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Eve No Jikan

Guest JiNi;

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Eve no Jikan


In the not too distant future androids have come into common usage. Taking the androids for granted, humans treat them as if they were common everyday tools, however, some people are unhealthily attracted to the androids due to to their human-like appearance (save for a digital ring floating above their heads). This has become a social problem and these people are frowned upon as a result. Rikuo, who has taken androids for granted for his entire life, one day he discovers that Sammy, his home android, has been acting strangely and finds a strange phrase recorded in her activity log. He, along with his friend Masaki, trace Sammy's footsteps and come upon an unusual cafe. This cafe's main rule is to not discriminate between humans and androids.

Volumes: 3 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=51645

Anime Episodes: 6 + 1 film

I'm usually not into to these type of animes but man those 15 minutes srsly fly by cuz you instantly just get so into this series O_o it's so interesting.. kind of like I-robot ya?

Watch it here:




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Guest ~fantasygurl~

yeah, i remember hearing about this somewhere but it's an okay anime but wait until i watch it and maybe my opinion will change

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