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  1. In earlier episodes, ChiKook ranted about how the SK is a coward and all that. He chastised his friend in prison for trying to know how SKs think. CK didn't know his friend was just trying to wrote a book on SKs. BR saw all the exchange between his friends. What if that triggered BR to almost kill him? Also, the lady who got scared and said her BR isn't her oppa and that her real oppa will come for her. What if that's BR's step sister? Because she definitely knew who BR was and got scared. If she's his sister, then who is the 3rd person that was k
  2. LOL my suspicious was right. I am satisfied with this episode.
  3. HH killed the sister of the boxer. The boxer saved HH's wife from that killer and encouraged her to have her baby so he can kill them for revenge. What if BR witnessed the murder and decided to revenge as well? Also, anyone notice how BR was calm in this episode? He didn't fret when planning his next victim and he knew just the right thing to do to get the cases going. I feel Daniel is trying to watch how the new mouse, BR, will respond under control by Lying to him about YH taking over his brain. And also know when to interfere so the kill
  4. Moochi knows BR is the culprit but his DNA doesn't match the evidence.
  5. Daniel Lee's idea was Great (I can't believe I'm agreeing with him). BR doesn't get to withhold back his murderous instinct which would lead him to kill innocent people or people he loves(if he loves at all). Now he can target bad guys & those who deserve it.
  6. Wow. Please tell me it was the rapist he killed and he's dragging down that road? Whoever hit Moochi must be from HH's experiment (the mark on the side of his palm) or that Lil kid who admired JH when they were Lil & became an accomplice or is working for Daniel Lee.
  7. Preview for Ep 11. I guess he's going full on Dexter mode now. Channeling his urge to kill by killing other SKs.
  8. There were 2 people who witnessed Bareum hitting Mochi. Someone was watching before running away when Bongyi arrived. Who though?
  9. I have already wished the cat a peaceful rest. We know there's a SK who kills cats, if it's BR, Well...I wish the cat a peaceful rest. There's either a body buried in BR's yard or Grandma's brooch.
  10. Nope. Watch Ep 7 again. Yohan never got a brain surgery. His head wasn't in bandages. BR however had his head wrapped. HH always had special privileges right from he beginning. The government would do absolutely anything to make sure citizens praise them, even if it means getting the best neurosurgeon who is a SK, to do it. What if he knows BR isn't his son? Also, we never saw the conversation between HH & YH. So we can't really tell if he knew or not. All we know is HH saying he didn't wanna see MC in Ep 7 cuz he "killed his son" bu
  11. Haha..I hope not. HH is trying to trigger BR's memory back. He can't hide for long. We have to also remember that this is a drama and not everything will be accurate. We all thought Bongyi killed YH, turned out, it's not. The writer is doing a good job getting everyone on edge. P.S: yes, there are new technologies or gadgets that don't leave scars but remember, HH has been in prison for years and won't know how to use them. He knows the only approach he's used to and to jeep practicing, he gotta use Mice.
  12. I still think there was no transplant. BR is the "Nations son". The county were praying for him and hoping for a recovery. Now we know that the current ruling party isn't favorable with the public so they would do anything to help their party, even if it means bringing HH to operate on BR since he's the best neurosurgeon. Watch ep 7 again. YH's head was untouched. He had no brain surgery. Which means, no implant. HH must have tweaked a part of BR's Brain to make his suppressed side active/trigger him. Also, all those memories/flashbacks are
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