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Share your gaming youtube channel! (If you have any and you don't mind sharing)

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I'm bored and I feel like watching random Soompiers' gameplays on Youtube.
Any gamer here who uploads their games on Youtube?
If so, are you a commentator as well?

In my case, I've started mine only because people told me so (and I love gaming). I always only get friend requests when I use my mic in games, more than for my pro skills. They said I was random and pervert as hell and I should try putting some games on Youtube. I did. And since I'm in a gaming community, for every 10 videos I upload, I'd have to pick one of them to be featured and get tons of views (+likes+subs). That's the only way to make myself known out there.

Share yours! Maybe some day I would play your games and we could collaborate!
Mine's freshly new http://www.youtube.com/MashidoGaming and I can't wait to reach 10 videos.

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Guest holamate

After 2.5 years ogame experince (just enough) i left it, now i have a game community (Counter Strike 1.6 still most popular FPS action game ) we have one of best zombie plague server (all server owner say that but server really good. i play zombie mod but my favorite mod GUNGAME, it needs fast react and refleks, it is not for newbie players.

here is our counter strike community youtube chanel

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/user/BlondeLovers

Zombie Plague 4.3 Survivor vs aLL:

Releated files and Download LINK: 

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