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Ha Ji Won Talks About Filming the Difficult Childbirth Scene in "Empress Ki"

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Actress Ha Ji Won talked about filming the difficult childbirth scene in “Empress Ki” at a press conference for the drama on January 20.

She said, “Rather than the action [being difficult], I got pregnant and had to have a child in a cave. It was the hardest thing for me since I started acting. I almost even passed out.”

“I had to do the scene in a block of ice about 10cm thick. My whole body went numb and I felt like I was turning into ice. When I came out, the staff started massaging my body to get the blood flowing, but it felt like my body was going to shatter, so I told them to stop. Portraying emotions that come from a very extreme situation was very difficult.”

“Seeing that I didn’t have much action, but a pregnancy scene instead, and that I would have to portray the emotions of a woman having a fatherless child all in a single episode, I was really on edge. If my portrayal of anything like morning sickness was poorly done, I worried a lot about how the following episode would come out. As it was my first time acting this sort of scene, older people around me really helped out a lot. I tried my best, and everyone says I did a good job, so I feel good.

Ha Ji Won also mentioned that she’s not feeling her best right now, but that she is determined to get her footing back again and show everyone yet another side of her character. 

"Empress Ki" is a 50-episode historical drama starring Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo, and Ji Chang Wook, and is currently at the lead of the Monday/Tuesday airing dramas.

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