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  1. Hello @szne09 ♡ Agree! Can't hardly wait for his upcoming project "That Night". I have such a huge crush to these two cuties. Hope they will stay healthy on this pandemic situation ♡♡
  2. Every time I saw the final episode kiss scene, my hope gets high, because these two cuties really looked like a legit lovebird couple! Don't you think?
  3. Hello everyone! This is my first time ever to ship a k-drama couple. Never been interested with the couple after the drama ends, BUT with these two, I can't get used to them and can't move on! Have been watching PBIO on repeat for 5 times now, and currently want to re-watch all the 16 episodes for the 6 times! The drama is truly a masterpiece! It's perfect from all aspects, from characters, actors/actress, story, and wardrobe. Wish KSH and SYJ is on relationship now and will be getting M soonnnn! *crossesfingers
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