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  1. and last year after forest fires someone helped the gangwon tourism. right now everything is with approval since they plan to add SK ATM, this pandemic may halt all overseas activities. Also since she's staying at home?? she and her agency might look a job for her.
  2. hahaha what is happening, someone wants to be involved and post current events as if she's back as member of the society. Is this the effect of the pandemic or part of marketing cleansing? but at least in a meantime she knows current events ah bc the forest fire is in gangwon-do, they can still connect it. hmmm
  3. reading this, she got it all and she's hardworking. It only proves wookie is not into the wealth of a woman https://news.sbs.co.kr/news/endPage.do?news_id=N1005771296
  4. @samzz no problem but we really need to see him, it's been a while haha
  5. after his Vlive I'm sure wookie always on a gym as he said he gain weight for not working, getting ready for tale of gumiho
  6. DH name can harm ATM collection bc not all welcome her with open arms. If a fan posted their sx vacation photos, post contains name of both of them, tagged both of them in a few hours it will be deleted bc it might hurt ATM's bc that's where their money goes. The lesser post these days attributes to the changes in agency and the upcoming album or else we will see again too much signed stocks of it undelivered. Haha if it is on storage room only and no sale, it's investors loss haha and we all know who are they. Sometimes its very easy to LA famili to sell their goods than promoting an album
  7. @samzz same photos in all SNS, it seems the photographer not in the mood to take pictures or bc they are doing image cleansing. 10 days after bday celebration bc even pictures nowadays needs a quarantine. Look at the April 10 post haha
  8. yes she's satisfied being a promoter of bff products since it will not hinder any planned sx vacation. Her legacy as an FN artist lol
  9. FN breadwinner has a project again while DH after a year still just giving gifts and freebies in her SNS account, she's for the well deserve BFF marketing purposes only
  10. @samzz I watched goblin bc of LDW and GY, never mind of the actresses.
  11. DH might have a future on this, the videographer just need to improve maybe they earn too in Chinese SNS, everytime they promoting a product https://www.allkpop.com/article/2020/04/korean-celebrities-turn-to-youtube-to-earn-up-to-100-million-krw-81000-usd-per-video-for-promoting-products
  12. haha I think bc the sx partner just signed with his agency. Who knows on the contract signing and negotiation, she was present too . He might not be the CEO today but still in full control of the company. Saw him reposted everything his company posts. So it's just the same as what happened to clans CEO, stepped down but only in papers just like how her agency CEO also follow her partner. Remember no signing if the partner is not yet accepted or they are not close yet haha.
  13. @samzz but it's still better to be an ordinary citizen rather than CEO of a non performing agency or CEO who assaults his employee.
  14. @samzz is he became former bc of the sexual assault? Hahaha plenty of time traveling the universe but can't even background check agency. well deserve place for people like them hahaha tell me your friends are and I tell you who you are, very true indeed. Wookie bff GY both are good people. On the other side, scandal here and there, minor and major hahaha, but I think that really start with the first one the massage hahaha
  15. but the blind item before was misleading bc they talked about Famous CEO but this one even his agency not famous and signed more nugu like him. But honestly upon reading your post, until now I'm still laughing hahaha. bad luck comes in three
  16. OMG why these controversies always follow them hahaha, indeed birds with same feather flocks together. Very timely right? haha
  17. @samzz i think the new friend can be their new fashion stylist and at least influence some fashion sense to the nugus haha
  18. IKR, anything is possible in entertainment world, it can't be deny the fact that his team is incredible, even his hair stylist has so many famous client.
  19. haha torn between LA dealers and the religious friend, may cause split personality haha I don't want wookie's stylist be infected with these kind of people, their behavior can't pass the standards.
  20. haha new sponsor in town but I think he's not belong to the LA dealers lol, let's see
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