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Andy Is More Concerned About 100% Than Teen Top

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Shinhwa's Andy recently showed his affections for his two boy bands, Teen Top and 100%.

On the episode of Mnet's "Beatles Code 2" that was aired on June 17 the guests included the Shinhwa members along with Teen Top's Chunji, 100%'s Minwoo and Hyo Eun of Stellar, a girl group produced by Eric.

During the episode, MC Tak Jae Hoon asked Andy, "Between Teen Top and 100%, which team do you have greater feelings for?"

To this, Andy answered, "I like both of them," which caused the MCs as well as the Shinhwa members to boo him for giving such a standard and polite answer.

Then Lee Minwoo commented, "When I asked, Andy said, 'Since Teen Top has already succeeded, I have greater affection for 100%.' He feels the need to take care of them more."

At this, 100%'s Minwoo put on a big smile whereas Teen Top's Chunji put on a sad face, which caused everyone to laugh.

Meanwhile, Shinhwa enjoyed great success with their latest track, "This Love," by winning the #1 spot on various music programs.

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