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  1. @samzz they read your sentiment, the forgotten IG is updated hahaha
  2. @samzz some don't want to be married too, free cookie is enough to them, not a long life commitment. Maybe bc a tendency of divorce is being forsee.
  3. @samzz bc she's not wearing mask while roaming, Knets critical on IG post but not C flatform besides they need to protect the comeback that until now Knets really don't care
  4. hahaha probaly the other one wants to be a member, I saw the frequency of comments done a few weeks, I remember I posted it here, and stop when we caught the attention. maybe the agency didn't employ they service they had other media company to do the PR. or they don't want to waste money at all since it is hard to collect on ATM's.
  5. haha must be for tiktok aficionado too but in fairness, she's better than the robotic dance with same steps eversince. But with the steps, dance moves and choreography of idols today, she needs to catch up and more practice. Something with worth during quarantine.
  6. ops someone wants to change her career, maybe an idol or back up dancer hahahaha PMY really dance well but she's doing well on drama too. Career balance
  7. haha at least they have their past time during these boredom season wherein they cannot fly even on their favorite ATM's country. wookie is not into a fan service man, I think most actors on 30's too. Only those in nuguland entertained fan service, like and comment in every post he's in, using other actors for their marketing but still nugu till the end.
  8. but I want to see bff kimmy to hand in hand with daddy. Hmmmm I smell something really fishy but I think this thread made them pissed off everytime they read the message
  9. @samzz as simple as this, bc we always talked about the gelato group in LA here so as cover up, follow also the bible group hahahaha and yes to send the message about the flowerpower, also that they live on their apartment during LA stay.
  10. @samzz if only they proceed to coffee parlor that time hahaha, there are 24hrs coffee parlor everywhere. opps that parlor anniversary is approaching, haha they are very good on remembering numbers so please be aware that it happened sometime in June.
  11. @samzz actually when wookie was dating Suzy he never gave us a single clue even Suzy, but that third party, we suddenly realized they inform us. They are very good in awareness program until now but It never been an advantage to them. Too bad they are not aware there is media near that happy ending parlor hahaha.
  12. @samzz haha they have no awareness program unlike us the other party very active in informing us. And I'm not convince with the evidence, too bad they are not into SNS and they are very private in personal life. It's not that they are excited once get caught.
  13. and we all know that a lot of clans involved in gelato since 6 yrs ago and we discovered gelato group in LA associated with them. And they were friends, they started to unfollow those who are are in famous scandal, but the friendship still there.
  14. of course, wookie fall in love to the rich girl but he never love and chase a girl for her money. He works hard for his own and put too much dedication on his work.)
  15. the businesswoman family member who sometimes appears on tv not helping in promoting, bc she knows one's she's associated, her business might be affected. haha whoever we mentioned here, they appear afterwards.
  16. @samzz bc they have clans before, they thought they are enough, they can still get projects through them, but last year clans cnnection was destroyed so they shift to other alternatives. just like overseas ATM not available bc of pandemic so shift to local ATM
  17. @samzz DH entire life depends on others, easily deceive by others that's why on mid thirties she's living with no direction, no goals just a happy go lucky teenage girl. The crucial part of her life if when her mother were not able to protect her anymore, no parent who will lead to compass her life and with the kind of people around her, her savings, property or business might go down to drain.
  18. @samzz for me kinda of insensitive post, while the frontliners sacrifice a lot, sacrifice their lives, there are people who are really sad bc they can't travel overseas.
  19. @samzz someone who can't spend holiday overseas have plenty of time reading our thread. I'm sure it is so boring since she can't do her monthly routine,. Very easy to check on them if they still reading our posts. to ease their boredom, they can stay on youtube all day, then play all the video they promoted to increase views. Not even reach 3000 views hahaha.
  20. at least this girl has a sister who opposed her, seems they don't like him bc of his gelato scandal. Eventhough he is wealthy maybe the girl parents instill good morals, characters over money.
  21. it's ok to have 1 or 2, the more the merrier, some are stick to one but go to taste all the side dishes offered. hahaha you know what I mean, it's just like they also in a chatroom
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