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  1. On 10/13/2019 at 8:07 PM, elan1 said:

    Yes! Me too! I want miss granny to happen! Because her character would be the titular character! Every show that came after school 2015, although she was the main female lead, the main central story wasn’t about her with the exception of love alarm . At least in my opinion. 

    We never saw her comical acting yet which I surprisingly loved to bits.”


    I think her comedy flair was more expressed in let’s fight ghost. She was so funny esp In that drunk scene. I think in tales of nokdu we see a different type of comical acting from her because it was more of a reaction to nokdu crazy antics which made the scenes more hilarious. I really want her to be miss granny because that character will require her to bring out more of her comedic chop. 


    ***for roles

    @aineofcebu @Mongsuk@angrytomato @Breeze

    i absolutely love revenge stories esp ones that tackle social injustice as well like chief kim, fiery priest, graceful family, empress ki. I want her to play a character who is amazing at martial arts and have a temper but love able at the time. Cold as winter in the outside but warm as spring in the inside. 


    Miss Granny has been my year long wish to come true. Though I like most of her characters after School 2015, like you said she's not the main lead. It is hard to have a female centric lead in korean dramas, but I hope she breaks the norm and takes more centric roles. She's doing well in The Tale of Nokdu, but honestly I am a bit disappointed with her screen time. Can't complain, since she's not really the main lead for this one.


    Hope we get good news soon about a new drama.

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  2. 2 hours ago, angrytomato said:

    I highly recommend you "Let's Fight Ghost", especially her aeygo (and later, jelly) fun interactions with Taecyeon's character.

    Yes I watched that during its broadcast. Hyunji is sassy and full of aegyo (earning Sohyun a bunch of male fans), but she's more on the cutesy side. Dongjoo is a tomboyish and clumsy character. Their charms are different. It's surprising how Sohyun, in such a short amount of time, played both Dongjoo and Kim JoJo who are very different with each other, since the latter is like the dream girl of every guy

    1 hour ago, aineofcebu said:

    Lets talk about a character you want to see Sohyun act in the future :blush: Hope people will participate, as we are waiting for the next eps/bts for Tale of Nokdu


    For me, my "dream character" for her is being a single mom at a young age. Maybe the reason why shes a single mom is that her partner died young or let me add to the angst, maybe bec she was raped. If i will imagine the heavy emotions and struggles as a single mom that she will encounter, im already excited on how she will portray them.

    Why i want an emotional/heavy character? Coz i really want to see how she will pull it off at this point of her career. I really really love her "I miss you" character, that i cried with her and jingoo with their scenes. Now i want to see again the melodrama side of Sohyun and prepare the bucket for my tears :heart:

    I have too many in mind HAHAHA a role in Miss Granny is one, but I have always wanted Sohyun to play a hot tempered psychologist or lawyer. Sohyun mentioned that if she didn't become an actress, she would be a psychologist. Seeing her in the doctor suit will also be a treat. But...I also want to see her as a strict CEO (blaming Soup for all her shots in that pink suit) but has a hobby of being a pickpocket lol. I still have a long list but I think those are my most anticipated characters

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  3. I've been continuously following this forum but seldom post replies. Now that Sohyun has recently made/is making two dramas, I guess it's time to make this forum active again with discussions?


    For me, Love Alarm is considered a hit. Sohyun is the only known name in this project (this is the first lead roles for both Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram) so the reception is really good. It may not have a genre that's fit for a wider audience (unlike Kingdom), but it received good reviews from all ages. This is also the first time I saw Sohyun's drama in our twitter trending list. Evertbody was talking about it days after its full release. All popular korean social media accounts got flooded with Love Alarm posts. The Love Alarm app, despite being on playstore only, already had more than 1M downloads. The team behind the app is also conducting global events which manifests its popularity.


    Kim JoJo may not be as popular as the legendary Go Eun Byul, but I can consider this role as Sohyun's breakthrough role after she becomes an adult. But let's also remember that it is not easy to overcome a breakthrough role with another. Some actors even struggle to get out of their past characters. I'm happy Sohyun is not only known through School 2015, but also from her other roles.


    Now with The Tale of Nokdu, ever since it was announced, I didn't have hopes that this will be her show since it's already in the title: that this is Nokdu's story and nobody else. She may have been announced first, but that's because she's the most known name in the drama (JDY is still considered a rookie) but the team probably looked for Nokdu's actor first. Nevertheless, I'm just glad that the first 4 episodes showed more of her character, unlike GaEun in Ruler who looked more like a cameo than a main character. Dongjoo also showed more of Sohyun's acting versatility. We never saw her comical acting yet which I surprisingly loved to bits.


    After seeing how good she acted as Dongjoo (tho she acts every character flawlessly), my urge for her to star in Miss Granny came back. I know the probability of this drama being real is close to zero, but I think if she does this kind of character, it will surely be her breakthrough role. I feel Sohyun prefers to play light and funny characters nowadays since she had quite a ton of serious and tragic characters when she was a child actress. She's only 20 years old, and admittedly 20/21 is a hard time for former child actors to transition in their adult roles. But as Sohyun said in her latest interviews, she will just leave the transition to time.


    I prefer good acting from real actors than lukewarm acting from idols just for the sake of ratings anytime of the day. Also, idol actors don't fully guarantee good ratings. Sometimes it's also with the timing and more importantly the story.


    PS. BTOB wasn't popular during School 2015. Sungjae even said that during his audition, to make his angry acting come out, the director (or was it the PD) provoked him by asking who is BTOB because he never heard of that group before. But due to the drama's popularity, BTOB started to become well known. So Sohyun was actually the one carrying the show from the start.


    I am sorry for the long post!

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  4. 4 hours ago, angrytomato said:

    I don't. Anyway, if you want to collect enough donations from Soompi's members, the place where we should talk is... Soompi. Just my point of view.

    Ah no worries. I just want to know if you have a twitter account because we created a a group there for all enquiries. But Soompi is also a good place. Just let me know if you have any questions about this.

  5. On 12/23/2018 at 3:29 AM, angrytomato said:

    About coffeetrucking...

    It's said here (2015) that hiring a CTS started from 300k won, that is 266 USD. Let's say nowadays and talking about a known star like KSH, it's $400. Not a really big deal if there's a lot of people, but there are few active members at this forum... maybe ten? Are there any other financial resources, like people at social networks (FB, Twitter, IG...)? A reliable fellow is needed to collect all the donations (Through Paypal? Bitcoin?) and another one at South Korea to choose an affordable CTS provider and make the contract. Anything planned yet? Any experience doing coffeetrucking in the past?

    Hi, we are currently in talks with a vendor who already went to Love Alarm shooting (to get information about staff number, etc) but we are also checking other vendors with competitive price and package. Since this was posted on twitter, the CTS will not only be limited to fans here in soompi, but also in twitter. Minimum amount to raise is still 300K won excluding travel expenses. Donations will be consolisated in one Paypal account (which we already have). If you have a twitter account , we can discuss this even further ^^

  6. Hi everyone, I'm Shironozomi in twitter. This is a bit sudden, but I just like to know if anyone is interested in doing a coffee truck support for Sohyun in Love Alarm. Since Love Alarm is more catered towards international fans, it will be nice to give support to Sohyun on set.



    Please also share your thoughts regarding this project. Thank you!

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  7. Been a while since my last visit here so had to backread 20+ pages haha


    There's a lot happening in the fandom lately but I am excited with the travel show more than the drama confirmation simply because Sohyun's smile and aura in this LA trip are natural and genuine. What I'm saying is that she looks REALLY enjoyed in this trip because it's been her wish to have a travel variety show plus having it in US is a plus (Sso is fond of western culture and you can see it with her movie and music recommendations). I am super excited and I just wish it will be 100 episodes long lol


    With the Love Alarm casting, it's been 2 months since the role was offered to Sohyun and still no confirmation from her side. We might hear a decision from the team when Sohyun returns to Korea on Sept 3. AHS declining the offer also rings a bell. This guy has been on the rising side lately and this offer is a big opportunity for his career. Either it just didn't fit into his schedule or the male role is not favorable to him (since the webtoon is pretty centric to the female lead's character).

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  8. I found a Chinese tutorial on how to vote for KBS Drama Awards in Weibo. Please feel free to share this tutorial for SoHyun's Chinese fans.


    Please register today or tomorrow since we don't know when will the KBS admin approve the registration within the 7-day period.


    SoHyun during her middle school days~ soooo cuteeeeee


    Spotted filming Page Turner. The tall guy beside her must be JiSoo. Seems they are having a good time. I love SoHyun's smile~

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  9. 4 hours ago, anon0503 said:
    I'm like pretty sure that she will get the best new actress award. I can't really think of too many other actresses who would get this award besides sohyun. I think she's too young for top excellence and she still has a very bright future ahead of her!


    I don't think she is nominated for that award. She is only nominated for Netizens and Best Couple Award (with SungJae and JooHyuk). Are Best New actress award and Newcomer award the same? Jo Soo Hyang (Kang So Young of School 2015) is nominated for Newcomer award (as well as Sung Jae and JooHyuk).

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    Hi guys! So I've made a step-by-step tutorial on how to vote for SoHyun for Netizen awards. The same tutorial can be applied to vote for her in the Best Couple Award Category. She has 2 nominations: SoHyun-SungJae and SoHyun-JooHyuk.

    link for netizen award: KBSDA Netizen Girl

    link for best couple award: KBSDA Best Couple

    STEP 1:


    STEP 2:


    STEP 3:


    STEP 4:


    STEP 5:


    EDIT: You will be asked to fill out an information sheet. Please provide a valid Social Security Number (passport, citizen number or personal identification number). Also, do not forget to send a fax or attach a picture for "methods of identification".

    STEP 6:



    If you have any questions, PLEASE FEEL FREE to ask me. I will try my best to answer every question. I really want her to win even though the competition is really high. She deserves this recognition, so please vote for her. ALSO FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS TUTORIAL. I would be very glad if you do since my main goal is for SoHyun to have many votes from her fans. As an international fan, this is our greatest chance to support her, so please don't waste this opportunity. 

    I also posted the tutorial on my Instagram account (@sohyunnieboom) so if you have an IG account, please also share this. I will also post this on my weibo account since Sohyun has lots of Chinese fans (though I am not sure if there are some web restrictions in their country)

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  11. Kim So-hyun to host the 2015 KBS Drama Awards

    Posted by: Steven , December 17, 2015

    This post is also available in: Chinese (Simplified), Korean


    Kim So-hyun

    Kim So-hyun has been confirmed as the host for the 2015 KBS Drama Awards, which will take place on Thursday December 31st.

    Kim So-hyun, who viewers will remember from the KBS drama Who Are You: School 2015, will transform into the host of the awards ceremony in a magnificent end to the year.

    Currently shooting the KBS Drama Special – Page Turner and the movie Princess Deokhye, is the trendy Kim So-hyun. She is now taking the unconventional move of ending 2015 by taking on the role of MC for the awards ceremony.

    A Sidus HQ representative said “Kim So-hyun will be taking on the role of an MC at the end of this year. Thanks to the viewers who have been watching Who Are You: School 2015 since the beginning of the year, it has been very meaningful and Kim So-hyun is in your debt for getting to the position where she is now. Going forward she will do her best to perform well in as many fields as possible. Please give her lots of love and interest now to support her.”

    From 2013 to 2015 she was the sole female host on MBC’s Show! Music Core. While there, everyone could see her skills steadily improve, as she became a next generation host. She must not regret appearing on the show, as it has now lead her (Kim So-hyun) to be the marvelous MC which everyone is eager to see.

    She has been confirmed as the host for the 2014 MBC Drama Awards. Kim So-hyun will be wrapping up the end of the year with fans. She is currently working on the movie Princess Deokhye, which fans will be able to see her in, in 2016.



    Kim So Hyun and Jun Hyun Moo chosen as '2015 KBS Drama Awards' MCs

    Dec 17, 2015 03:30

    Kim So Hyun and Jun Hyun Moo will be hosting '2015 KBS Drama Awards'.

    According to the officials from KBS on December 17th, the MC lineup will consist of three people, Kim So Hyun and Jun Hyun Moo are already confirmed while the remaning one is still undecided.

    This will be Jun Hyun Moo's second time hosting 'KBS Drama Awards' since his first was in 2011. For Kim So Hyun, she has earned enormous popularity through drama 'School 2015: Who Are You' so many people are excited to see her taking the MC gig of the awards show.

    '2015 KBS Drama Awards' will be broadcasted on December 31st.


    --> I AM SUPER PROUD OF SOHYUN! Honestly I was disappointed at first because she wasn't nominated for excellence award (probably because she's too young), but being the MAIN MC (yes not a presenter but the MC) for the whole event is like that level of recognition. I feel KBS might have wanted her to win something big because of her superb acting, but yeah I am contented that she will be the MC for the event. I've seen the MCs of the other awards night and among them SoHyun is the youngest. Plus it seems she is getting much love from both KBS and MBC, can she also MC the MBC entertainment awards? Anyways I am curious to know the 3rd MC.


    17 hours ago, sheargwyz said:

    YAAAYYY Sohyun will be MC for 2015 KBS Drama Awards ^_^

    And she's nominated for Netizen Awards (Female) and Best Couple Awards with Yook Sungjae and Nam Joohyuk.

    Vote is opened so go voting guys ^_^



    --> I hope  she really wins this one. She has received so much love in Korea and all over the world for her acting. There are lots of popular stars on the list but SoHyun is really deserving. I will do my best to relay the voting method for her fans (probably on the weekend since I'm busy with work). And I have a big feeling SoHyun-SungJae will at least win, many people loved their pairing and were bitter that they didn't end up together. If they will win the couple award, there is a great possibility that they will act again, now a the main couple, tho I also hope SoHyun-JooHyuk also win.

    8 hours ago, godhunters said:

    some comments from k-netizens on KSH new profile image. Nice to see that she is love a lots by all.

    SidusHQ releases Kim So Hyun's new profile photos

    Wednesday, December 16, 2015 Kim So Hyun .

    Xports News - Naver: 'Everyday is her peak'... Kim So Hyun looks lovely and fresh

    1. [+2,047, -89] There's a Son Ye Jin feel to her. She'll be even more daebak when she's a lot older

    2. [+1,552, -53] I agree, she's pretty in everything ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    3. [+1,073, -45] Yesterday, today and tomorrow,  Kim So Hyun's pretty

    4. [+948, -85] Kim So Hyun's the prettiest in my eyes!

    5. [+144, -17] Kim Yoo Jung's pretty too but Kim So Hyun's way prettier

    6. [+157, -22] Honestly, Kim So Hyun's the best among the child actresses. Kim Yoo Jung's pretty but Kim So Hyun's born with charms that no one can rival. I'm always supporting you.

    7. [+118, -12] Pretty.. So Hyun and Yoo Jung, don't catch the celebrity disease and become the Messi and Ronaldo of the industry

    8. [+102, -10] The fact the she's a good actress makes her even prettier

    9. [+77, -4] Is she the kid from the Pocari Sweat CF?

    10. [+60, -7] Kim So Hyun and Taetiseo are on the main page.. but she turned them into octopuses
    Credit: kkuljaem


    --> I am glad people are showering her with love. And the comments are true, she has that charm that attracts people. With her kindness and beauty and great acting, it's not hard for people to fall in love with her charms.


    I seriously don't want to touch this topic but I am seriously disappointed that people ALWAYS, like ALWAYS compare SoHyun and YooJung. The comments section is so shouting this fact. Like, can people just stop comparing these two? They have different acting styles and beauty and it's just pissing me off getting them compared every time in their individual articles. Don't they know that this gives more pressure for the two? I am sorry but I was really frustrated with the comments and comparisons.


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  12. MAMA 2015 will be tomorrow, December 2. I also hope that the stylist dresses her well. I'm not really fond of her previous outfits but I'm not a hater either. But even though her outfit was not flattering in MMA, she still stand out because of her beauty.

    There was no mention in Page Turner's plot if SoHyun and JiSoo's characters are dating, but I also watched the fan video and they seem to be close(?), not really sure if SoHyun is wrapping her arms in Jisoo's arms though, but they seem the be somehow close.

    Honestly I'm not familiar with teen actresses in korea before so I neither know SoHyun or YooJung, but I am more familiar of SoHyun because of Missing You. But I noticed before that the media seem to favor YooJung so I was really happy that SoHyun is finally receiving the recognition that she deserves. No doubt that she is the most popular teen actress outside Korea because of School 2015, and I'm sure she will continue to be popular in and out of Korea because of her performance.

    I have a soft spot for SoHyun and BTOB, they have the chemistry that draws you in. I always have fun watching their Elite interview and I am enjoying SoHyun and ChangSub interactions, I love how ChangSub always makes SoHyun laugh and she seems comfortable around him.

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  13. Titanic Jack x Rose :w00t: :D

    Sohyun with BTOB Changsub



    you know I actually find their interactions really cute during the latest Elite interview and I want to see them working together (let SoHyun and BTOB's fate work lol). They will fit well in a sitcom (count EunKwang in). Oh and BTW I saw in allkpop's line up that BTOB will be attending MAMA on Dec 2, I'm crossing my fingers for BTOBxSoHyun interactions.

    SoHyun will be back in HongKong tomorrow at 2pm in the afternoon for MAMA 2015. Let's expect to have pictures by tomorrow afternoon.

    I don't know if it's because of the height but Jisoo reminds me so much of JooHyuk. Look at the height difference on the second pic, so cute haha. I have so much hopes for this drama since I really love music-themed dramas. Having SoHyun as the lead more is like music to my ears. I can't wait to see her playing the piano, I heard she's having intense piano lessons for her role.

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  14. Her HongKong fanmeet was a huge success! KSH Taiwan initially said that they will have a live broadcast for her fanmeeting in HK, but later cancelled it because there were a lot of people on the place. Even SoHyun was surprised with the love and attention that she got. With this recognition I hope SidusHQ decides to increase her fanmeetings in different parts of Asia. I am sure many of her international fans want to see her in person. As an international fan I am very happy that many people love her and are now anticipating for her future dramas.

    SoHyun is really kind to the fans. I've read the posts of KSH Taiwan saying that SoHyun recognized her. When SoHyun saw her in the airport, SoHyun eyes widened and called her unnie. SoHyun also keeps on saying for her to be careful when they were at the airport with the media and fans flocking over them. During the fanmeet, SoHyun once again noticed her and talked to her like a friend. She said that she will protect SoHyun always. KimSoHyunBar also narrated their experience during the HK fanmeet but I wasn't able to translate it since it's in a picture format. There are lots of fan account saying how SoHyun is very nice to them and is so beautiful. She won the fans hearts more with her overflowing kindness. Reading these things really melts my heart for her. She is really a kind-hearted person who is very humble and treats fans like her friends.

    I like it that SoHyun is not overexposed that much in the public through dramas. I want people to miss her acting and anticipate more her future works.

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  15. Hi!! I am new to this forum and i am from northeast india. my favourite actress is son yejin and kim sohyun.i read that kim sohyun was the child version of son yejin so i was curious to know about her.i watched i miss you and i liked it very much she was so good in acting and pretty too.But school 2015 cemented her position as my favourite actress.i was soo impressed with her acting and she was so beautiful. i am happy she has gotten the recognition that she deserved as she was way too underrated before. i am so excited for her film with son ye jin.and also for her other projects.i hope sohyun continues to do great projects and achieve success and remain humble.

    Hello welcome to the forum! It's so nice to see new fans of SoHyun here in soompi :D I also first saw her in Missing you and thought she is an amazing actress but her role in School 2015 won me as a fan. At first I didn't know her age, I thought she was around 18-19 and when I searched her name I was shocked that she was a 99 liner. She has so much potential at a very young age. I hope she gets more recognition through dramas and movies. I love her both as an actress and a person, she is very humble, kind and sweet in real life based on how her co-stars says about her.

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  16. OMG!!! new drama , although it's only 3 episodes! I'm 99.9% sure her costar is jisoo as they are following each other on instagram.I'm disappointed that we would only see them together for 3 eps but I'm soo excited! Hopefully they can work on another drama next time. I'm pretty sure that they're chemistry is going to  be undeniable. I'm also happy that sohyun reunites with IHYV screenwriter:) 

    source: kkuljaem
    tv Report - Naver: [Exclusive] Kim So Hyun cast as female lead in KBS special drama... to reunite with 'I Hear Your Voice' writer Park Hye Ryun
    1. [+411, -26] Kim So Hyun nand IHYV's writer Park Hye Ryun... A good actress and a good writer. Putting my faith in this two

    2. [+264, -27] Looking forward to it. So Hyun hwaiting!!

    3. [+206, -27] Good news. I've been waiting for her next project after 'Who Are You'. I hope it will be a fun drama although it's only 3 episodes. So Hyun-ah hwaiting!!

    4. [+186, -20] I Hear Your Voice's first episode is legendary

    5. [+171, -22] The best writer meets the best child actress!!

    6. [+25, -6] Prettier than Seolhyun

    7. [+13, -1] They should cast the younger actor in 'Eun Dong' as the male lead

    8. [+11, -6] You can trust writer Park Hye Ryun

    I am so excited with this special drama even though it is only 3 episodes!!! SoHyun playing the piano? What more can you expect? Her versatility is DAEBAK! And yes I'm 1000% sure her costar is Jisoo. SO EXCITED!

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    Cant wait to see uri Sohyunieee and other cast behind the scenes of the drama :wub: 

    In case some of you are interested in buying it, here is details of the dvd ^_^



    KBS드라마 후아유 (학교 2015) 메이킹 DVD (3disc 포토카드 6종) (11월19일 출시예정)

    ☞ 오 디 오 : STEREO 한국어
    ☞ 자 막 : --
    ☞ 화면비율 : 16:9
    ☞ 상영시간 : 304분

    ☞ 지역코드 : 1,3,4,5,6
    ☞ 디스크 구성 : 3 Discs (Dual Layers)
    * DISC 1 : 학교2015 출석체크,오전수업
    * DISC 2 : 오후수업, 학교2015 방과후
    * DISC 3 : 대본리딩,포스터 촬영,제작발표회,NG CUT
    ☞ 제품구성 : 3 Discs+ 포토카드 6종+ 넘버링카드 + 27p (미니화보집+은별이일기)


    Translation (CMIIW):

    Who are you (School 2015) Making DVD

    To be released on November 19, 2015

    Audio: Stereo (Korean)

    ☞ Subtitle: none
    ☞ Aspect ratio: 16: 9
    ☞ Running time: 304 minutes

    ☞ Region code: 1,3,4,5,6
    ☞ Disk Configuration: 3 Discs (Dual Layers)
    * DISC 1: 2015 school attendance check, morning session
    * DISC 2: Afternoon classes, after-school school 2015
    * DISC 3: Script reading, poster shoot, press conference, NG CUT (bloopers)

    This edition includes six photo cards, a numbering card and a 27-page mini photobook and Eun Byul diary.

    For those who want to buy it, you can buy from:


    Price: USD 61.99 (International shipping fee include)



    Price: 47,500 won (USD 41.33), not including shipping fee (domestic & international)

    Wahh thank you very much for the details! I really want to buy this especially that it includes NGs and behind the scenes~ though I'm a bit disappointed that it's not subbed in english :sweatingbullets: Definitely buying a copy! I hope there are lots of SoHyun goodies~

    @guacamole Do well in your studies, you are always welcome in this forum to spazz about SoHyun~ hwaiting! :D

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  18. hi everyone,

    for some reason Ji soo (the actor from angry mom and cheer up) and sohyun have started following each other on instgram. Also another actor,shin jae ha (also from the drama cheer up) and sohyun are following each other as well.

    I wonder if they have been cast in the same project? possibly in princess deokhye? regardless, I'm hoping that it's a casting for a drama instead because I've always thought that they would be cute together!:)

    wow i'm so happy i dont know why, they are soo cute, i watched a crossmaker/au of them and i am absolutely sure they would be a cute rebel couple or a cute innocent couple, they do really look cute haha here the video if you want to watch or if you havent watched :) 




    I've also guessed it's Princess Deokhye since the child counterpart for the 2 actors aren't announced yet, but I am still crossing my fingers for a romantic comedy high school drama (SoHyun seems to like to star in a romcom based on her V app chat).

     SoHyun will have a V app chat during her fanmeet in HongKong~ Yeyyyyyyyy i'm so happy since I am very jealous of the people who can see her in person. Thank you SoHyun!

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  19. Honestly I didn't like the dress at first but when SoHyun was walking in the red carpet, I realized the dress was elegantly beautiful and it accentuates her body figure. I think somebody already mentioned it here, but SoHyun has wide hips and small waist so her body proportions are naturally sexy :D And her MCing skills are still excellent even after 7 months, now I really want her to go back to MCing or maybe host some kind of show. She has so much talent and I don't want it to go to waste :)

    She narrated the 800th episode of Section TV yesterday (apparently the show is running for 16 years and SoHyun is the same age as the show, thus the narration). It was really fun to see her narrating, especially when she narrated herself on screen. The TV writer of the show praised SoHyun's professionalism since despite the tiring schedule, SoHyun is always smiling.

    @guacamole I totally agree with you. While I am not complaining that she works with new and same-aged actors, I want her to learn experience from veteran actors. There are probably some fields of acting that she needs improvement (I have yet to see her acting in a romantic drama that's why I am waiting for Pure Love) and her sunbaes can teach her. School 2015 was a good chance for her to show the world that she can be a STAR, but most of the audience are youth. I want her to cater her skills to older people as well, and that will be possible in movies that have veteran actors. Her playing in Princess DeokHye is a good start, I hope she continues to diversify herself.

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  20. I think she and sohyun are cast mates for the film princess deokhye? maybe she will be the daughter of princess deokhye? (not sure about this information)  ermm.. sohyun got thin I hope she is not starving her self Anyway, Sohyun forever pretty! :wub::D Fighting Princess Deokhye!


    actress park joo mi (man of vendetta) will once again be acting as mom of Sohyun in Princess Deokhye :D:D she will really be going to have a lot of reunions!!! who is next?? :w00t::w00t: I think I am starting to like Sohyun to concentrate in movies :P 


    I think the child actress will also play Princess Deokhye but the child version, SoHyun is the teen version (not really sure though). Maybe today is the script reading? (I demand a selca from SoHyun and Son YeJin!) SoHyun's aura is really different around child actors doesn't it? She gives off a mature, assuring and protective aura. Filming will start this November right? I hope she had plenty of time to rest.

    In my opinion, she will be recognized more in movies. Prime time dramas often boils down to ratings in Korea (though it gives a positive popularity for international fans). The pressure that they put to actors in drama ratings are too much, I actually applaud SoHyun for being able to deliver excellently her role in School 2015 despite the ratings pressure. Movies are also more diverse in terms of genre and flexibility. SoHyun also has higher chances of acting with sunbaenims in movies since most of the excellent veteran actors focus on movies. Awards are also more grand (for me) in movie categories. Live shootings are also less since they film movies months ahead of the airing date.

    We'll get to see MC SoHyun again for tomorrow! Hope everything goes well and there's no doubt she will deliver her lines perfectly. I am slightly anticipating her interactions with Seo Kang Jun since they've worked before. All the best for SoHyun.

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  21. SoHyun and pink are a perfect match :wub: And is it just me or did SoHyun gain weight on her cheeks? I mean she might be filming something (during School 2015 her face is a little bit chubby due to no sleep) at the moment Elite shot the pictorial. I missed seeing her with close friend SungJae haha (MinHyuk is also a plus) :D I hope SoHyun gets to work with her BTOB oppas again. 

    @makabe23 I read somewhere that Nightmare Teacher is supposed to be broadcast around December (I forgot where I read it) so the press conference might be around the last weeks of November. Web Dramas have been gaining a lot of attention these days so I hope it gets a good feedback, who knows we might get a season 2.

    I was re-watching some Music Core videos of SoHyun and she really is good~ getting more excited for her MCing this Saturday! :lol: 

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  22. This is a wish come true for SoHyun. She has been expressing the desire to work with Son Ye Jin for a long time and now that it came true, I am one of the many who are so happy to hear this news. I'm sure she is the most excited and happiest getting the role. I am glad that the feedback were all positive since she has been known for long as the little SYJ. The director/producer of the film is such a genius for making this happen. Plus, she will be spreading her wings again for a saeguk genre. No doubt she will be able to pull it off. And IMO she will get more recognition in movies. Don't you feel that So Hyun's wishes come true? First she has been vocal about JYJ YooChun being her ideal man and wanting to work with him in one screen then Sensory Couple happened (they played as siblings), and now this movie casting happened. SoHyun-ah, it's because you are really hardworking and extremely kind that you are being awarded! :lol::lol::lol:

    It also seems a dream come true for some of us wishing SoHyun to play as a princess. But based on the plot, it seems that she will only have her happy times until her father dies. I am wondering why the casting got delayed since the adult counterparts were confirmed on August so I was expecting that their young counterparts be casted earlier, but probably the PD wants SoHyun to really act in the movie (there are rumors of her casting way back August) and waited for her to finish Pure Love and Nightmare Teacher. I am also excited to know who will be the young counterpart of her love interest (Yeo Jingoo or Kwak Dong Yeon please)

    It is such a SoHyun filled year for 2015 and 2016. MC for MMA 2015, Nightmare Teacher, Pure Love, Princes Deokhye; I am a happy fan. Also notice that all the roles have different genres, this is what makes SoHyun really versatile and flexible in her acting despite her young age, she tries all genre and avoid sticking to that typical damsel in distress roles in kdramaland (which I hate the most ugh)

    Last push for So Hyun's fanmaum support project! If you still have remaining hearts, give it today!!! LET'S MAKE THIS A SUCCESS!

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