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Kara's Japanese Fans Petition: "DSP Must Allow Nicole in Kara"

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"DSP will allow Nicole to remain in Kara with our efforts!"

Kara's Japanese fans were out in full force trying to gather signatures to make DSP allow Nicole to remain a part of Kara. 

japan concert petition

japan concert petition 2

Since October 8, Kara has been on a concert tour in Japan. During their concert in Yokohama on October 9, volunteer petitioners were shouting "Let's make Nicole remain in Kara!" while trying to gather signatures.

The petitioners plan to follow Kara on its seven-city Japanese concert tour, which includes the cities of Nagoya, Yokohama, Fukuoka and Osaka. They plan to gather as many signatures as possible and then mail them to DSP headquarters.

One participant said, "We already accept the fact that DSP will no longer manage Nicole. We just want Nicole to be allowed to perform with Kara, even if she is managed by a different company. We hope DSP will listen to us."

It seems DSP will have a lot to think about, since Japan contains one of Kara's biggest fan bases.

Kara's current contract with DSP also includes a contract with Universal Japan, and they are both set to end in December.  Fans are worried that Universal will not allow members with a different contract to work with Kara. Universal is known for its tough stance on concurrent contracts.

Fans are anxiously waiting to hear if Nicole will be allowed to perform with Kara after she leaves Universal.

During the concert in Yokohama, Kara member Goo Hara sincerely apologized to the concert goers saying, "We are very sorry for causing our fans to worry. We hope you continue to support us, and we will continue to work hard to give our best performances."

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