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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

* Title: 美樂加油 / Mei Le Jia You

* English title: Love Keeps Going

* Genre: Romance

* Episodes:

* Broadcast network: CTV

* Broadcast period: 2011-Jun-05 to 2011-???-??

* Air time: Sundays 22:00 to 23:30


A story of an egotistic guy meeting a girl who aimed to please. A casual comment from her boyfriend on wishing to open a bakery store of their own caused Mei Le to immediately abandon her lucrative job in fiance to pursuit a career in baking bread. But, her boyfriend still dumped her for someone else anyway. Her breakup directly impacted Han Yi Lie. First, her cheating boyfriend was his brother. Second, he worked better after eating her bread and couldn't function when she stopped baking it. So he decided to help her recover from the unfortunate event. Not out of guilt or kindness of his heart. He just want to go back to his routine: Eating bread and making music.


* Cyndi Wang as Zha Mei Le 查美樂 / He Yan Qin 何言沁

* Mike He as Han Yi Lei 韓以烈

* Shi Yi Nan as Han Yi Feng 韓以風

* Zhang Shan Wei (張善為) as Zha Yu Cheng 查宇誠

* Albee Huang as Han Yi Fei 韓以霏

* Wang Yue as Han's mother

* Linda Liu as Zha's mother

* Zhang Jia Ning (張家寧) as Guo Xuan Xuan 郭瑄瑄

* Liu Yan (柳岩) as Chu Shao Ying 楚少茵

* Zhang Lun Shuo (張倫碩) as He Yan Shao 何言劭

* Yu Hao Cheng (于澔丞) as Xiao Jie 小傑

* Lene Lai as Xiao Jun 小君

* Yi Zheng as Han's father

* Xiao Xiao Bin as Xiao Zhi 小志

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Guest Q_Park

I started watching this the other day because I was bored and it's surprisingly enjoyable. There's no break through plot or acting but it's just a cute romantic comedy. I'm awaiting Sunday for the next episode.

It seems like Xuan Xuan is going to make her move on Yi Feng next week which ultimately causes Mei Le to break up with him. I'm so ready for this.

- Kyu

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Guest sweetsweets2

I really enjoy the series as well! I think that it's really cute and funny though it can also get serious sometimes.

I simply adore Cyndi's character 美乐as well as Mike's though his character Yi Lie is not exactly original - typical rich guy whose arrogant and thinks that he won't fall in love with a dorky ordinary girl like 美乐 but later does. STILL though, he's extremely hot :D

I'm also really looking forward to them falling in love; the previews of their romance are extremely cute! I find my heart thumping like crazy when I see them and I can't wait to actually watch them in sequence with the appropriate episodes ^^

on a side note, I think that 美乐's boyfriend Yi Feng is a pretty nice dude and he's kind of cute too but I agree with what Mike He/Yi Lie said about his relationship with 美乐- that Yi Feng doesn't actually really like/love 美乐 for her person but for what she can do (for him). What I mean is not necessarily negative, because after all guys do want life partners who can help them, typically around the house, but this kind of "love" that Yi Feng has is just directed at 美乐 in the wrong way; to me he seems confused and he'll only continue to be confused, especially when a third wheel comes in..

I ALSO adore Yi Feng and Yi Lie's mom and sister. haha :)

and what's with that rich guy (who has a distinct Beijing dialect imo) whose trying to sabotage 美乐?

and is he in love with his sister who looks just like Cyndi/美乐? I don't really like him but he makes the plot more interesting/complicated so he's all right for now, lol. just don't get in the way of Yi Lie and 美乐 and I'll be fine with ya.

hope this drama gets more buzz! it's totally adorable and enjoyable~ and the theme song by Cyndi is cute + lovely ;)

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Guest viviatan

Hee hee the 1st and 3rd ain't boring yet..

It is the first time, i watched Cindy Wang act as a mature lady oh... also kissing scene and bed scene oh... woooo~~~~ can't wait for it ^^

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Guest goosegirl

I am really loving this drama at the moment and is sad that it is not love by many. I hope it has more buzz as well because out of all the taiwanese drama airing at the moment and since autum concerto I havent really enjoy any of the series.

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It is the first time, i watched Cindy Wang act as a mature lady

Could this be her 1st of such role? I don't recall any for sure. I was expecting Cyndi Wang to be in the same old character she used to be in "Love Keeps Going" but she was totally in a different role this time round. Really a surprise.  Can't wait for the following episodes of her with Mike He.


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Guest AiMango

I've been following this. Pretty cute drama to begin with, some of the characters (YiFeng + Xuanxuan) are really irritating though, and the plot has been moving slowly. Tbh Im only watching this for Cyndi, but Im hoping that ep 6 moves quicker.

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Guest saranghae<3

Just started watching this drama recently. I despise Xuan Xuan and Yi Feng. How can they do that to Mei Le? Yi Feng really has no backbone, he didn't even want to tell his family what happened.. on the day of the wedding! I hope they will move forward with Mei Le and Yi Lei's love story soon~~

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Guest Luv2Emy

I actually like Cindy's character her. In smiling pasta for some reason I couldn't last watching it. This drama is a go!~

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Guest marinai

I am in love with drma and this pairing, they are perfect for each other and the looks Yi Lie give to Meile make me get all awwww :)

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Guest .:daRkwinGs:.

I'm loving the drama...and thats usually rare for me since I don't really watch taiwanese drama

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2011.7.16 I was in Taipei and my friend took me to the meet and greet of Love Keeps Going..outside a mall near the Taipei Main Station. Fans who bought the pictorial or novel would be able to go onstage for autographs.

The cast had 3 places to appear that day..the last one being Taichung city. They travelled in a coach bus. It started to drizzle so I stayed for an hour and then left. Here are my fancams ~ :

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Shi Yi Nan (as Han Yi Feng 韓以風) & Zhang Jia Ning (as Guo Xuan Xuan 郭瑄瑄) is gonna get lotsa hate votes here.  One from me at least!

Really looking forward to the relationship between Mike He (as Han Yi Lei 韓以烈) & Cyndi Wang (as Zha Mei Le 查美樂) on the coming episodes.  It has been a while since I watch a good Taiwan drama.


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