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韋禮安/William "Weibird" Wei


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Sounds like David Tao, Khalil Fong, Crowd Lu, Xiao Yu


Name: William Wei/韋禮安 aka Weibird

Age: 23

Education: Foreign Language Major at National Taiwan University

Record Company: 福茂唱片/Linfair Records

Bio: Taiwanese singer-songwriter Weibird won first place in a Variety TV Show "Happy Sunday"'s End of The Year Talent Contest, but he didn't rush for a quick launch to pop stardom. Instead, the guy opted to stay out of the limelight, concentrating on his studies while composing for other singers and performing in pubs. Still, he has garnered considerable popularity online thanks to his songwriting works. He tested water in March 2009 with an EP, after which he completed a mini-tour to packed houses throughout Taiwan. Fresh out of college, he release his debut album in June of 2010.

*He has already received his notice to serve in the military. He will officially enlist November 22nd 2010. So I guess no more new music from him for a while. ):


Weibird (EP)


Released March 19th, 2009

Purchase Here!

01. 慢慢等/Waiting Slowly lyrics

02. 好天氣/Nice Weather lyrics

Weibird Debut Album


Released June 11th, 2010

Purchase here!

01. 有沒有/Have You Ever lyrics

02. 兩腳書櫥的逃亡/The Bookends' Escape

03. 故事/Story

04. 因為愛/Because of Love lyrics

05. 慢慢等/Slowly Waiting lyrics

06. 翻譯練習/Translation Exercises

07. 理由/Excuse

08. 陰天的向日葵/Sunflower on a Cloudy Day

09. 完美一點/A Little More Perfect

10. 好天氣/Nice Weather lyrics


有沒有/Have You Ever

因為愛/Because of Love

慢慢等/Slowy Waiting

好天氣/Nice Weather

陰天的向日葵/Sunflower on a Cloudy Day

兩腳書櫥的逃亡/The Bookends' Escape

Official Youtube Channel

Official Facebook

Official Website

I'm a huge Khalil and Crowd fan and I would highly recommend this cute singer/songwriter newbie. My personal favorite is "有沒有/Have You Ever"; it never fails to give me the chills. Like the judges commented when he was competing on Happy Sunday, his voice is incredibly strong and distinct. I would also suggest watching the WeiTV episodes on his Youtube channel. You get a behind the scenes look of him on tour and at the company. It's scripted but funny without being cheesy. Overall, he is definitely a rookie to lookout for!

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William Wei aka Weibird just realease MVs for both 兩腳書櫥的逃亡/The Bookends' Escape and 陰天的向日葵/Sunflower on a Cloudy Day! The latter being a touching animated short film esque style.

He release both of these MVs within the span of only one week, adding to the already 4 MVs he has off of his debut album.

It is an amazing feat for a rookie to have 6 MVs off of his mere debut.

It seems like his company likes to make MVs almost as much as Jay Chou lol.

^check them out in the links posted above!

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Guest heartdrops

Thanks for this recommendation! Now I have new music to listen to :D

Aaww he's enlisting soon? Does Taiwan also have those mandatory enlistments like Korea?

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I really like his song "you mei you"

I think he's quite similar to khalil and yen-j in a way.

I think they all went to the U.S for a period to study as well?

who is this yen-j? oooo i'm curious to listen to him now haha

his english is quite amazing but i'm not sure he's been abroad to study...

gonna miss him while he's gone but can't wait for more music from him! ^^

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Guest heartdrops

Yen-J is a singer from Taiwan that debuted recently. Leehom even recommended him on Facebook :D

Go listen to him! He has a nice jazzy feel to some of his songs.

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