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  1. Im kinda pause from watching it since they hinting that the couple may break up. But they still strong right? So do you guys think they will break up? If yes, when?
  2. This is my wild guess. In 2018.. hye ho?the 2nd lead narration was he let go his love because of friendship and now he will pursue the love. I thought he is mention hye joo ex girlfriend but if the naration is from the future.. perhaps those 3 will go separate ways amd reunite again in 2020. And in 2020 he will pursue jeong ha Sorry i kinda lost their character names. Only remember Hyejun and jeong ha names
  3. This whole scene are not the present right? I remember at the early episode they mention 2018. That i why i kinda sire that HJ will go to the army and we will move to the 2020. Im afraid of the ending. If HJ become a famous actor..well in korea, it will hard for the IT boy to dating and mariege. I hope everything will going you well. What do you guys think will be the angst or problem that arise for this drama?
  4. Its Monday!!! Monday is not my favourite day.. but now after a tiring/moody monday., i havw something to looking foward and it is Record of Youth!!!
  5. I do know if other already mention it. In the trailer for ep 16.. i think i saw do hyun su not wearing the ring.. or am i mistaken?
  6. The mini mart banner said i likw you I do know why.. after watched the latest ep, i felt happy
  7. I already watch the 13 ep with sub. i kinda hate this ep..keep yelling that hyun soo and ji won get out from baek's house. i thought that the baek sung's mother started to fell normal/attached to hyun so after the scene she treated eun ha. i thought that she felt guitly to hun soo. i did not expect she tell directly to hyun soo just some hint is enough. but i was wrong. maybe her love or scare towards real baek hee sung is greater and that is why she choose to protect real baek hee sung
  8. Yeah i realize it too.. For me.. the reason i start to watch the drama because of there is highest possibilites that thw hero are pyschopat based on trailer i watch. I just cant believe that they will make a killer as hero.. Maybe if hyunsoo is the killer i still watch it.. but i hope that in that version.. the dont make us attachedd/love hyun soo as caring lovable husband. I want them to make me believe that his love toward his wife are fake. If in that version is same like the current.. i kinda in dilemma cuz love a pyschopart who killed people
  9. Agree.. me too.. when im sad or got no mood to work.. watches my bias oppa kinda change my mood.
  10. Am Just watch it..can't wait our hero interaction with heroin..why so little at 1 ep. I guess the early audition part have some sense of reality. Sometimes people who not good in act but famous pass through the audition..but people who good in act but not famous are still in the dark.. I love park bo gum but i cannot handle to much cringe scene.. hopefuly this drama has less cringe scene.
  11. List of my question that still dont have answer.. 1. What happen to hyun soo mother. Is it relate to the current serial killer 2. Why real baek soong coma 3. Where is the taxi driver's wife body 4. Who is the THE REAL SERIAL KILLER? 5. What mujin saw at the basement? Regarding thw village head cases.. i think we kinda know the story.. but perhaps there are still more to it..
  12. I rewatch the trailer and real haesoong face was scary. But when watching the episode, his face are not so scary.. but there is posibilty that he is the killer. Perhaps, the girl that he is meeting is do hae suu.. My guess are doo min seok is a lunatic artist. Perhaps he use part of human for his art..another my guess is doo min seok is into BDSM relationship.. that is why his victim is woman And the accomplice probably have pyscohpatic issue.. like to kill some one but to capture/kidnap some one is too troublesome for the accomplice. That is why the accomplice relies t
  13. So we only got one ep for nex week.. i bet we get a cliff hanger next week.. ............. OMG
  14. Do we have confirmation that ep 11 and 12 will be airing like usual nect week?
  15. I think the real baek hee sung is rebel towarda his parent. Remember do hyun su said to ji won he did not finish high school? I guess he said when he is in persona as baek hee sung. This is just my wild theory.. maybe the real baek he sung is gay? And he is coming out with his parents. Since the mother has anger issue, she hurt her own son. Or perhaps real baek hee sung want to marry and cut of family relarion ship. Hmm too many question..
  16. I just wanna say that seo ye ji is so beautiful. She is thin but maybe because of her clothes/style, her body does not look unhealthy skinnny if you guys understand me. She is thin but still look healthy and pretty. I hope she doenst strees much about her weight and stay healthy and pretty. I know i cannot be like her.. but atleast she is my inspiration to lose a little weight.. Wating for saturday to come sooner
  17. I think her mom really died maybe she did not annouced it to others. But because her mom is famous, she is consider live. Have soul but no body. Oppositee of her father.. have body but no soul. I think she mention it during the conversation if im not mistaken
  18. Hi.. just wanna share my opinion. I duuno why i kinda dislike the nurse's friend. The one who like MKT.Her innocent makeup and attitude remind me of the antagonist in my id gangnam. The one who only act pretty infront of others but the real her was not nice. Or maybe it just my shipper instinct who want MKT with GMY together without any love triangle relationship Loving the pair and eager to watche their relationship progress
  19. I agree. Since his religious stuff is still in drawer at the early episode. I think he really consider want to be priest since he want to give the daddy long project to songhwa. But because of that little patients, he decide to choose his heart which os treating patient and his love towards winter... Maybe the pd like game of throne..it reminds of it when songhwa said winter is coming I hope all the residen, intern, nurse and doctoe will stay be the same. Cant wait to know the love relationship of resident under songhwa. I also wanna see growth of dr.Do. i w
  20. What if jeongwon is away becuz he go to other country to help them as doctor. You know like volunteering doctor.. since we never heard from him directly why he dont want to work at yulje anymore. Jeongwon can tell directly the reason why he want to stop working right since that doctor is kinda close with jeongwon but he did not. Im just thinking that there may be plot twist on why jeongwon want to stop working. Either he is sick or wanted to become doc at another place. Or maybe he want to continue studyy..
  21. I just watch a few scene of the drama..and the part i watch is the part where hari and yi sang bicker..yi sang truly know how to play with woman heart i like him. Wish that jang nara is with him in this drama
  22. What do yo think on minha confession I think it cool and smooth confession. Wonder who call her on that time. but it must be akward on the next day. I have zero experience in relationship so what do you guys think is the proper respond fron that seokhyung. Minha said..she is okay if seokhyung did not answer her confession but she also told seokhyung to dont pretend that the confession not happen.. relationship is hard Shin pd got two riddle for this season.. who will be with songhwa and wil jeungwon become priest. Hopping that the riddle will be solve on th
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