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  1. @samzz what is that Vlive CN version? lol.. The number on top, is that the number of viewers? The venue inside the car? Poor DH hahahaha I think she's so busy that's why her live broadcast was on car lol let the guy handle the JP atm,CN for her. they know best bc they are truly business minded.
  2. @samzz I lovethe tale of the nine tailed trailer. October come faster hahaha
  3. welcome back @bogs_0712, yes nothing changes, wookie non stop working even on times like this and DH still jobless lol.
  4. @samzz and she uses the dog to convey their whereabouts, destination and vacation. No wonder even the dog is not happy hahaha Only show how desperate are they but still no balls for public display
  5. haha her latest xioahongshu update with PSY, and again with the use of wookie and LJG pic, in fairness she used latest pic not from 2015 lol. Opps using wookie is her only favorite option in times like this.
  6. @samzz not anymore, when she was paired with wookie her popularity in China soared, post HK she had so many activities in China until major setback happened. her activities in CN lately is for her boss only
  7. @samzz i don't know what influence that group had or that particular man have but I saw DH following the footsteps of PHB. haha it is carefully planned and executed, the mastermind and the boss joint force bc videos using wookie is not effective anymore, Time like this, very lucky those who still have their jobs and stable source of income.
  8. @samzz hmmm the other side already making their move, lets see if wookie will wear their clothing brand hahaha
  9. glad to see wookie together with his co agency actors. His management knows how to take care of their artists, and they really give them projects.
  10. @samzz hahaha after own aganecy dissolution, now even her has no agency too. No wonder sometimes they tried to messed up their own SNS account with the help of the boss. If they are not good influence it's better to kick them out but something I said on DM last year started to materialise hahaha, they meet on the ground
  11. hahaha our english is not perfect but at least we're trying and yes it is not our native language so mistakes is very common. But I think those mistakes are not an issue bc not all fluent in english got an advantage,some of them still jobless.
  12. wookie speaks english on tiktok, not perfect but not bad. His nephew speaks english too and he's good.
  13. that happens with poor management, only concentrated in areas where they feel they have strong followers, so in time of crisis they have nowhere to go. Good for them hahaha
  14. @samzz shippers thread is the very active thread here, so it's hard to delete it, and I'm glad they restore all even the old shippers thread. yeah saw wookie first post with 1.1M views in just few days, and I know the younger ones had the tiktok, glad that these young tktokers were interested in LDW. I wish he post more in the coming days since his introduction got millions views
  15. finally forum is back hahaha and wookie in tiktok, awesome
  16. @samzz hahaha their flatforms getting smaller, no wonder CEO's helping them left and right
  17. @samzz what's important is she made an apology and she's sincere, people understand those who humble themselves. and people are harsh to those who mock them
  18. happy birthday Gong Yoo, I'm really glad he is LDW bestfriend, he's a good influence for him. More projects to both of you, and please you and wookie get a girlfriend and get married. Both genes are rare.
  19. @samzz hahaha I really thought it's the same, since she's in a news and a bit controversial so asking help from LA famili. As far as I know, they are related most to the problematic one.
  20. @samzz lol in fairness she's good to be an entertainer. I imagine things like what happened to some famous scandals. that happens when you are hopeless bc no one hire you or give you any project.
  21. @samzz any kind of hairstyles fits on LDW, but I'm really happy the second time he visited Manila he also had that long hair, same as when he visited in 2006. And wookie is very professional in accepting project, he is well prepared physically and mentally.
  22. @samzz you should admire their creativity and discover their hidden agenda that even the dogs can't resist, and make an invitation to follow their activities. Poor dogs most of the times they are being abused, dogs should be treated well. Don't use them just for fun and to inform the fans, love them even without spotlight.
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