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Comedian Shin Dong Yup Reveals His Surprising IQ


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Comedian Shin Dong Yup’s IQ is gaining the interest of many netizens.

On a recent recording of E channel’s “Brave Reporters,” Shin Dong Yup revealed, “I took an IQ test in middle school and received a score of 160.” He joked saying, “I think my IQ decreases by 10 every year.”

According to MENSA standards, an IQ of 160 is well above 0.02% of the population of Korea. A person with an IQ of 150 or higher is included in this 0.02%.

The highest IQ level in Korea is 155. Anyone who receives a higher score must confirm with agents overseas. The reason behind this is because the IQ measurement standards in Korea and for MENSA are different. The standard deviation on the MENSA chart is 15 while on the Korean chart it is 24.

In Korea, a person’s IQ is calculated: [IQ-1000/15]*24+100.

Below is the IQ level classification for MENSA:
150 and above: 0.02% genius
140 – 149: 1.5% highly gifted
130 – 139: 6.0% gifted
120 – 129: 39.5% high
110 – 119: 21.5% average
100 – 109: 19.3% low average
90 – 99: 9.18% below average
80 – 89: 3.0% learning disability
70 – 79: 0.5% borderline
69 or below: 0.2% low intelligence


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