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Soyu x Junggigo Spend Time Together Through Couple Photoshoot

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The duo that brought you the hit song “Some” is participating in a couple photoshoot.

Recently Soyu x Junggigo took part in a photoshoot for CeCi’s April issue. Known for their cute love song, “Some” Junggigo and SISTAR’s Soyu were captured exercising daily activities such as brushing their teeth while wearing matching white tops. Although unfamiliar with magazine photoshoots, Junggigo was put at ease through Soyu’s funny personality.

Furthermore, as one of the concepts was to draw on each other’s face, Junggigo showed his hesitancy to stand next to Soyu, as the SISTAR member had shown her mischievous delight in the opportunity to doodle over Junggigo’s face. The funny moment helped brighten the mood on set, as the two seemed pretty comfortable despite being in front of the camera.


Soyu x Junggigo’s CeCi photoshoot will be part of the April issue of the magazine, and fans will get to see more photos of the two enjoying daily routines as the concept of the photoshoot showcased the two enjoying each other's presence through daily activities. 

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