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  1. in my interpretation, i think web drama is like a short film, that being stretch or compile into 8 to 12 episodes. At the beginning, its mostly a platform for up and coming or rookies idols/actors to have a stint in acting. This though have been changed recently as more quality (though sometimes cheesy) web dramas are produced, and the casting of much more experienced actor/actress. I can't say that web drama make a real impact on the current entertainment world in Korea, but its heading to a right direction as a whole in Korea(and including the rest of the world), as we are going digital. It may be short but its certainly have its own appeal if done correctly. I myself have watched a few and there are even some that are in my favorite list.

    So, this news about SoHyun in a web drama doesnt really surprise me as her friends like Yo Joong and Sae Ron also did web drama recently. In fact I was wondering when she will be in one and this news sort of ending my speculation. Nevertheless so happy that she is in a new project and am looking forward to it. Just hoping that the story and script writing are good.

    Oh I see, thank you for that information. It's actually my first time hearing about the mechanics of a web drama, thought it's similar to 45 minutes to 1 hour dramas shown in television. The plot seems interesting and I'm looking forward to the progress of the story. What I really like about the dramas So Hyun stars in is its diversity. I wonder if these dramas are subbed in English? (coz I will really watch this drama no matter what lol) I'm curious why no announcement from both Cube and SidusHQ is happening given that the shooting already started. And yeah SidusHQ and Cube entertainment had a partnership since 2013.

    I think this link talks about So Hyun (and BTOB I think) but I'm not really sure since I can't read Korean


    Elite Uniform making


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  2. [NEW DRAMA] So Hyun will star in a web drama with BTOB's MinHyuk produced by her agency SidusHQ. The details are posted on the IG post but not all are yet confirmed since both agencies are not releasing any statement, yet. Honestly I don't know anything about how web drama works and how it fares in Korea, but it seems a good and lighter job for So Hyun as it's shorter and probably less hassle than a normal primetime drama (talking about live shooting and all). Judging from this, SidusHQ and Cube ent. seems to have a good relationship. I read about Min Hyuk's drama history and I hope this fares well (btw, they have a 9-year age difference IRL if you're curious). I'm a Taebi shipper so there are mixed feelings lol


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  3. Thank you so much kshyunvn for the great Pocari photos - ESPECIALLY this one - easily my favourite:


    I just love that cute innocence in her screwed up smiling face. :)

    Please forgive the long post, but I'm kinda JUST A LITTLE EXCITED  about this. A couple of moths ago, I entered a contest to win a copy of the Who Are You: School 2015 OST from dewaanifordrama at  Samsoon Down the Rabbit Hole 

    Then I found out I won, which was nice. It finally arrived today, and I was blown away but what came with it. I mean, I'm a 47 year old man, and I nearly shrieked like a teenage girl and passed out from excitement! I had no idea  AT ALL that the package I was receiving was actually THIS: 



    I was so speechless I could barely even squee! I was excited when she started following me on Twitter, but now I'm going to be SUPER careful about what I say there. :D 


    Wow! Congratulations! She even wrote in English~ :wub: ...wahhh I really envy you, but that's your reward for being a dedicated fan. So happy for you! :lol::lol::lol: For me, School 2015 has the best OST ever.

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  4. I actually think her outfit is okay. My problem is only the shoes and the long socks. Since her blouse already has prints, it's better it the coordi made the shoes plain-colored and the socks shorter. But overall it's okay. I prefer her wearing flats rather than high heels since flat sandals/shoes suits her better. She still looks best with no/light make-up so I hope the make-up artist applies lighter make-up.I just hope her gaining weight is a result of her resting, sometimes people gain weight if they are stressed (during School 2015 filming she gained weight on her face due to too much stress).

    So Hyun and Yook Sung Jae new pictures for Hazzy's


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  5. Ah yes, I was disappointed that the 3 of them got nominated while she was not. But when I looked into the list of nominees, I felt that many actors/actresses are even more deserving than some of the people on the list, so the prestige of the award didn't appeal to me. And yes, it's not Baeksangs level. I would love to see her in Baeksangs getting a best new actress award. :)  

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  6. Hazzys accessories IG update  

     @TinneBoom Oh they did? well congratulations! ;)

    Hidden Content

    Oh btw Sohyun's looks reminds me sometimes of this girl

    Hidden Content

    I love Sohyun more ^_^ She gives off an elegant aura 

    I've seen her mom and yeah, she looks like the typical strict mom who hinders her daughter's/son's marriage to the one she/he loves lol.

    haha I laugh at this :lol: 

    Actually, her mom already have a perfect candidate for Sohyun in mind thats why she is strict and provides a bodyguard to Sohyun at all times :P:w00t: :P Suitors of Sohyun really needs to be creative if they want to pursue her . Her mom put a lot of defenses around Sohyun and her first line of defense is Mr. Profound guy. That guy is strong. :lol::lol:B) LOL this is just for fun:P


    I love the latest pic from Hazzy's. She's exuding too much elegance :wub: And seriously, her body proportion is good. She's just 16 but she makes other 20s people envious lol.

    My ranting period has subsided lol, I'm just flared up last night haha. Anyways, most people are also weirded out with the list of nominees. Many actors and actresses who deserve better are not even included in the list. No offense but some names are not even worthy being there :blink:. I can feel the seniority, it seems that excellent but underage actors/actresses still can't step into this category. In any case, I'm just happy So Hyun's acting got recognized. :)  :)  :)  Most of the time, I'm raising an eyebrow to Korea's acting standards with idols and actors.

    Mr Profound guy has been one of my stress relievers lately haha. I can imagine So Hyun's mom giving Mr. Profound guy a list of guys' names which are potential "threats" (aka suitors) to So Hyun, and Mr. Profound guy being the protective bodyguard that he is, sticks to So Hyun like a glue and shoots eye daggers to any guy who looks at her haha. I wonder if So Hyun calls him Profound oppa haha. "Profound oppa, stop following me everywhere, just go shopping for another profound shirt." :lol: (I am having fun here hehe)


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  7. I heard Nam Joo Hyuk (Han Yi Han), Yook Sung Jae (Gong Tae Kwang) and Jo Soo Hyang (Kang So Young) got nominated for Newcomer Award on Seoul Awards 2015. I don't know if So Hyun is nominated in other categories but since I haven't heard anything about it then I assume she wasn't. Okay, maybe I'm just being too selfish as a fan but I can't help but to feel REALLY DISAPPOINTED. Her acting in School 2015 is so much deserving for a best actress award, the episode where Eun Byul appeared was even the highest rating episode of the series. Is it because she's still underage and technically falls under the "best child actress" category? I'm sorry if it sounded like a rant but I just feel seriously disappointed hurt, and I felt the injustice *cries*, IMHO she's even better than other actresses nominated in best actress category. I'm not being bias, I also supported other actresses before, but it's just that So Hyun is really deserving.

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  8. thanks for the videos @cacazeel. Now I know that the red paper bag was fan given and Profound guy is not the Interpreter/Tour guide (it's the lady pushing the cart beside her mom and brother). She never loses her smile :) 

    I've seen her mom and yeah, she looks like the typical strict mom who hinders her daughter's/son's marriage to the one she/he loves lol. But I thank her mom for giving birth to the beautiful So Hyun haha.

    I hope SidusHQ releases her schedule asap, I want to talk to her (still envious of the Taiwanese fans who were able to see her and shake her hand)

    So Hyun's IG update


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  9. More videos of So Hyun's arrival in Taiwan were posted in Instagram. Look at how she was surprised with the fans and how she approached and gave fan signs. I can feel her genuine kindness and humbleness just seeing the video! Such a sweetheart :)

    In the first and 2nd video, she was only holding her white backpack but on the 3rd video she was also holding a bear and a red paper bag. I know the bear was given by a fan, but I wonder if the paper bag was also given by a fan, or she bought it on the airport's store while some of the fans waited for her. She also brought the paper bag separately when she was to go back to Korea. (you can see it on the picture below) I guess it's fan given. Her younger brother is the guy in blue long sleeves and black shorts behind her.

    I wonder what kind of camera did CAPA taiwan use. The quality of the pictures are superb! It's at the same level as a photo shoot camera. I read somewhere that it's Nikon and is really pricey.

    She has a resemblance with Son Ye Jin, Han Ga In and Yoon Eun Hye. I haven't seen her mom but I've seen her younger brother.

    With her brother :) 


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  10. Thanks for the videos, I already watched all of them and I can't help but to re-watch them again. She's just so kind to her fans, you can never feel that "I-am-a-celebrity-so-don't-talk-to-me" aura (sorry sometimes I feel that to other celebrities). I love her airport fashion. She still looks pretty and innocent wearing that bear shirt and shorts.

    sohyunxjingo 150907
    @cecikorea's IG update with Kim So Hyun:

    [KOR] 생일 축하해요 쎄씨! 멀리 대만에서 포카리 소녀 김소현의 생일 축하를 전합니다. 대만 팬은 무려 6만명! 가는 곳마다 쎄씨와 김소현양을 알아보는 팬들이 가득해요~ 쎄씨의 글로벌 위상을 확인한 하루였답니다. 21주년을 맞아 아시아를 누비는 NO.1 매거진 쎄씨. 매력적인 콘텐츠로 꽉꽉 찬 10월호 기대하셔도 좋아요~

    [ENG] Happy Birthday CeCi! Pocari girl Kim So Hyun greeting Happy Birthday all the way from Taiwan. With a whopping 60,000 Taiwanese fans! Wherever CeCi and Kim So Hyun goes, fans always recognize her~ CeCi's global phase has been confirmed. The 21st anniversary of Asia's NO.1 Magazine CeCi. Please look forward to a great and attractive content this October~

    Wow! It must be surprising for So Hyun to get recognized everywhere she goes. Even Ceci magazine recognizes her popularity in Taiwan. She must have this mentality like, "Okay, I'm going to Taiwan for work and I don't have to wear disguise since this is another country", something like that. But little did she know that she's so popular there :) 

    Pure Love pictures from Cine21 magazine...I'm just happy the whole cast are getting along~ (and I'm searching for Mr. Profound guy in the pictures lol)



    Hazzy's update with Yook Sung Jae


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  11. Oh so the new manager is the Profound guy! Hahaha that was a funny name, but now that you mentioned it, he's really a profound shirt fanatic haha Anyways, he looks too young to ber her manager, no? Whether he's the manager or the bodyguard, as long as he stays and protects So Hyun, then that's okay. :) Whenever I see some profound shirt guy near to So Hyun, then I know who he is haha.

    Stand By fans must be so happy seeing that she wear the things they gave her. She really treasures her fans. The Taiwan media described her as warm and friendly when she approached the fans asking for signs when she first came to Taiwan. Plus when some fans went to see her (as what I have understood from KSH Taiwan's post), she welcomed them and even talked to them in English (the fans said that's she good in English). Such a nice girl :D I was surprised with the dedication of the Taiwanese fans, her departure must have been kept secret from the fans but still many came to see her coming back to Korea.

    She's holding a fan placard. A fan probably gave it to her in the airport.

    Now to the important topic lol. like what @makabe23 mentioned, there are lots of scenarios and IFs with that controversial cap. Allow me to give my possibilities:

    (1) Kyung Soo gave her that cap. If I remember correctly, she was also wearing a black cap when fans spotted her filming Pure Love (she was in full black clothes) though I'm not really sure if it's the same as this one she wore in Taiwan. He gave it to her as a form of a thank you gift. We know that So Hyun gets along well with her co-stars, whether male or female. She and Kyung Soo must have gotten close during filming. Or we also don't know if So Hyun gave something to him (she gave an iron man gift to Sung Jae during School 2015), which are only friendly gifts. Plus if they are really dating, I don't think she will post it on her twitter as idol fans are a little bit keen on this kind of information.

    (2) The option that some EXO fans won't like: he gave it to her as something meaningful. She and Kyung Soo are surely close as they went to a coffee shop (along with his manager) at 10pm together during filming. [Thankfully gossip tabloids weren't able to grasp that info] They are 6 years apart but they are playing as lovers. There are lots of actors and actresses falling in love during filming.

    (3) All the Pure Love cast have that kind of cap. It's not impossible, right? It might be some sort of cast item or something similar to that. Since the cast looks super close (as reflected from Kyung Soo's happy statement), they must have that memorable item.

    (4) It's actually not related to him at all and it's her personal item. She wore a white cap before when fan spotted her in Gangnam (she was in full white clothes).

    (5) She bought it in Taiwan for disguise purposes. She didn't expect that she is that popular in Taiwan (she didn't even wear disguise in the airport). During her Ceci photoshoot, lots of fanpics came out and most of them tagged her IG account and So Hyun who constantly checks her SNS must have seen this and became wary of her private affairs. As we can see from the souvenir shop papapic, she was even wearing a black mask.

    Of course all these are just my hypotheses :) She must be very busy with work and her studies, but she is still a 16 year old girl. You know these are the ages where teenagers are very much concern with love and stuff (based on my experience), so I really don't know haha. But there is a big chance that they are only friends, she loves acting too much to get busy with other things, plus it seems she really focuses on her studies. But whatever decision she choose, I hope it's for the best. As long as she's happy with her decisions. :D

    PS: she's really the endorsement princess isn't she? Pocari Sweat, Domino, Elite Uniform, Soup, Oz cereals, Peri Pera, Hazzy's and now Ceci. What's next? :) I guess she won't be taking any drama this year.


  12. Woah really? That's some dedication out there! Seriously her fans are awesome!

    Oh and that guy is with her ever since Pure Love? Hmm probably a new manager then :)

    KSH Taiwan said that So Hyun gave them presents. Gosh, this girl is really kind-hearted! Below is the post, I just translated it using Bing. (sorry I can't read Chinese)

    (I removed the emojis)


    他就用英文回答我們說她知道!!! (英文講的很好然後一直說謝謝)

    逛了很多飾品店 (鴨子絕對所炫最愛



    Today's note heart

    Today is the little part out XD
    Has been preparing for 10 in the morning until the afternoon fans say the bright noon meal where we again (?) Hope
    Thank you again
    (Intermediate optional...)
    Before being entered into a mix gifts shop
    We commissioned a crew with our little cards and stickers to the cool staff said later that we can go in to her!
    Because today there is no translation so I can only speak to him in broken English XD
    A bright bow
    Then slowly (?) We came
    We told him we are Taiwan fans
    A few days ago to our people
    He told us that she knew in English!!! (Speak English very well and always say thank you)
    Then out brother bow towards us
    Then thank the staff here so that we can talk

    Then go to Hsimenting eating ice
    Visit many jewelry stores (absolute by showing off your favorite duck
    Bright Po pictures are by Watson
    To the Shilin night market is also beginning to see jewelry and then play darts
    Picture 4 is the cool shot, 5 shot brother

    Go also sent us a gift
    Sent by showing off your favorite duck and cake
    Also take off the masks said hard luck
    (Taiwan dazzle masks by hot weather Hat face is very red and
    Will enjoy the

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  13. @makabe23 I don't think her character will die though, she has an adult counterpart right? :)

    I think there was a prior announcement or at least it was leaked to the Taiwan media that she's going to Taiwan since I've seen a media camera when she was fan signing. Nevertheless she seemed really surprised about the crowd in the airport. *whispers* I find her bodyguard (or is that her interpreter? The guy in black with a black cap) cute hihi

    I think (or feel) that the guy holding the bear is her interpreter. He neither looks like a bodyguard nor her manager (coz it's her mom) . Or probably a Ceci or Sidushq official.

    A pic with a fan (I think this is a staff to the restaurant where she had dinner)

    Some fan taken photos from her Ceci Mag photoshoot

    Go EunByul is back! Haha, she is just gorgeous, sexy and mature in this one

    She's still shooting even at night! Take care So Hyun and as much as possible, take a rest...

    I think I really understood why her School 2015's co-stars are really amazed by her professionalism. She has been working non-stop from morning to afternoon and she is still smiling on the photos. It's so hard to flash a smile when you are tired, more so on her very young age. If I was in her shoes I would have been sulking when night shooting starts. She has a strong mind and must really love what she's doing.

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  14. I think it's shooting plus family time in Taiwan. I heard she was with her family when fans spotted her in Incheon airport. Hope she gets a good and long rest though I doubt that will happen as Pure Love is only 7 days away from wrapping up in filming. The movie filming will end at Sept 10 and I'm crossing my fingers that she won't do anything really tiring for the rest of the year. She needs some rest, she has been working non-stop ever since School 2015.

    And I agree that she shouldn't take too many dramas all at once, her transition from a teen actress to an A-list actress depends on the project she will choose. I still want her to stick to roles that suits her age (I guess this is one of the reasons why I'm raising an eyebrow to YSJ being casted as a 28 y.o. policeman), as long as she doesn't play the typical damsel in distress in dramas. She suits the independent and strong types of roles.

    Behind the Scene pictures during Pure Love filming last August 25. The drama is set in 1991 and they were filming in a church. From what I read, it seems that Soo Ok is physically ill and Beom Sil (EXO's Kyung Soo) is the jealous type. In an interview, Kyung Soo said that it's been a while since he become really happy and he is really happy filming the movie. The Pure Love family went to fish, they must be very close. :)


    A fan pic of So Hyun in Incheon Airport (I wonder if her younger brother is the guy in blue)

    PS: For Yi An and Eun Bi shippers haha. This is a BTS picture and they look close :) So Hyun choosing a shirt for Joo Hyuk.

    Update: She just arrived to Taiwan. There are fans who she met there



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  15. Her stylists should realize that she looks best with lighter make up to highlight her natural look. Her youthful and innocent face is her trademark. But since they're trying to make her look mature, they're putting heavier make up.

    Oh and I really love her super smile on the last part of her Hazzy's greeting with Sung Jae, I call it super smile since her eyes are turning into crescent shape and you cannot see it anymore. Her actions are just too honest, if she's happy she's happy haha.

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  16. So happy to see her enjoying her teenage life. After all, she's still a teenager! She needs these kinds of experiences too.

    Of all the looks that she displays, my favorite will always be her usual teenage look. It makes her more real and natural. :) 

    Whoever did this is awesome! Though it's such a waste to drink such art~

    A pic with a fan. This must be recent since the clothes that she's wearing is similar to the one she uploaded last night. If I'm not mistaken this was around Gangnam? Nevertheless he's so lucky to have spotted So Hyun leisurely walking and too a pic with her :) 


    Some of Who Are You School 2015's behind the scene cuts. This is the first time I saw these pictures.;)

    Oh and some from The Suspicious Housekeeper~

    Happy Tuesday everybody! :)

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  17. I doubt the new law is really being reinforced though (esp during School 2015 filming) but I will just rest my case. I really just want her to have a good rest. Not really a hiatus, but sufficient rest for her to recover strength.

    What I really like about her is that she's a very versatile actress. From a villain to a sweet girl, she nailed all her roles perfectly. Most of the actresses tend to choose one-dimensional characters (mostly damsel in distress), but her versatility gives her advantage as an actress. I think that's also the reason why she was able to portray both EunBi and EunByul perfectly. She deserves an award with that superb acting.

    An update from Honey Oz :)


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  18. @TinnieBoom

    I have to completely agree with what your saying and have been expressing this concern for a while. I think her being exhausted/stressed for long period of time can really stunt her growth and health, especially at her age. I can say this from experience. As Korea is such a appearance based culture, I don't want sohyun to work too much and let it affect her natural beauty. I also don't understand why they gave her soo many advertisements when she is soo busy and not looking her best from gaining weight on her face and getting tanned from the movie. It gives more room for people to criticize her appearance.

     I do understand that right now is an important time for our girl but I wish that adults in her life (her mom and her agency) would manage her health better. I know that sohyun is ambitious and wouldn't be forced to do anything that she wouldn't want to do but she's also a child. Someone needs to step in and say "that's enough!". I know there's a part of her that still wants to go to school but she believe that she didn't want to ruin the learning environment of her classmates as she did in high school. She's a very sensitive and considerate girl so I think she made the right decision in getting homeschooled. I just hope that she has the chance to go to college because she seems really interested in it. She always had top grades in middle school and I believe she came in first in her exams in her entire school couple of times as well. 

    It's really sad that sohyun and KYJ keeps getting compared. I honestly just ignore those type of articles and watch over their growth. It's really strange that they get compared because they're from the same agency and have completely different images. Not to mention yoo jung is much more experienced and has been around way longer than sohyun. Sohyun even calls her "sunbae" lol.

    I really love how warm and dedicated sohyun's fanbase is. Her fans gave her a great birthday and 7th anniversary gifts, food, etc. And It's also very kind of sohyun to interact with them and I love that she follows her fans on her SNS. I'm glad that she finally had the chance to meet her chinese fans because her popularity in china right now is very high. She has like 760,000 followers on weibo:) I hope she continues to gain more fans.


    It's also been an issue to me. Her eyes cannot lie; it looks so tired everytime I see her in interviews. It makes me wonder if she's been having enough sleep. But isn't there a new law in Korea regarding under-aged entertainers? I've heard they're only allowed to work for 40-45 hours a week? That's why during School 2015 filming I often wonder if she really works for only 8-9 hours a day as it seems like she's working 24/7 (apparently Yook Sung Jae mentioned in his twitter and an interview before that she didn't get enough sleep but she's still studying), not to mention that she's on the drama 80% of the time they were almost live shooting.

    I've heard about that skin complexion criticism about her in Pure Love. I actually admire her for being so into character to the point of sacrificing her appearance. That's what I call a real actress :) . But what's more important is for her to be healthy.

    Oh I thought I was the only one thinking about that. And you're super right. She's in the age where she needs guidance from the adults when to start and when to stop. When I was her age, I also want to do all sorts of things, but later realized that I can only do what's best for me. Especially on her part, she recently got a starring role in Who Are You and got a very big break. But that doesn't mean she needs to do everything. I don't want her to get burned out. I remember actress Park Min Young went through this. She got a big break through SKKS and CH and worked herself so much from 2010-2012 that she had a hiatus for almost 1 year since she was burned out and cannot feel freedom. I don't want So Hyun to experience this. If only I can encourage her through social media I would, but unfortunately I cannot speak Korean :tears:.

    I really want her to continue her studies. Honestly at first I was disappointed and a little saddened that she didn't forego high school but since I know little about the pressure in the educational system in Korea, I really can't blame her if she chose not to. Just by reading her past interviews when she cannot go to school regularly and it really makes her sad, I also feel the pressure that she is carrying. It's so hard to juggle school and work. But like you I want her to attend college; unlike High School college has a flexible schedule. She wants to study Psychology or Literary right? With her intelligence I'm sure she can. And yeah I've read she's no. 1 in her school and had participated in contests when she was in elementary (and middle school too I suppose?). BRAINS AND BEAUTY INDEED! :)

    Her fanbase will always be daebak for me haha. Stand By and Kim So Hyun Bar jjang!

    On the other hand, she really has a lot of fanboys, doesn't she? Jung II Woo, Song Jae Rim, Kwak Dong Yeon, CNBlue's Kang Min Hyuk (and indirectly Nam Joo Hyuk lol) were the only ones vocal but I'm sure there are lots of them ;). But this boy is daebak haha. I came across this on youtube and if my google translator is accurate, he's a son of a politician, no? Anyways, he looks so in love. :wub:


    PS. I don't understand a thing but I enjoyed it lol. Have a nice day! :)

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  19. This IG post made me think, "Wow, Kim So Hyun, indeed!" But it also showed how much better conditions are on a film shoot - she looks great, unlike the way actors look at the end of a live shot Drama. 


    Filming conditions are definitely better than dramas, especially with their live shooting system:/ This picture of her is actually from 5 months ago from her pocari shoot. I saw it in her BTS video and the guy with the grey shirt in the background is her little brother:) I think she still looks really tired based on recent pictures so I hope she can rest well. 

    I agree with this, she looks so tired. Her face was a little swollen during the last episodes of School 2015, up to now. She didn't get to rest after the drama ends as she started filming for Pure Love. During the movie break she's probably doing CF's and photoshoots. I am actually happy that she got the recognition that she deserves (I backread the thread, basically her acting history, and felt the pressure that she must have gone through during her early days in the k-ent industry), but then my 'omma' nature tells me that our little princess needs some rest. She's just 16 (17) and her body is still changing. I seriously want her to take a long rest after Pure Love.

    Please don't get me wrong with this statement, but I'm a little disappointed with her mom. I know her mom is her manager but I felt like she's pushing her daughter too much. Baby girl needs a long rest too. I don't know if it was So Hyun's decision to go with homeschooling for high school or her mom as I feel that So Hyun loves to go to school so much. Okay please don't mind me, it's just me and my omma nature.

    Also I find it really disturbing that So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung are always compared, like always. Like, come on! They are both promising actresses. I just can't find the purpose of always comparing them when both are like so young and have great careers ahead of them.


    On the other hand, I really admire her fansclub. The support is just overwhelming. I only know about Stand By and KimSoHyunBar as the bigger fanclubs but there's probably a lot more clubs out there. They give So Hyun endless energy on her very busy schedule. Kudos! :)



    PS. I'm still stuck with my STAND BY membership *cries*

    She looks so tired. Just look at her eyes, but still pretty :)

    I really love to see her in her real uniform. It makes you realize that even though she acts mature for her age and has been in the industry for years, she was first a student. So Hyun-ah! Unni is here to support you! Hwaiting :)

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  20. Sohyun's Thank you message for her fan cafe "STANDBY". A while back they had got her coffee truck and buffet to the pure love filming site to celebrate her 7th debut anniversary. 

    You can join her official fancafe here: http://cafe.daum.net/19990604com

    To join the fan cafe, you can follow the instructions here:

    Hidden Content

    Hidden Content

    Hidden Content

    I followed the steps you mentioned and I was successful in becoming a member, but when I try to access forums it says I do not have access yet? I have zero knowledge about Korean but according to Google translate (my ultimate friend lol), I need to post 2-3 times before I can see some forums. I'm not really sure tho huhu

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    Only around 200 vote difference. Keep voting :)

    tbh I prefer for her to take a 2nd place with this poll. Now that she's getting really popular I don't want her to get any haters by winning polls that doesn't fit her imge. And PBY fits a nation's little sister image more than sohyun since PBY already had this title since years ago. I can already tell that netizens will make comments like "how did she win against PBY" or "KSH doesn't fit this image" if sohyun wins. I would be really happy for her to be 2nd place. And I know PBY is getting lots of love and fans  (well deservedly) for her performance in oh my ghostess so it would make more sense for her to win. 


    Please don't get me wrong I love that sohyun has lots of fans and is getting lots of votes. but right now is a really important time for sohyun and I want her and her fans to be very cautious with her image from now on. 

    I don't understand you...yet

    Why doesn't fit her image?

    What is the ideal image to be crown as a Nation's Little Sister?

    Mmm it's hard to explain but as a Korean I can name celebrities who would fit that image. some examples are ppl. like Moon geun young, KYJ, PBY, IU, etc. girls who are cute and seem to have outgoing personalities. Imo sohyun fits nation's little love image like son ye jin, suzy, shim eun ha, who are basically the epitome of innocence and usually have a more elegant image. Sohyun has lots of male fans, even uncle fans because she reminds them of their first love.

     I'm sorry if I offended any of you with my comment because of course I would want her to win any polls. but I'm saying this out of concern for sohyun as I've already read some of the comments that I mentioned above on korean sites talking about this poll. They are not exactly hate comments but from the perspective of koreans sohyun doesn't have that little sister image (which I actually think is a good thing as an actress because she is seen as more mature).

    Again this is my perspective as a Korean and I'm sorry if my comments were taken the wrong way.


    on  happier note, sohyun ranked 5th on the top 9 celebrities who are popular by males


    I really like that sohyun has a good balance of fans consisting of males and females.


    Oh I understand. I am actually happy to hear an opinion from a So Hyun fan, on top of that a Korean. Thank you for that comment ;) . I really don't know much about her image in Korea so I assumed she might fit the category but honestly I think she'll fit better in the Nation's first love image. I just noticed that most of the fans taking pictures with her are males haha. Maybe I'll get more hyped when she's nominated in that category. Nevertheless, it is very interesting to have an insight from her fellow Korean. :)

    I loved her acting in School 2015. She's really excellent given her young age. I'm an unnie fan haha (5 years older lol). I'm looking forward to her career path as an actress.

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