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  1. I am enjoying this drama mainly because of our milk couple The dialogues, gifts and interactions are swoon worthy. Hopefully it will stay that way till the end. After the confession from the truth or consequence scene, I hope we move forward to becoming a real couple. Last but not least, I hope we get lots of kisses because it's YEH after all, just not sure about CJM. Anyone seen him kiss in a drama before? hehehe Hello to everyone!!!
  2. Oh the feels of this scene! Look at those intertwined hands!!! Cannot wait! Thank you for bringing it here!
  3. I LOOOOOOOVED episode 15! It was just right. Even if we didn't get a 'proper' bed scene! At least they put it there that they did go in the bed I am glad SG said that she regretted leaving DJ but there really was no other way but to fix the condition of DJ. I didn't even think of the 5% 10 years ago, LOL! Of course it would have gone up and there is our 20%! Thank you! Otherwise we wouldn't have our happy ending. I am not even worried for our couple of the century in having kids because there's IVF, surrogate. etc. Sorry, I just wanted them to really have kids I will just imagine it myself Let's not worry about what other people think, what's important is how we feel and how we see our couple I can't believe it's the last episode tonight. I am so happy that I did check out this series, I love it 101% ! Let's enjoy the last episode as it looks like we will have a wedding!!!
  4. I have only seen IG posts about episode 13 and so I can only comment on what I saw and read here. Why is it that the pain was still as hard when we know this was coming? I feel for DJ and SG but yes, I felt that after everything they've both gone through, it's DJ that I sympathized more He already said that he would have saved anyone on that day and he does not want to lose SG but he did. After overcoming his condition and finding love, I felt his breakdown. DJ was saying in his mind, 'don't walk away, I'm falling down." And he did SG just needs time to overcome the guilt and suffering that she knows DJ and his Mom suffered because of the accident. Time heals all wounds but I hope one day she will realize that DJ is her life. I don't want DJ to go through with that operation. I like this century couple as they are. Ok, I will watch later and cry a lot!!! Please, please, let us have a happy ending!!!
  5. thank you @sava2sava Yes, I wonder when will the fake become real? Maybe after the kiss in the hospital? Let's hope so. The way WH looks at YJ is definitely different from that teaser. Also, that lady is coming very strong indeed! She's doing everything to get WH. Let's see where it leads
  6. Hello! Hello! I hope I am welcome here I have enjoyed the 4 episodes of Fluttering Alert and I really do like our couple here I have been a fan of YEH since Goong so it is a welcome change for me to finally see her in a good drama come back. I like what I see I am not a fan of CJM but his growing on me. There's a few scenes that I love: 1- WH watching over YJ while she rests after her advertisement accident 2 - WH announcing that he is her bf, 3- walking while trying to look like they are lovebirds (thought this was so natural and funny too) 4- when WH answered YJ's ex phone call 5- when WH cleared the dishes after their dinner, YJ wanted to help but he did it. Looking forward to more of our 'fake' couple until that coming kiss!!!
  7. annyeong chinggus!!! so glad it is monday already!!! just glad to see that SG is back and that she is with DJ even if it looks like she will finally learn the truth about how DJ got his condition. she will blame herself initially but like they say love conquers all! let's hope for the best! i am happy to see too that EH and KS will be dating now? looking forward to it! let's enjoy the last 4 episodes! i really hope we get a proper bed scene!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!
  8. For me it really is jealousy. I mean even if she's the main star of the finished movie, people's attention is still with SG She's very insecure indeed! I really hope she won't be able to find any evidence of SG's changing form but as it is SG's is missing
  9. Yes! I agree! Sara really showed her maturity and kindness in this episode. I hope she gets her happily ever after with EH
  10. Hello hello! Looking forward to this weeks episodes! For sure SG is still sad but I am sure DJ will help her recover just by being there as the preview has shown. I hope we get to see lots of them and also KS and EunHo, though it is true about the contrasting of relationships. I have to give it to KS because she wanted to be honest but her honesty brought EunHo to the cemenary Let's see how the story goes. I agree that YooRi is the evil one in here. I can't even begin to imagine what will happen to SG once she finds out her condition. Anyway, fighting!!! same to you!!!
  11. It was so sad about SG's Mom more so for SG because she was not her usual self You can really feel her pain and how hard it was for her No wonder that her thoughts were exactly what she said to DJ when they were seating outside. I love that we get the happy and sad all in the one episode. I like the balance of it. Thank you to the PD because the sweetness and love of of our couple really shines through!!! I really can't tell what the ending will be for this show but I am praying for a happy ending with kids. But how will it happen? I am not sure. People like DJ and SG who are very kind and selfless deserve to be happy and to have that family. One thing is for sure though, this COUPLE OF THE CENTURY have a place in my heart!!! Kudos to LMK and SHJ!!! I am trying very hard not to ship. I don't want to be dissappointed again Have a great weekend everyone!!!
  12. I had to stop myself from liking every post in IG about this SUPER HOT KISSING SCENE!!! Thank you soooooooooooooooo much to the PD because this made me sooooooooooooooooooooo happy and giddy!!!
  13. Thank you for the welcome I really can't believe I'm back in a forum again after a long while but it is soooooooooo worth it with our Couple Of The Century!!!
  14. hello all! I hope I am welcome here. After a long hiatus from Soompi, I'm here now because I simply Love SG and DJ! I have not followed any of their separate series before but Beauty Inside got me hooked, line and sinker! I couldn't imagine any other actor/actress playing their characters. They are PERFECT TOGETHER!
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