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  1. Ok @anony You are right on that point. I am sure he would not be happy; however, I think he would understand her guilt in not wanting to appear in front of him because of the role she played in him being locked-up. How would she be able to go tell him, Hey IJ, we have a child together.... although this is just a hypothesis at this point. Why not run with it and see if the writer can come up with anything better. I guess you are hoping IJ and HR part ways? I think for the story to work, they will have to work together. The most important thing is for the step mother and half brother to get taken down and go to prison. Maybe they will not get together in the end, but become friends because of their shared passion and revenge. For me, I would like to see them together but what I want the most is for the step mother and brother to get what they deserve. I did not care for their father; however, to put him in a semi comma, and as was mentioned before, he might be dead by now, is just wrong. the father knew the IJ had the business acumen to run the company and keep it successful. Larking in the back of my brain is the question of who set this whole debacle in motion. Who was it that persuaded TO to go after SH? What is the sister-in-law's back story, is the sister-in-law a divorcee, is she a widow or did she have her child out of wedlock like SH? Why did the father ruin her parents business? Did he find out she had a child? There are unanswered questions that I hope the writer will not leave dangling at the end of the drama. The drama is entitled Fates and Furies. Therefore, I think some couples are fated to be together; however, they will be hurt, disappointed and betrayed...the fury. Someone wrote they hope IJ and SH get back together. SH only wanted IJ if he had money, power, and influence. Therefore, when you break it down, there isn't much difference between SH and HR...they both wanted something from IJ. I cannot say that SH is better than HR, because she hid the fact that she had a child with TO from IJ.
  2. @Carmarie I agree that it's not ridiculous if HR ended up pregnant...even if you use contraceptives, you can still get pregnant. However, would HR keep a baby by a man she thinks impregnated her sister and tried to kill her and she betrayed?  @lclarakl I am writing from the point of view that HR now knows that IJ did not have an affair with her sister or try to kill her. If HR did get pregnant, but did not know she was pregnant until after she found out that IJ had nothing to do with her sister, she would most likely keep the baby. We forget that HR liked IJ and was having conflicting thoughts about him. If we remember, HR apologized to her sister and threw the report in the trash because of her feeling for IJ. It was after she came back and retrieved the report and saw that her sister was pregnant that her heart began to harden towards IJ. No one, unless they love someone would have cried the way she did when she found out that she was wrong and IJ was innocent. I think if the writer went this way and made the character pregnant, HR would definitely keep the baby... who does she have now? Her best friend is gone, her sister is in a coma and her father and mother are deceased. She would pour all the love that she did not give IJ into his baby and making his company successful.
  3. Boyfriend/Encounter was one of the best K Rom-dramas I have watched. Except for the brief break-up, I have nothing but good feelings about this drama. The writing, directing, production and acting was all superb. This drama left me feeling good and a smile on my face. All the characters, except the mother-in-law redeemed themselves at the end. The characters had depth. I liked the fact that there wasn't any over-the-top characters hollering, hitting or throwing things. All of the characters had dignity and a graciousness about them. Although I may not have like their actions, the characters were not disagreeable to the point that I actually disliked them. The mother-in-law came the closest being disliked, and even she had dignity. I wish more K-dramas would look at the success of Encounter and take note. I enjoyed watching the drama with all of you. Your insights and analysis were thought provoking. I've had some ah-ha moments, laughs and a few difference of opinions; however, it made watching Encounter even more enjoyable. Each week, I could not wait to read the posts. I congratulate the actors, the writer, and crew for a beautiful love story. Thank you Song Hye-Kyo and Park Bo-Gum for portraying your characters realistically. You should be proud of your achievements. If I want to introduce anyone to Korean dramas, this will be my first choice. I hope to see you all at another K-drama.
  4. @anony12345 It does make sense to not be on the pill or use protection because at the time they slept together, HR was planning to marry IJ; therefore, those precautions were not necessary. Under those circumstances, I would not consider the premise ridiculous. What I did find ridiculous is the sister-in-law having a son??? How does that tie in? Who is the father and is she being blackmailed (the safety of her child) to stay married. Forgetting about everything he directly lost/experienced due to her which is more than enough he indirectly also lost his uncle who to him would now be "right" as he warned him about her from the start and even his friend from the workshop suffered as he still can't seem to use his hands properly after two years and presumably can't make shoes anymore. Not sure how you can conclude his love for her not being damaged. She directly and indirectly caused him to lose everything/hurt the people he cares for. I can understand shutthatdoor and your point of views. I agree with you that their love have been damaged; however, I agree with shutthatdoor that their love will not return to the past state. It cannot because of their recent painful experiences. However, I think as shutthatdoor thinks; they will fall in love again. A first it could be because they have a common enemy that they re-bond. IJ knows that she was used as a pawn and that his step mother and brother are treacherous and HR was no match for them. IJ will be angry with HR and he will not trust her; however, if they are going to bring that pair down, they must work together What I cannot understand is why HR did not go to the prison, beg for forgiveness and finally explain everything. @nubianlegalmind I loved your critique. I am with you, the sister-in-law is totally useless. As you stated, she has these damaging tapes and she has done nothing with them. Both IJ and HR were naive and as IJ admitted, it was his fault for trusting his brother when he asked why did he have to take it this far. IJ knows who is responsible for his uncle's death, it was not a mere accident, it was murder. IJ realizes he was framed and the information given to HR was fabricated. I am hoping that HR is pregnant; because it would change IJ's perspective. They would be forced to interact and through interacting find a common ground and the love that they lost. Therefore, I think that HR and IJ will get back together in the end with no pretext, he will know that she loves him and she will know that he truly loves her. @lclarakl You are right, I used to read romance novels also, and like romance novels, most K-dramas have a formula. How many romance novels have I read where there was a misunderstanding, the characters never communicated with each, never ask questions and then get back together near the end of the book, (after I have almost torn my hair out and lost my voice by hollering at the pages.) In most K-dramas, they do not confront each other, or talk to each other when there is a potential problem. What about asking the question, did you have an affair with my sister and show him the pictures. How simple is that? Ugh, it is so frustrating. Now I am hollering at the screen, losing my voice and tearing my hair.
  5. I have not watched the last 4 episodes with subs yet, and I am not in a hurry. I was routing for Hae-Ra and In-Joon. I had hoped that she would put aside her revenge; however, she wouldn't let it go and she learned a hard and painful lesson. I have to disagree with one thing you said, Hae-Ra did show her true self to In Joon once. When she was frightened, it was her, not revenge kissing him, it was her and not revenge that wanted him to stay the night. When she told her sister she was "excited" and when she threw away the information, it was her heart; but her need for revenge got the best of her and she came back and retrieved the envelope. Instead of listening to her heart, she let revenge cloud her judgment and as you stated, how can In-Joon trust her again? She wouldn't have she blown it if she had only listened to those around her. Her best friend told her to let it go, her informant, told her to stop, let it go; however, she would not listen. I think she went overboard because she felt it was her fault that she best friend was killed. Would I be harsh if I said, Hae-Ra is going to get what was coming to her? She drugged In-Joon and from what I could tell without subs, was instrumental in putting him in prison...wow. My only regret is In-Joon; now he will go down the dark tunnel of revenge. This drama is becoming so sad, because two people who care for each other are tearing each other apart. I believe they were fated to be together; however, the fury of betrayal, revenge and distrust has gotten in the way of any meaningful relationship they could have. I cannot guess how this drama is going to end, because I would not have predicted that In-Joon would be in prison for what, caring for another human. What a tangled web. More importantly, I do want them a some point, all four, (In-Joon, Tae-Oh, Soo-Hyun and Hae-Ra) put aside their differences and work together with the daughter-in-law to bring the step mother and her son down. They are the ones that should be in prison. I still think that the step mother had something to do with In Joon's mother's death. Have we found out who the mysterious woman was that approached Tae-Oh and set all of this in motion? @Lmangla Loved your post, your analysis was on point. "well that was certainly an unexpected twist... makes you wonder what is going to happen going forward... so hera really is quite an interesting lead because she isn't a typical candy at all. injoon said that when he met her, she was angry and he was drawn to that fire... and in this week, we get bit more clarity into what drove her... so first she gets her dreams crushed when she has to come back from italy and then spends 4 years caring for her comatose sister. caregivers can go through grief as well as anger and with hera, there was a sense of resentment as well. she loves her sister but there's also the practical worries. she felt angry that her sister would attempt suicide and now she has to pay for these expenses she cannot afford. in a sense, she felt robbed of her dreams and her life. then, she finds out that her sister didn't commit suicide and someone attempted to kill her and that rage turns in a different direction. there is the sense of shame that her studies in italy was financed by her sister being a mistress. this guilt adds to the rage." I am glad you mentioned the grief, resentment and anger caregivers often go through. We have not looked at Hae-Ra's situation from her perspective and why she would agree to Tae-Oh's proposal when it was clear she was reluctant to do so. I think it was more about the money to care for her sister, than revenge at first.
  6. @jl08I am older; therefore, respecting the elderly and one's parents was a given when I was growing up. One of the things I love about the Asian culture is their respect for their elderly. However, I think sometimes parents take advantage of the respect their children have for them and become controlling and/or overbearing. My mother gave me advice about the people around me, both relationships and friends and she was right in most cases; however, she did it in such a way that it left the final decision up to me. I appreciated her wisdom and I would weigh her concerns against what I knew and come to my own decision. My mother is now gone, and many days, I wish that I could seek her wisdom; however, thankfully, she left me with enough knowledge and guidelines to make (in most cases) the right choices. I think in all cultures, mothers have a problem in letting their sons go. I think it has a lot to do with the sons giving the love and attention they used to give to their mothers to another woman. I have not watched the last two episodes yet; however, I understand there is a happy ending and JH's mother did the right thing. I loved this drama, the writing was superb. The writer took an everyday subject, meeting and falling in love, and made it something wonderful, sometimes heart-wrenching, and most importantly a joy to watch. For me it made me reminisce about the beauty of new love and the joy I felt when I realized this is the person for me. This is it! I cannot write enough great things about the actors abilities, their performance were spot on. They made you feel the joy, the hesitancy, the pain, and the beauty of falling and being in love. Great job all. I will return to this post once I have watched the last two episodes.
  7. I have not seen episode 15 yet; however, I did read the recap and I am so angry with JH's mom. She isn't really thinking about JH, she is acting on her own personal biases. I am peeved, I am pissed, JH is hurting; SH is hurting and she has no remorse. I am still amazed, and I have been watching k-dramas for years, the first one was "Wide as the Earth, High as the Sky", I think it was that drama in which the mother made the son and daughter-in-law divorce because she did not get pregnant in the time frame she thought she should get pregnant. All these years later, the dynamics still have not changed. How do you arrange your lips to tell someone else to break-up with your child...and that is supposed to be love? I am not Asian and do not fully understand the Asian culture; therefore, I do not pass judgement on the customs and practices, except on this issue. When we have children, we nurture them, provide for them, protect them, and instill morals and values in them. Our job as parents are to prepare them to become productive and valued citizens in society, loving spouses, and great parents. Our job is not to guide (interfere in) their entire life from cradle to grave. Once they've reached adulthood, the parents become a sounding board if needed, an adviser if necessary and a supporter. Because, as parents, were blessed to have children, does not mean you meddle in their lives once they've become adults. As JH's father said, JH's Umma really does not know her son. I do not think JH will ever look at his Umma the same. Therefore, my question is was it worth it? Was breaking them up worth losing the love your son had for you? A love where he smiles when he speaks to you on the phone, a love where he always thinks of you and worries about you...the only other person he loves as much as he loves you is SH. JH's mother knows that both SH and JH are hurting, but it doesn't faze her, she has this delusional holier then thou, I know what is best attitude. What she should do is to go to SH and tell her, "I was wrong." "JH loves you enough to weather any storm; therefore, do not break up I will support you." Please excuse any misspellings or grammatical errors, I am so peeved at this episode that I will wait until the weekend to watch it, after episode 16 is subbed. If I find out that they did not get back together, I will skip both episodes.
  8. I do not know who the mystery woman could be. She would have to know that: 1. TH once had an affair with SH, 2, They have a daughter together and she needs a new kidney, 3. She had to know about HR, her educational background, her awards and love for making shoes, 4. She would have to know where HR was living in order to instruct TH where to find her 5. She would have to known IJ well and that he would fall for HR because she would remind him of his mother. 6. The mystery woman was also trying to destroy IJ in the process because he was implicated in HR's sisters suicide attempt. We now know when TH came into the cobbler shop to have his shoes fixed, it was not a coincidence. He was plotting then to have HR meet IJ. Did he set up the interpreter's gig also so that HR would meet IJ? I am stomped! I do not think it is the step-mother or the sister-in-law. Who would have information on all the parties involved and know them well enough to manipulate them? I am sure that with TH, she daughter was the driving force behind his decision as with HR, her sister was the driving force behind her decision. What a great twist... I cannot until the next episode. Ha Rae saving grace is that she cannot go through with the wedding because she thinks IJ killed her sister's baby. I am glad that KSY heard the tapes and knows that it was not IJ who hurt HR's sister. However, she should have listened to the tapes at home and not risk being found. I love this drama and I hope they do not screw up the ending by rushing the story and try to cram 2 or 3 episode into the final episode. What I would like to see happen HR talk to IJ and explain everything and take him to see her sister. Apologize to him for even thinking that he could have done something so horrible. Let him know that she likes him and that she investigated the claims hoping that it was not him; however, everything pointed to him. Can he please this one time forgive her. I think it would work and then they can work together, bringing his brother and stepmother down.
  9. I loved this drama because of its originality...that is until episode 16. It was one of the worst k-drama endings I have seen. The only thing they had to do is to have her run up the steps and they embrace and I would have been satisfied, not ecstatic, but satisfied. This ending was awful. The ending did not just leave me hanging but frustrated and confused. What I could not understand is why JW would possibly be deleted? If he was no longer human, but had become a part of the game, when did he die? Who killed him? That part of the story left me confused. All of the other images, when the bug was removed, they were deleted and ended up in a pile of powder, but there was not trace of JW after Emma stuck the key in him. Before he gave the key to Emma the last time, he said that he was afraid, he did not want to die. The first time, when Yoo Jin-woo gave the key to Emma, I was surprised that she stuck it into his heart; however, I thought that was he was in game mode, and she was trying to eliminate the bugs in the game, not that he was dead. ( I am going by the statement made when he gave Emma the key the second time). Can someone explain it to me? I also would have like to know how and why the game killed. How was that possible? Another K-drama ruined by a rushed ending with unanswered questions.
  10. I have not seen episode 14; however, I do not think Jin-Soo's mom is evil...misguided, yes...evil, no. She is from an older generation that thinks everyone should stay in their place. Although she worries for her son, she did not have the right to go to Soo-Hyun and tell her to break up with him, because he might get hurt. As I stated about WS's mother, parents should stay out of their grown children's decisions. Talk to them as Jin Soo's father did, counsel them if necessary; however, the final decision has to be the "grown" child's. If they get hurt in the process, be there for them, offer a shoulder to lean on. People learn when they make their own mistakes, follow their own hearts and make their decisions, good or bad. The parent's job is to be there for their children if they fall. Jin-Soo's mom for all her good intentions, let her fears and insecurities get in the way of Jin-Soo's happiness. Actually, she is the one that hurt him. The people on the outside mean nothing to him; however, he loves his mother and yet she could not see pass those jealous people in her small circle to embrace her son's decision.
  11. @anony12345 Wow, I get the sense that you really do not like Hae-Ra. I hope In Joon understands her motivation, based on the fact his mother was taken away from him at an early age and all he wanted was revenge. Assuming Tae Ho tells In Joon about the plot, he will also have to tell In Joon about Soo Hyun; their love affair and child together. Therefore, as hurt as In-Joon might be that Hae-Ra was out for revenge, he still made the right decision in not marrying Soo Hyun. In-Joon had two motivations for giving up everything, and the main motivation was to get out of the marriage with Soo Hyun whom he did not love, but was going to make it work because he did not believe in love. I believe that Soo Hyun was pressured to walk away from her love and child; therefore, she was hoping that In-Joon would come to love her, she would have fame, fortune and power, and her sacrifice would be worth it. I commend In-Joon for going with his heart, even if Hae Ra does not love him, she will make a great partner and they will build an empire of their own in honor of his mother and her father. @Lmangla I think as you do, Hae Ra really cares for In Joon but is conflicted. If she did not, she would not have worked so hard to make all of those shoes as a surprise for him. I don't think she would have gone to bed with him so readily if it was just about revenge. She could have said "put a ring on it" first. I believe she was sincere when she told him that she liked him, it was after her confession to In-Joon that she saw of the the "so called" damming evidence. Even then, she did try to find out more; however, the on thing she has not done is to ask In-Joon. Please communicate. My Perdition In-Joon and Hae-Ra will get married, that is how Hae-Ra and her sister-in-law gets close and take them all down. In Joon will probably end up with the Gold Empire anyway once the step-mother and uncle has been put in jail for attempted murder and the son disgraced. Who knows the step-mother might be convicted for the murder of In-Joon's mother also. I also hope that the writer put Tae Ho and Soo Hyun together again with their daughter. He still loves her and will give her what she needs love.
  12. @Lmangla I still have not watched the last two episodes because they were not subtitled as of last night. I love your insight. I was hoping he put away his need for revenge, and I was happy when he told his mother that it was time to let the revenge go. He found the love of his life and he wanted to be happy. Seeing how his mother suffered and being thrown out at 10, In-Joon wants someone he can love and loves him. My only wish is that Hae-Ra had listened and let go of her revenge. Will it bring her sister back? I think a large part of what she is feeling is guilt because she was not around when her sister was hurt. However, she is not only going to hurt In-Joon whom she does have feelings for, but she is going to hate herself that she suspected that he could do such a thing. She has been around him long enough to know that he is not an evil person. She should have been able to tell, how gentle and caring he is when he came to her rescue. He even teared up when he saw that she got hurt. His reaction to her is so unlike someone who would sedate a person and try to murder them. I am disappointed with that part of the story-line. Hae-Ra went from excited, liking In-Joon and apologizing to her sister straight to revenge without any forethought. She did leave a crack in the door, but it is so small that you cannot see the light. I noticed Hae-Ra did not follow Tae-Ho's plan. He only wanted her to break-up the engagement, Hae-Ra's plan is to marry In-Joon. She might get her revenge, but will it be too late to save the love, In-Joon has for her or the feelings she have for him? I like the scenario of Hae-Ra becoming pregnant before marriage. That works for me. It is my hope also that In-Joon will make Gold Shoes a success and become a rich man in his own right.
  13. Thank you. That means a lot coming from our chief analyzer. @htk9207 .... I'm sure a lot of women are interested in him. But he knows his mom. No one would be good enough. And friends? I'm sure he has plenty of acquaintance but no real friends. So I could imagine that for someone who's used to women fawning over him, he couldn't believe or accept that SH was not susceptible to his charms. And now seeing her with someone, who for him, is just an ordinary guy. His pride and ego couldn't accept this reality. He is in serious denial. Worse, I don't think he was ever in love with her in the first place. He is his mother's son after all. Unfortunately, I don't find him boring. I find him creepy with his persistence in insisting that he's trying to protect her and the hotel. He's giving me scary vibes where it not this drama labeled as melodrama and not psycho thriller, I swear I could imagine him pointing a gun at her and still swearing he wants to protect her. He needs help seriously. I apologize for cutting your post short. I agree with you except for one point. I think he does love her in the only way he knows how. However, he made the choice to set her free, he should stand by his decision and let her be free. His problem is that he cannot accept that she, as a successful woman, would fall in love with someone he is considers common and beneath them socially. Therefore, she must have "lost her mind" and needs him to guide her back to the right path. JWS is arrogant and lonely man. What he should do is find a "commoner" that knows how to live to make him smile and teach him to love. Whereas CSH needed love and attention to give her courage, JWS needs to find love so that he can have a discover his heart. I have one thing to say that has been gnawing at me, I know that this drama is speaking to the issue and I am happy. It galls me to no end that a man can have a much younger woman; however, if a woman falls for a much younger man, then something must be wrong with her and somehow he has bewitched her. Part of JWS and many members of the Board's problem is that not only is the person she loves not on her "level" socially; but he is younger. I bet is she showed attention to some of those old men, they would be falling all over themselves to be apart of her life, if you get my drift.
  14. I have not seen the last 4 episodes of this drama; therefore, I cannot comment on the latest happenings. It is my hope that Hae-Ra talks to In-Joon. She told him about her sister and he did not have any response such as, oh that was your sister or I remember taking someone to the hospital...nothing. His response or lack thereof should have triggered something in Hae-Ra to look into the situation deeper because she had doubts about it In-Joon's involvement with her sister. He would have definitely remember sending his girlfriend's sister to Italy to study. He would have also remember the name on the her father's cobbler's shop. All I have to say is writer, please have them talk about the situation so that he has the opportunity to deny his involvement and show her his signature. The drama would be even better if Hae-Ra and In-Joon joined forces to find out what happened to her sister. Doesn't In Joon deserve the right to get revenge also. Wasn't he framed for something he did not do. Let them talk it out and work together....please writer. Let us skip all the craziness in between (the I am heartbroken, don't talk to me, I don't want to see you ever again nonsense). This drama is to good for that time waster and drag on the story. Give your viewer a break also. Let the fury begin.
  15. I have so many thoughts about episode 12 and I have not watched it fully subbed...with this drama, everything is nuanced; therefore, the subs are important. If I ramble, please bare with me and forgive me. The main question I have is what would make some of the shareholders think that the hotel was in trouble...don't they read their financial reports? So what if CSH have a love interest, I am sure many of the board members have mistresses. If my investment is doing better under new management, why go with someone who has no experience? Does JWS think the former hotel leadership will help him when they were a part of the decline of the hotel? What I don't like is: 1. JWS looks at CSH as property and not a respected human being; 2. JWS has no confidence in CSH abilities to make informed decisions although she took a failing hotel and made it five star again...how arrogant. Why is it now that JWS decided to step up to the plate? When he had her, he did not protect her from his mother. I will use this analogy. Many times a kid will get tired of a toy and put it way in the toy box and forget about it until another kid decides he/she likes the toy and want to play with it. The kid who owns the toy, had no interest in the toy; however, once another child likes the toy and wants to play with it, then all of a sudden, it's mine...I want to play with it, you cannot have it. It is the same with JWS, he was not interest in getting back with CSH until JH showed interest in her and she in him. Now, "stay away from my woman." Really, you have your chance and squandered it. If JWS really loves CSH, he would let her go and wish her happiness. I would not say that JWS is evil yet, but I will say that he is petty, childish, and arrogant.
  16. Good point. Yes they knocked boots in Cuba. I believe the "Boom-boom" did happen in Cuba. Sometimes, we just have to use our imagination. There is no way that those kisses were that steamy on the hotel balcony and nothing happened. I think that is why JH was comfortable in suggesting he spend the night. While JH was laying next to SCH in bed, and she told him to go, JH said something to the effect ... and I am being so good. Which I took to mean, there was a time in the past "Cuba" that he was very bad. I think SCH is more constrained because they are back in Korea. SCH is aware that someone could be watching her house; therefore, she was reluctant to have him stay because she did not to risk a picture of him coming out her house on social media. I am wondering about her thoughts the next morning that he was more of a stimulant...just saying. I have to watch episode 12 again with the full subtitles, before I make too many comments.
  17. What the emperor needs is a psychologist and a psychiatrist. He is mentally bruised from the physical abuse from his father and the mental abuse from his overbearing, power hungry, crazy mother. It is sad to say, but he is badly damaged. He did love his first wife, but he was overly jealous of her (a mental condition). When he was distraught after arguing with his wife and pushing her, (she fell in the water, however, it did not seem to be too deep), He was distraught and what did his mother do? She told him, something to the effect of it is alright the baby isn't yours anyway...WHAT! She did not show any sympathy, no comfort, nothing. How can he be sane? When he accidentally run over WB's mother because she walked out in from of the vehicle, what did YR do, cover up for him. What he did not know, she was covering for herself because WB's mother would not have walked out into the road like that if she had not been hit in the head by YR. Sunny is the only one that will not tolerate his bad behavior. While Sunny can't cure the emperor he needs professional help, she can steer him in the right direction. What a dysfunctional family; I think the royal family need group therapy, because they are all coo-coo for coco puffs. It is a good thing that it is a constitutional monarchy. The country would be in disarray
  18. I have to agree with part of your statement, Soo-Hyun is pitiful. She hides her vulnerability under a tough exterior. (I am sure breaking up with Tae-Oh and giving up her baby tore her apart.) She has learned from her mother, to be hard, and uncaring. I do not think she loves In-Joon; however, she thinks marrying him will free her from her mother's strings. Soo-Hyun told In-Joon, you can keep Hae-Ra in your heart, but I will have your name, children and inheritance. When she included inheritance, I knew Soo-Hyun was marrying In-Joon for security. However, what she doesn't realize is that living with someone who doesn't love you, who will start to resent you because they feel trapped is a living hell. After a while, the inheritance is not important at all. The scene between SooHyun and Jenny was so touching. Even if she cannot claim her daughter, she does not want anyone to harm her. I hope in the end Soo-Hyun thanks In-Joon for not marrying her, rely on that inter strength she has to save her daughter's life. I also feel sorry for Tae-oh. I do not like his methods, but I think he would do anything to save his daughter's life. I also know that he still loves Soo-Hyun. He may not admit it; but he is not over Soo-Hyun. He reminded her about their engagement, and he did not bad mouth her to Jenny, but praised her, nor could he tell the reporter her secret. There were other ways of getting to Soo-Hyun; however, Tae-Oh doesn't want this marriage to take place because if it doesn't he still might have a future with her. Who I can never feel sorry for is the grandmother, how can you plot to harm your own grandchild? Both mothers in this drama are the pits because how do you help your son harm another human and possibly commit murder? I wonder if she has something to do with In-Joon's mother's death? It would not be beneath her. I am impatiently waiting for the next episodes, as I want to find out what Hae-Ra learns about her sister's condition.
  19. Ah, now I know the source of your argument. If you go back and look at the first or second episode, you will see that Hae-Ra had interactions with In-Joon before Tae Oh approached her. The chemistry and attraction between the two was already there. Therefore, she did not play him from the beginning. Even when she enter into the agreement with Tae-Oh, she told In-Joon that whatever she does, please do not fall for her. Remember her sister's well-being was being threatened. I think if you look it from that point of view you might see it differently. In-Joon thought about all of that, and decided that he liked her enough to take a chance. What is there to question, people move on to new relationships all the time. In-Joon is smart enough to know that her relationship with Tae-Oh is not serious or a threat to his feelings for Hae-Ra. He wants to be with her, even if she does not feel the same way about him. He was going to marry Soo-Hyun, not for love, but for business purposes; therefore, he can say to Hae-Ra, I like you even if you do not like me, wait for me, trust me. From the start, Soo-Hyun knew that there was an attraction between the two. Why do you think she went after Hae-Ra the way she did. She knew that this is the girl that can steal his heart. Again, this happened after the helicopter ride, but before, Hae-Ra's agreement with Tae-Oh. Why do you think Tae-Oh approached her? It is because he knew there was an attraction between the two. Question to all: Have you ever been attracted to someone and know that the feeling is mutual; however, because of circumstances you cannot act on it? In-Joon knows that Hae-Ra feels something for him and he is willing to pursuit it and see if eventually he can make her return his feelings, which she does (she told her sister about feeling excited...she has fallen also). The kiss was so sweet. Because she genuinely likes In-joon, it makes me sad that Hae-Ra will play him in the coming episodes, erroneously thinking he had something to so with her sister's condition. Hae-Ra is street smart and she should follow her instincts that In-Joon could have never been involved in her sister's possible murder attempt. A man who could cry because of her being hurt, a man who loves his mother, would not have been involved in hurting Hae-Ra's sister. I just hope this story line does not go on past two episodes. @anony12345 Is your argument based solely on the fact that you think Hae-Ra played In-Joon? What about Soo-Hyun? She has a child, isn't she "playing" In-Joon also? About the clean slate... at their age, who has a clean slate? Their past relationships should not be a apart of the equation.
  20. Perhaps In-Joon is growing up. Revenge is never sweet and the pursuit will ultimately destroy you, because once achieved one is never happy. Let's say he marry Soo-Hyun, whom we know he does not have feelings for, just to get revenge, will he be happy with her, will she be happy with just his name and fortune? He now knows that Soo-Hyun will hang on to him forever, and he will never be happy. In-Joon likes Hae-Ra, she makes him smile, he can talk to her, she understands his passion for shoes. In-Joon liked Hae-Ra before Tae-Oh approached her to take him away from Soo-Hyun. I believe Hae-Ra was attracted to him also. They connected at the function/party and the helicopter ride. As he said he has liked her from the moment he saw her. Once she said, "don't get married", then possibility of them being together could become a potential reality. As it was said earlier, once Hae-Ra was hurt and as he told her, the threat was real, he decided that he did not want to lose Hae-Ra. We all know that this marriage will not be good for him or Soo-Hyun. Before Hae-Ra entered the picture, he did not have anyone he liked, most of the women wanted him for his money; therefore, marrying Soo-Hyun was a great business deal. Let us not forget why he suddenly proposed to Soo-Hyun, because he felt betrayed by Hae-Ra. Remember it was after that announcement that Tae-Oh came up with the idea of them being a couple. I think In-Joon is moving in the right direction even if it does not work out with Hae-Ra. There is more than one way to get revenge. In-Joon should start his own company, amass he own fortune, selling shoes designed by his mother and Hae Ra. Now that is a form of revenge that allows you to sleep at night and put a smile on your face. Once Hae-Ra finds out that it the brother tried to murder her sister, the fact that In-Joon walked away from the family business will endear him more to her. I think In-Joon might find some allies that he did not count on i.e. his sister-in-law. Sometimes, we all have to rethink that path that we are taking, is it the right way to achieve our goals. I think that is what In-Joon did. Part of his decision is for the love of a woman; however, a large part of his decision allows him the freedom to do things his way. It is my hope that somehow Soo-Hyun and Tae Oh gets back together because I sense that they really loved one another at one time. It would be nice if she walked away from her mother's manipulation and found real happiness and help raise her daughter. @anony12345 Sometimes it is nice to disagree, it opens the door to other possibilities and points of view. You've made some great points
  21. I understand your thoughts about getting affirmation; however, not only is In-Joon not throwing everything away he is not throwing anything away, for him this is a win-win situation. He wants to get out of the marriage with Soo-Hyun and also protect her father at the same time. Soo-Hyun will not take no for an answer; therefore, how can he break the engagement ... disengage himself from the company and the family fortune. There might be some agreement, other than protect President Cha, included with the gift of stocks. In-Joon knows that he can build his own company with Hae-Ra. She has a genuine love for shoes, as his mother did and together they start a company, and with her training and talent, and I am sure others will join him, he can build a company that ravels his father. Since his father loves winners, when his venture becomes successful, his father might give it all to him anyway. In-Joon liked Hae-Ra from the moment she poured that bucket of ice and water on her head, and do not forget that she saved his affair at the club. Even if she does not love him, (however, we can tell she likes him) they have a lot in common and can build upon that. @Lmangla I agree with your assessment. Could not have said it better myself. "hera getting hurt was a turning point for him in many ways as he realized how much he loved her but there were also steps before that.. so he already got what he wanted -- revenge against his father by getting the shares and kicking his brother on to some other business than construction. what happened? he neither got the satisfaction or the happiness he expected. instead, he was miserable and actually voicing it at his mother's memorial confused why he isn't happy. his brother comes drunk to office and asks why he would move him after 20 years in construction and then gives the punch -- he thought that injoon was different but he is a tae, just the like the ruthless dad. and when jung ho falls drunk on the floor with all the employees looking, injoon is not smirking or gloating that his brother is down. instead, he is embarrassed deeply and you can feel his humiliation. he is also so hurt at the accusation that he is turning out to be just like his dad and even though the uncle tries to convince him otherwise, it is something that pricks at him. and he is so miserable that after getting what he wants, he does not sleep for days. it is so bad that he finally has his secretary get some sleeping pills. but he finally is able to sleep after spending time with hera and then just falling asleep on her shoulder. so rather than throwing it away, it feels like injoon has already weighed that his current track is not making him happy in any way. what does he really want to do? make shoes. instead, he is sitting there constantly playing chess with his family and even selling himself into a marriage where folks are manipulating him there as well. " Nicely said. I hope episodes 19 and 20 are subed today. I love this drama and I know others that are watching it also. This is a good drama and I hope it gets the attention it deserves. Sometimes, it take a while for dramas to caught on with the international audience; however, I think that it will eventually become a much watched drama.
  22. I never heard this saying before but I love it. Thank you so much. This sentiment explains this drama. KJH is younger; however, in actions, he is more mature the JWS. KJH treats CSH as an equal, he is considerate, loving, and protective. What else can you ask for from a man, regardless of age. I feel sorry for JWS, not because CSH does not want him, but because he was broken down by his mother and he does not know how to be a man. Attention overprotective mothers: You do a grave disservice to your sons and daughters. Adults need to be able to think for themselves, make their own decisions and mistakes. If JWS could learn how to stand up to his mother, then losing CSH would be worth it. I have not read all the many post yet; but I have to respond to this saying...profound in its simplicity.
  23. I seem to not have any recollection about this scene. At which part is this and which episode? Thank you for all the insight, btw bebebisous. This thread is so lucky because we have historians and artists. As I read everyone's posts, I thought what a great group of posters watching this drama. I have not posted much because you are saying everything that I would say. I am just enjoying reading the opinions, thoughts, perspectives and analyses. You are all fantastic. I cannot thank the writer enough for giving us a great script, the directors for their vision and the actors for their skill and professionalism. The pace is perfect, the actors timing is perfect and the story is so sweet and moving. It brings back so many memories of falling in love. Sometimes their actions may seem a little over the top; however, those actions help to convey how the characters are feeling. All of us who have been in love may not realize it but we smile more, we are happier, (sometimes annoying so), and whatever the problem, we feel we can solve it. This story proves that love can work with an older woman and a younger man. It shows us that it is not about age, but about maturity, attraction, and commonality. One might assume that because they are from different backgrounds they have nothing in common; however, they both love art and poetry. Although CSH is older, KJH is smart, well read, responsible, kind, and a diligent, thoughtful worker. The most important aspect is that he allows CSH to be herself. He is not pushy and does not impose his ideas on her. With KJH, CSH can be human; she can play in the sand, go to the movies and eat at Subway. Things she could not do growing up, as a chaebol's wife, or a CEO, she can do with KJH. For the first time, she is enjoying life, living and loving. This is her first real love also. Keep the great post coming. I might not respond often, but I will come out to read your posts. I can't wait for the next two episodes, until then, I will watch episode 10 again. I will recommend this drama to all my k-drama friends that are not already watching.
  24. I agree, I think she cared for him even before the wager. They have a lot in common and can relate to each other on a different level. In the beginning I think that HeRa was not interested in breaking up his engagement; however, with her sister's medical care on the line, and TIJ's fiancee goading, bullying, and slapping her from day one, she now has an incentive. If it were me, a small part would want to get even with CHS and see that " I am better than you" expression wiped off her face. HeRa is aware of the attraction between TIJ and her and making him jealous seems to be paying off. (I guess we will know for sure after the next two episodes.) HeRa looked amazing when she walked in during the engagement party and TIJ could not take his eyes off of her. I believe HeRa will try to get to the bottom of why TIJ paid for her sister's care before she accuses him. I too think her sister was having an affair with his brother and TIJ paid the bill to cover for his brother because he was married.
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