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[manhwa] Do-re-mi-fa-sol-ra-si-do

Guest Q_Park

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Guest Q_Park

A FULL COLOR Manhwa [uPDATED: Chapter 22&23] <09.12.08>


Story By: Gui Yeoni

Art By: Lee Gyung Ha



(Okay this isn't exactly a summary but it's much better than the one they had.)

Do Re Mi Fa Sol Ra Si Do ( Solfege ) is the title of this Korean manhwa. This manhwa is based on a novel and is in Full Color, not one page is black and white.

The protagonist of this manhwa is a high school girl whose name is Jeong Won Yun. She can be perceived as an ordinary school girl, but she is a little on rough side.

There are two male protagonist.

Eun Gyu Shin, he is the vocal of a band, Do Re Mi Fa Sol Ra Si Do, and is Jeong Won's boyfriend.

Hui Won Kang, he used to be Jeong Won's friend, but their friendship was broken apart when Jeong Won reported hit & run crime which Hui Won's father committed. This resulted Hui Won's family to be completely broken and disbanded, and rightfully so Hui Won hates Jeong Won.

JaimeS is currently translating this!

I have yet to read the internet story but I love this manhwa! It's sooo adorable and I can't wait until the next chapter comes out! I love the fact that everything is in color and the pictures are just too adorable!

- Kyu

*This series has also released a live action film
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Guest severus



i really reallly rreeallyy wanna read this

but i cried so much reading the fic

:tears: i dont think i could ever go through that again

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i bought the first book at some bookstore in coex the other day...

IT'S SOOOOO GOOOD!!! i'm not really a manga/manhwa fan, but this was friggin' amazing.

anyways, is the 2nd book out yet? i've only seen the first one so far T____T

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man i was just gonna start a thread on this.

recently heard about this manhwa from my cousin. i read the first 8 chapters??

so far the plot seems REALLLLY typical, but i'm enjoying the drawings a lot. i like how its in color lol

im not a fan of cheesy stuff, but everyone says its good so i would like to finish reading it

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Guest Q_Park


I'm not sure but . . .

Chapter 11 has come out~!


(Click to Read)

- Kyu

PS. By the way, you'll be seeing a lot more of these 'banners' because I was bored and I decided to make some.

I love the art, it's so adorable sometimes!

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Guest _xJASEY

-eeeeeep- xD

i el-oh-v-ee the fic nd the movie xD

i like made my friends read it and watch the moviee hahas

i wanna readd the manhwa versionn [:

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