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Pretty Park Kyung Lim

Guest happy.birthday

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yea she's not so bad looking - I love PKL on all the variety shows, she has a great personality, and I mean people seem to blame her for acting her age. I think she's amazing. She is what a real Korean woman looks like, all the korean girls I know in real life - none of them have a double eyelid but all of them in the korean industry seem to have it O.o - which doens't make sense...statistically I guess.

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Guest eelijnim

she gets prettier and prettier every year.

she just needs to keep coming on tv and showing her face, that way she grows on you.

same with all celebrities who arent drop-dead gorgeous.. as long as they got the personality, they grow on ya.

like haha and mcmong.

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Guest Miny

i cant believe how much "fatter" she loks in pictures, shes soo tiny and skinyn in reAL LIFE +_______+


I REALLY DONT WANNA KNOW HOW THE (woops, didnt intendto write in big letetrs T.T) "really" skinny girls look like in real life o__O;;

anyways shes AWEsOME *_*!

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Guest deformedmonkey<3

Park Kyung Lim is just so awesome, I find her pretty and shes so outgoing.

She always makes me laugh...on X-man when she power dances...with MC YOO! lol I love her.

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Guest somus

Okay, this is probably just me...

But in these pictures, she reminds me of lee jun ki...

thats pretty fkn random. Maybe if i poke your eyes out, you'll notice their differences

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