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Ivy Chen Yi Han 陳意涵

Guest catalima

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Guest catalima

Black & White, I want to Become a Hard Persimmonimage

Name: Chen Yi Han 陳意涵
English Name: Ivy Chen
Date of Birth: November 12th 1982
Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
Nicknames: Cicada Cicada and Chen Fa
Profession: Actress
Height: 163cm
Weight: 43kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Chinese zodiac: Dog
Blood type: O
Education: King Institute of Technology (Information Management degree)
Hobbies: Reading, puzzles, running, and swimming
Languages: Chinese and English


Black & White as Chen Lin (2009)
Struggle as Fang Ling Shan (2007)
Spider Lilies as Zhen Zhen (2007)
I want to Become a Hard Persimmon as Sun ShiShi (2007)
Smiling Pasta -Episode 15 (2006)
The Road in The Air as Ah Mei (2006)

MV apparences:

Zhang Feng Qi ─ Paper airplane (April 22, 2005)
Chow Chuen hung - Woman morning (June 16, 2006)
Chow Chuen hung - silent grief (June 16, 2006)
Separation does not separate ─ Vincent Wong (December 2006)
我的依賴 ─ Jolin Tsai(April 2009)


Ivy's Baidu Bar
YiHan Fanforum
Ivy Fansite&Forum

^All those sites are in chinese

Here is a few pic of her work:


credit info:wikipedia & wiki-drama

Personally I loved her in I want to Become a Hard Persimmon, she is a great actress

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Guest heartdrops

I didn't watch anything with her besides Black & White (and Smile Pasta but I didn't know she was in that when I watched it).

She's pretty, she has such big ol eyes lol.

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Guest daulism

Lol, she does have big eyes! She was alright in I want to Become a Hard Persimmon. I like her straight hair more than her curly one, and I like it when she wears not a lot of makeup :P

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I don't like it when she has a lot of make up either (like in that profile picture). She looks great in "Black & White" though - very neutral look. I think I'm mostly drawn to her big eyes, but in general - she has a great face. Very ideal shape and features.

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Guest catalima

Bunch of "old" articles, all related to Black & White. I only conserved the part about Ivy,but you can find the complete articles at asianfanatics^^


‘Black & White’ premiered on Saturday and received good feedback from netizens.Besides a breakthrough in ZaiZai’s acting, newcomer Mark Zhao and Ivy Chen’s performance also received praise from netizens and they commented that they didn’t even seem like newcomers.

credit:Sarah at asianfanatics.net


After they finished filming PTS/TVBS-G's <Black and White>, there were relationship rumours concerning Mark Zhao and Ivy Chen, even making father Zhao Shu Hai unhappy. In order to clear up this ambiguous relationship he said, "Ivy Chen is like a guy to me, I admire Janine Chang with her serious personality more." [...]

If he had to choose one of the two female leads of <Black and White>, either Janine Chang or Ivy Chen to be his girlfriends, he said he would choose Janine, "Ivy is vivacious and cute, like a pistachio (in mandarin, literally "happy fruit") but to me, she's like a guy but simply living in a girl's body."<Black and White> airs every Saturday night on PTS at 9pm and 10pm-12am on TVBS-G.

credit:catalie @ http://asianfanatics.net


Ivy Chen-Chen Lin

Identity: 22 years old, Daughter of the Boss of San Lian Hui, the largest triad faction. Working part time jobs everywhere after graduating from university.

Unique Characteristics: From afar, she looks like a beautiful doll. However, after you approach, you discover a quick and violent dragon. She is frank, loyal, and loves to fight for justice. If you violates her principles, she will use judo to teach you a lesson.

Behind the Scenes: Riding on her popularity in Mainland China from the cute Xiao Ling Xian in <Struggle>, Ivy Chen posses a pair of pure and clever eyes. But, relying on just this to act in Cai Yue Xun's drama is out of the question. During the screen test, she carried the novel <One Hundred Years of Solitude> and a Rubik's cube in an attempt at depth. Nevertheless, she was still, unexpectedly, disliked as too "stage-like" by Director Cai Yue Xun who wanted the girl to break into a temperament on the spot! It was hard for her to bring her temperament out. Fortunately, later on, she still relayed on her on effort to get the role of the popular "Chen Lin"

[...]. After layer upon layers of selections, the new persons Mark Zhao and Ivy Chen were selected. Even though they are said to be new, their backgrounds aren't something to be scoffed at. Mark Zhao's father is a long time active actor during the Taiwanese golden eighth hour [T/N: Hour with most viewers in Taiwan] and is loved the most by middle aged and elderly women; Ivy Chen has also acted in the very popular series, <Struggle>, as the childish Xiao Ling Xian that no one is unfamiliar with.

In the midst of competition, talent will reveal itself. After passing all obstacles to arrive in front of the audience, Mark Zhao and Ivy Chen could not avoid the inexperienced breath on their bodies or the lack of adequate dramas in their eyes, and their movements were definitely not a match for the seasoned and experienced. However, we can see their great efforts. It is precisely this effort that has built up their compatibility with the roles: Mark Zhao appears to be filled with righteousness and Ivy Chen is eccentric enough. In this series, there is the righteous police officer, Wu Ying Xiong, and the triad faction's daughter, Chen Lin. But, these two unique and unmatched roles baked with their inexperienced, yet deeply profound label, is what makes these two new persons vivid and lifelike.

credit: MoonlightD @ http://asianfanatics.net/ &http://ohsosublime.blogspot.com


Earlier, re-knowned director Cai Yue Xin’s idol drama ‘Black And White’ finally wrapped up, and after main leads Vic Zhou (ZaiZai) and Ivy Chen finished their last scene, that was the end for them. Director Cai is known for being slow, but yield fine products. This 20-episode drama has set a new record; the entire filming process took 9 months. This drama was filmed in Kaohsiung, and many scenes have been created from scratch. Other than this, because this drama was initially supposed to have finished filming by August, due to extended time, it has made the total production costs exceed the budget by tens of millions of TW dollars. However, purely basing on Director Cai’s momentum and the fact that his works have always been able to sweep all the major awards, we believe that everyone’s efforts will have been worth it.

Most 'calm' wrap-up

To drive progress, during the days leading up to the wrap-up of filming, director Cai did not sleep for a few days and nights. Ivy Chen who plays the female lead, and a few other actors had already finished filming, after a scene involving shooting, but because they did not receive a notice from the director, they were too scared to bother him, and also too scared to take off their uniform. Hence, they had to just wait on the side, for the director to finish filming other scenes. After the factory workers had all finished packing their things, did everyone realize that they had finished filming, and it was the most ‘calm’ method for Ivy to wrap-up this big police action drama.

Historic 8-month scene

Ivy Chen, who plays the role of Chen Lin, her last scene is one where she runs away with Xiu Jie Kai. This scene was filmed 3 times, but actually lasted 8 months, because this was the first scene they filmed. However, at the time, the road was very slippery, and the car unexpectedly crashed, resulting in 2 actors being hurt. Although the injuries were not very severe, the actors were terrified, and Ivy said that in the future, definitely have to cherish life. This incident also left a big shadow on Ivy, and she did not think that she would have to carry this shadow for 8 whole months. This scene comprises of both running away and shooting gun, and made Ivy very nervous. She, who was already initially scared of using a gun, in order not to delay the progress of shooting, had no choice but to gather up her courage, and ended up shooting more than 100 rounds of ammunition, but finally wrapped up this historic 8-month scene.

Most un-romantic love scene

Male lead ZaiZai and Ivy Chen’s love was fixed on one artificial respiration, but this was not a scene of ‘hero rescuing beauty’ but Ivy doing artificial respiration on ZaiZai to save him. ZaiZai, who plays the role of a ruffian, faints due to rescuing someone else, and female lead Ivy then rushes to him and tries to save him. This scene is initally supposed to be a moving, romantic scene but realistically, because earlier in the morning, the 2 had already filmed a whole day in a muddy environment, both got very dirty. Hence, Ivy had had to use her dirty hand to keep rubbing ZaiZai’s face and nose, and this made both of them very miserable. Plus, as the whole scene has to be performed under a panicky situation, Ivy had to use her whole upper body strength to give ZaiZai chest compressions, and after a while, ZaiZai’s chest turned very red, and he clutched his chest, while yelling he was hurt, but finally finishing his last scene.

The super-production team involved in this drama, together with popular artists Vic Zhou, Ivy Chen, Sonia Sui, Mark Zhao, Kingone Wang, Qin Pei and Janine Zhang etc, has wrapped up, and currently in post-production, and will meet with the audience next year in Spring

translated by: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

I'm glad that Ivy's talent is being recognize, specially when you know how she invest herself for the role of Chen Lin. However is really fun to read what her co-star thinks about her. I'm sure Ivy was happy to play a bully in "I want to Become a Hard persimmon" XD

It's maybe me, but I thinks she looks more older in "I want to become a hard persimmon" than Black & White. Maybe it's her make up thought

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Guest Snowbunni3z

I LOVE BLACK & WHITE *dies* love love love that show LOVE HER...but then i Love Janine more hahaha JANINE AND MARK <3

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Guest catalima

More stills from "Black&White"




From some promotional events for "Black&White" with Vic Zhou



Gosh, I love her smile <3

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Guest Xingz

i thought she looked like angela zhang in some angels, envy her big eyes XD

ooh and black/white is so good, very different from the typical tw drama

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Guest catalima


Yeah from some angles, she looks like Angela Zhang. Maybe it's because they have a similar nose/eyes^^

There is maybe not a lot of news about Ivy, but there is a lot of pics for sure. I've also update the first post by addind some source and forum^^

Huge picspam!



























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class="headline" style="margin: 0px 0px 10px; padding: 0px; font-size: 26px; line-height: 1.21em; font-family: arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Ivy Chen asks for silence over boyfriendIvy Chen asks for silence over boyfriend

9 Dec – Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen, who has been silent since news about her boyfriend Tom's cheating ways made headlines, recently turned to her micro-blog to express her feelings.

As reported on Tencent Entertainment News, on 7 December, Ivy uploaded a photo of herself shielding her mouth with her coat, and wrote, "Silence means being afraid of saying hurtful words."

The actress continued saying that learning to keep one's mouth shut is a difficult process, which she is trying her hardest to do - which revealed the current state of her mind.

Ivy admitted to being in a relationship with her hairstylist back in October, and even brought Tom to the Golden Horse Awards as her plus-one.

However, it was not long before sources revealed that Tom has actually been in a five-year relationship with another woman named Eva, and that Ivy has become the third party.

Tom later denied the rumors and said that he and the other woman are only friends.


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Ivy Chen goes on vacation alone to heal her relationship 'wounds'?

Taiwanese female star, Ivy Chen's (陳意涵) relationship with the hairstylist, Tom, has always been mysterious. Last October, Ivy admitted to the romance but found out that she was the third party instead. According to the rumour, she had forgiven him but continued to keep her lips sealed about her relationship. However on 1 January 2015 on Weibo, Ivy released a message about 'celebrating festivals alone' and is she trying to hint that she is single now?

Nine days ago on Weibo, Ivy disclosed that she was travelling alone and left a message: "Travelling alone and a carefree spirit, a pair of shoes!" She also uploaded a photo of herself with smiles and looked full of energy. Many netizens told Ivy to 'jia you 加油' and hoped she will have a smooth and happy year.

Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal
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