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My Dance Clip. Pleaseee Have A Look

Guest ChaeRyeong

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Guest ChaeRyeong

i want to see if i've improved
hey guys ~

i just recorded a new dance, by Rihanna's Let Me

and i want to know if i'm qualify to send a demo tape.

and I want to know . .

1. am i stiff ?

2. what can i improve on ?

and anything you wanna comment on. pls and thank you ^^

Me dance dance

please !! ^^

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Guest fanfre

i think that was good. but at the same time, i felt like a lot of your moves were repetitive, and it didn't really seem like you were exactly dancing; more like you performing because you did a lot of walking (if you understand what i mean; i suck at explaining stuff, haha >.<). and i'd say, put more power into your moves, and make them big. also, have a variety of moves.

i hope that helps (not a great dancer myself). overall, i think you're good. your style is sort of reflective of wg's dances, or so it seems to me. keep it up! ^^

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Guest Xcstasy

Yes Fanfre, I must agree

You may have walked a little too much.

Hmm with this type of dance, more

quicker and

fast dance steps are required, but

I don't think you're that stiff actually.

At times you were a little of the beat, but

you just need a little more practice and

I'm sure you'll keep improving!

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Guest ignoreme

it wasn't really "stiff" but just not enough energy that matches this song u kno?

don't rush so much...take it slow and try not to move around to much it looks as if you're just walking around

other than that, you're really good ;)#


i dance too but i cant dance like u...u know sexy type... try it but way 2 uncomfortable with it

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Guest Hope Shekki

i agree with fanfre

i think you should think about your moves more while you are dancing.

i know you just want us to critique on your dancing quality but I think you should upgrade, change your dance. it seemed like you were performing, which you should do, rather than actually dancing. performing looks good if your singing at the same time, but not when your just performing the moves with the song.

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Guest ~koe*no*sainou~

you have the stephanie chunmoo type dance style, you have reeeeally nice body movements and stuff >.< wish i can move like you =/

but i agree with the above posters, you need more energy!

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Guest ChaeRyeong

thx for the comments guys!

Really appreciate it

I'll work harder.

But is it just my choreography sucked

or I hve to improveon my dance?

Thanks ^^

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Guest luudacris

You do a lot of body rolls and you repeat a lot of the moves. I think you should try a lot more eccentric and complex movements cause it really add a lot more to your performance. You stood around in one stop for a four count, I believe.

Check that out.

This dance teacher always told me "if you got hair, use it."

Makes moves 1000000x sexier with a dash of savage.

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