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  1. I am enjoying this drama mainly because of our milk couple The dialogues, gifts and interactions are swoon worthy. Hopefully it will stay that way till the end. After the confession from the truth or consequence scene, I hope we move forward to becoming a real couple. Last but not least, I hope we get lots of kisses because it's YEH after all, just not sure about CJM. Anyone seen him kiss in a drama before? hehehe Hello to everyone!!!
  2. Oh the feels of this scene! Look at those intertwined hands!!! Cannot wait! Thank you for bringing it here!
  3. I LOOOOOOOVED episode 15! It was just right. Even if we didn't get a 'proper' bed scene! At least they put it there that they did go in the bed I am glad SG said that she regretted leaving DJ but there really was no other way but to fix the condition of DJ. I didn't even think of the 5% 10 years ago, LOL! Of course it would have gone up and there is our 20%! Thank you! Otherwise we wouldn't have our happy ending. I am not even worried for our couple of the century in having kids because there's IVF, surrogate. etc. Sorry, I just wanted them to really have kids I will just imagine it myself Let's not worry about what other people think, what's important is how we feel and how we see our couple I can't believe it's the last episode tonight. I am so happy that I did check out this series, I love it 101% ! Let's enjoy the last episode as it looks like we will have a wedding!!!
  4. I have only seen IG posts about episode 13 and so I can only comment on what I saw and read here. Why is it that the pain was still as hard when we know this was coming? I feel for DJ and SG but yes, I felt that after everything they've both gone through, it's DJ that I sympathized more He already said that he would have saved anyone on that day and he does not want to lose SG but he did. After overcoming his condition and finding love, I felt his breakdown. DJ was saying in his mind, 'don't walk away, I'm falling down." And he did SG just needs time to overcome the guilt and suffering that she knows DJ and his Mom suffered because of the accident. Time heals all wounds but I hope one day she will realize that DJ is her life. I don't want DJ to go through with that operation. I like this century couple as they are. Ok, I will watch later and cry a lot!!! Please, please, let us have a happy ending!!!
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