on the EXO Hashtag Train

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Thanks to The One Shots for picking up this story!

@TristanMaack was just your average Canadian man on Twitter. On April 15 he saw that the phrase "Welcome to the Overdose Era" was trending and assumed that it had something to do with overdosing on drugs. One click for him and he quickly learned that he was wrong. "Welcome to the Overdose Era" was trending because of EXO and their upcoming comeback for "Overdose." Tristan Maack proceeded to tweet about his misunderstanding, unaware that he had just introduced himself to the EXO fandom.


The EXO fans decided this was hilarious. 


It didn't take long for him to realized what happened. 


He could have just moved on with his life, but instead, he got curious.  


Encouraged by the enthusiastic response from EXO fans, This random Canadian man decided he must see for himself what this EXO group was all about.


"Not bad" he says, but how does he feel about EXO now that he knows who they are? 


Now that he and the EXO fans were quite friendly, he decided that he should give back by offering his recommendation.  


This was about when he realized he was becoming somewhat famous. 


He had 293 by the time Noona started writing


I think he may understand Noona feels


He's in too deep. He has a bias now. 


Did someone tell him that once he's in K-Pop he can never leave? 


Someone make this happen for the sake of all that is good in this world. 

CallMeN00NA is a Soompi editor who might be spending too much time on Twitter and Instagram, but then how else could she have come across a gem like this? Perhaps she should spend more time on Twitter and answering questions on ask.fm

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