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Recent Episode of “1N2D” Challenges Members to Stop Smoking for 2 Full Days

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In an earlier episode of KBS2TV’s “1 Night, 2 Days,” the members expressed their New Year resolutions for 2014. Among the goals, actor Kim Joo Hyuk had said that he wanted to quit smoking in 2014, stirring agreements from the other members. However, the members never would have thought that a future episode would require them to film for two full days without smoking. The March 9 episode of “1 Night, 2 Day” followed the members on a no-smoking trip, with each member being closely monitored, even being followed by a staff to the restroom. Out of all six members, actor Cha Tae Hyun was the only one who did not smoke; thus to be able to fairly implement the rules for the next two days, the actor’s friend and smoker, singer Hong Kyung Min, became a special guest for the no-smoking episodes. So what were the rules? The members were not allowed to smoke, and if they were caught smoking, they would have to fully submerge in to the icy cold ocean water. As the members, including Hong Kyung Min, were unaware of the topic of this week’s trip, panic ensued as all the members begged the show’s PD for one last smoke before they left for the trip.


Yet, Yoo Ho Jin PD’s strict rules against smoking was implemented, and the members were not allowed their last cigarette before they headed off to an island that had a no-smoking policy.Furthermore, the PD made sure that the members were not hiding any cigarettes by physically checking the members' bodies, as well as using a drug sniffing dog to find the members who were hiding cigarettes. In regards to the unhealthy habit, Yoo PD revealed, “All five members love to smoke, and the staff were worried about the members’ health. We can’t force them to quit smoking, but we hoped that they would have a time to reflect on the possibility of quitting. Although the member showed many funny moments, there were times when they became angry, which was really scary. Since they stopped smoking, there were moments when they became mad, and it was real. During filming, there were also times when they showed resistance. Yet, they couldn’t quit in the middle of the trip, and all of them tried their best to stop smoking throughout the two days. Sometimes, the members showed how they easily failed, but we wanted to show the viewers just how hard it was to quit. We hope that the members and the viewers would be able to see how much of an impact smoking has through this no-smoking trip. After the filming, some members lowered the amount of cigarettes they smoked a day, while all of them had a chance to reflect on the impacts of cigarettes in their life.”

The March 9 episode of “1 Night, 2 Day” topped the viewership ranking for the Sunday night timeslot, bringing in a rating of 15.4%; the second part of the non-smoking trip will air next Sunday on March 16. Have you started tackling your New Year resolutions? It’s not too late to start! We hope that the “1 Night 2 Day” members would be able to eventually quite smoking and achieve their New Year goals!

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