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Namie Amuro 11th album "FEEL" 7.10.2013 release


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This section is kind of dead but since I like this album so much, I feel compelled to make a thread about it.
The album was leaked 3~4 days early so many people got to listen to the whole thing before the official release date.
The album comprised of mostly English (or Engrish...) songs but the album is (in my opinion) amazingly very well produced. It's like 1000 times better than her previous album "Uncontrolled"


1. Alive
2. Rainbow
3. Can You Feel This Love
4. Big Boys Cry
5. Hands On Me < love the music video
6. Heaven < apparently, ZEDD produced this song
7. Poison
8. La La La
9. Supernatural Love
10. Let Me Let You Go
11. Contrail
12. Stardust In My Eyes

I've bolded my personal favorite tracks but I pretty much like every track. I think if you were a big fan of Britney Spears's "Femme Fatale"  or BoA's English album, you'll like this album very much too because I find them comparable. Every track (I think) is worthy of being a single. There's a music video for Contrail, Hands On Me, Big Boys Cry, Heaven, and Let Me Let You Go. I'm not sure if I missed anything else. There's going to be a MV for "Alive" but I haven't seen it yet. But yeah, this album I definitely consider a compilation of pop music perfection (or J-pop anyway).

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