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“Running Man” Shows Gary’s Naked Body?

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On the March 16 episode of SBS’ “Running Man,” the broadcast showed the second part of “Running Man in Australia” with guests Rain and Kim Woo Bin. With all the running, swimming, and pure adrenaline rush, the members were deemed tired by the end of the night. Thus, when the staff members gave Lee Kwang Soo and Haha a camera to comfortably record a self video, the two silly members became mischievous and decided to show the other “Running Man” members as they slept. Calling it, “The behind the scenes story of entertainment,” Kwang Soo and Haha tried to secretly film Gary as he slept. Shockingly, Haha told the viewers, “Gary is sleeping without any clothes,” and zoomed in on a sleeping Gary.

Hilariously, the surprise was on the two jokesters as Gary abruptly screamed, causing Lee Kwang Soo and Haha to fall back in shock. However, revenge is sweet, as Haha suddenly lifted the blankets, exposing Gary’s naked body. Luckily, “Running Man’s” editing crew covered Gary’s body with a giant smile, saving the rapper’s privacy while managing to stir laughter. The rowdiness came to an end when Kim Jong Kook stormed in the room, asking about the loudness, and demanded the two to go to sleep, after roughing up the two pranksters.

Check out the hilarious clip below! You can’t watch “Running Man” without some funny pranks! 

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