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[MANGA/ANIME] Post a picture/List the manga/anime that you own!


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I saw quite a few anime and manga collection on tumblr, and I thought it'd be cool if anyone wanted to post pictures of their own collection.
I don't collect anime DVDs since I cannot afford them, and I rarely watch anime. I do, however, collect manga. I would read them online, and once I've liked the series and are licensed, I would buy them. 

I`ll post my entire manga collection once I've received the ones I've recently ordered, but for now, here's a pic of my collection of Bokura Ga Ita. Bokura Ga Ita is my most recent complete series.
 photo wewerethere01.jpg^clickable
sigh. One can never have enough.

Feel free to post more pictures in the future when you've received your new books/DVDs/CDs. Let's get this thread filled with Anime/Manga collections!

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Hope peeps can start sharing pics of their manga/anime collection?
Here are some shots of my manga collection. Pretty recent as I decided to purchase January and February releases just last week.

close ups:

left side:


right side:

here's what I think of each series I own: http://missieeeee.livejournal.com/45712.html

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Guest KatelynL

Omfg!! I only own Skip Beat! A 3-in-1...Chapters 16-18... I read most of my mangas online (somehow, they're so hard to find at my library.. which doesn't have even a single Bleach volume!)
What're you currently reading?For me, it's Skip Beat! (waiting for next update), Bleach (eh, sorta on hiatus), Itzura na Kiss, and Hana Kimi! 

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^I've been busy these past few months, but my current reads online are Last Game, Kanojo Wa Uso Aishisugiteru, and Bokura Wa Itsumo
As for the ones I own, I read the Dawn of Arcana, Happy Marriage, and Midnight Secretary, and Goong. Those are the ones I'd read immediately once latest releases are out in the market.

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Guest minjjangxx1846

Manga - Fruits Basket (only up to Volume 19 or 20 I think, because they stopped selling it in stores in my area :'()
Cardcaptor Sakura (The really thick one that has the first half of the series in it)
And a few first volumes of some, like volume 1 of Toradora and of Full Moon wo Sagashite
Anime - I usually watch online, but I do own:Toradora!, Fruits Basket and OHSHC

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^Oh that sucks. You were almost there in completing Furuba! If you go on ebay for Out of Prink books, you either get it at cheap price but really bad quality, or inflated prices with pretty decent ones (or if you got unlucky, you still get bad ones too). I hope you`ll still be able to complete your Furuba collection!
I recently got my Furuba for 240 bucks~_~ (I`m not even bother to say how much it cost me for shipping T___T) Anyways despite the price, all books were good as new. That's why I was sooo willing to get it at the price since one of my pet peeves as a collector is to see creases in my book. I can't stand seeing my bbs bent and out of shaped.
^here's what my Furuba series look like. So so so so beautiful. Definitely one of my most prized collections. It's just soo classic. I`m so ecstatic that I finally got my hands on these babies.

Lucky you have DVD collections to! I think I had Card Captor Sakura DVD and OST set somewhere in the house, but that was a long time ago, back in the day where I didn't realize how much of a gem these anime and manga were. I really regret tossing them away once I was done watching them when I was really young.

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Wow! I definitely don't have that much manga. The library where I live have plenty of manga that I can borrow from but I do buy some manga series from Yuu Watase, Yuki Kaori and Yuri Narushima. I also buy artbooks by Yuu Watase, Arina Tanemura, Kaori Yuki. I actually have 3-4 of Yuu Watase's Perfect World magazine. I have one Hana to Yume magazine. I have some shonen titles, too. Sorry. It's a hassle to take them out of storage and take pics of them.

Here's a list of what I remember so far

Planet Ladder vol. 1-5
Ayashi No Ceres vol. 13, 14
Fairy Cube vol. 1, 2, 3
Godchild vol. 1-4, 6-8
Cain Saga vol. 1-3
Black Butler vol. 1-2
Ghost Hunt vol. 9-10
Young Magician vol. 1-3
Sailor Moon vol. 1-2, 4, 8

Yu Yu Hakusho complete season 1, 2
Elfen Lied vol. 1
Gunslinger Girl vol.1
Noir vol.1
Sailor Moon season 2, 5
Sailor Moon Black Dream Box movie
YuGiOh complete first series
Hunter X Hunter season 1
Utena entire series

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^Libraries in where I live don't really have much manga in them, so I`m only left with buying them all from online. I have to make sure I really really like what I buy cuz I don't like the selling and shipping out anything I already bought. That's too much work. I watched lots of old shounen anime growing up, but I didn't wanna read the manga and fall in love with them cuz I honestly don't have the money to collect shounen. =P Like, I think Detective Conan has like 80-ish books(?), I don't think I`ll have the heart to collect that religiously. haha.
And nice DVD list you got there, notably YuYu, SM and HxH. I hope I could one day collect anime DVDs too, especially the classic ones, but for now, I keep them on my external hard drive^^

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Guest marycosplay

If I was your neighborhood, I would borrow manga from you. LOL, just kidding.
I began to read manga on-line this year, if possible, I do like to buy some manga books.

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^Hahahaha, sad part is no one has probably heard of my city. :( I have yet to meet someone in my city that is as crazy as I am with manga :P

Anyways, I'm pretty sure most of us (if not all) did start with reading manga online. I remember I used to save all my downloaded files of manga on my hard drive. When I finally got a self-satisfying job, I figured it's about time I repay these mangaka who brought me so much fun (relieving me from the stressful real life issues) with their awesome series by purchasing their works that were/are published in English. :) In a way, it helps to sustain the manga industry here in North America, most especially shoujo, since there's only a few of us who are suckers for these ^^
I still am a heavy user of online reading though since a lot of the series I really love (especially new one) haven't been licensed yet. :( I get rid of my guilty pleasure by purchasing them once they are licensed. haha.

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^Great collection! Thanks for sharing. That looks a lot of manga to me, so don't say you don't have that much xDD Then again..... you're probably right, when do we, manga collectors, really have enough manga? 
I probably won't ever get myself into liking shounen books considering the amount of money I'd invest in one series alone. I saw your One Piece collection is up to 72 books and that series is still ongoing. O.O So kudos to you and all of shounen manga collectors for sustaining manga industry here in North America by purchasing all volumes of those series!

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