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Captive Heart [ Toraware No Minoue]

Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

by Hino Matsuri


The Kuroishi and Kogami families that have a strange bond: for 100 generations, the Kuroishi clan is compelled to serve the Kogami clan, with mind, body and soul. Fourteen years ago, the entire Kogami family disappeared. The head butler, Yoshimi, and his son Megumi reside in the Kogami house, living a life of luxury. Megumi, in particular, is happily enjoying his easy life, until one member of the family is discovered alive in China. Megumi is determined to refuse to serve his new mistress Suzuka when he returns, however he quickly learns that the compulsion to serve is not one he can ignore, it is a full curse. When they first meet, he finds himself kneeling before her and kissing her hand to welcome her home, then proceeding to carry her into the house. Though he tries to fight it, he soon realizes he isn't able to.

As the series progresses, friendship and romance grown between Suzuka and Megumi as the learn more about the curse. Suzuka is no happier with Megumi having to suffer the curse and together they try to find a way to break it.

from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captive_Heart

I like it.

Published by: Viz



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Guest XJShinoda


I came in because i saw it's another work from Hino sensei. XD

It sounds interesting, kinda similiar to Mei Chan... Just that it's the butler who refuses to serve the girl...

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Guest Desire-him

I read the first two volume of this ^^

It's pretty nice, the artwork keeps reminding me of VK >< lol

Like that girl looks kinda like Yuki at times but she has short hair lol

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