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“Yeo Jin Gu’s Girl” Ha Yeon Soo in Fantasy Pictorial

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Actress Ha Yeon Soo recently shot a pictorial for fashion magazine Vogue Girl. Ha Yeon Soo showed off her girlish innocence and dream-like charm in the pictorial.

One such example is the shot where she poses with her hands cupped around her chin, with an doll-like, innocent expression and a faint smile on her face as she gazes straight ahead.

The shoot in the streets of Hong Kong took more than eight hours to complete, but Ha Yeon Soo maintained her professionalism and did not betray her exhaustion. It was also her first pictorial shoot, but she didn’t act like a rookie, managing to show a range of expressions and poses, which earned her praise from the staff.

Ha Yeon Soo is currently appearing in PD Kim Byung Wook’s (High Kick) tvN sitcom “Potato Star 2013QR3” alongside Yeo Jin Gu.

Click through the gallery to see her dreamy photos.

Ha Yeon Soo 0

Ha Yeon Soo 6

Ha Yeon Soo 5

Ha Yeon Soo 7

Ha Yeon Soo 1

Ha Yeon Soo 3

Ha Yeon Soo 2

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