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  1. Really....we are waiting for the last week, but I don't want to say goodbye.

    This is my first post here (because I can't make time for this) but I have been lurking here during our journey with W. I love ChulJoo, Honey couple very much.

    Seeing their smiles makes my days. Seeing their crying makes me hurting with them.

    Ottotke! Now seeing their last pic of filming, I get teary. This reminds me the final episode that I'm waiting but not really...waiting.

    As all of you, I want a happy ending, a LONG and TRUE happy ending for our ChulJoo. I believe we will have a happy ending, right, with them walking hand in hand along the Han river side. 

    I miss them already.


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  2. 2 hours ago, willenette said:


    Hi yumiko, I wonder if JCW is going to enlist this year. I have a feeling he is. I wonder if he has already received a Letter of Notice from the military when to serve. Sigh..... Spending two years in the barracks is taxing for anyone not looking to pursue a career in the military. I'm also curious in what military branch he's interested to go because  the length of service varies depending on the military branch. :P


    I don't know his schedule, too. I'm really not familiar with all of this. But I think if it's not this year (he will perform Musical The Day since August and then maybe he'll join a K-drama in the winter), so he will enlist in the early next year.

    That's the reason he has been working non-stop this year.


  3. I've just realized (from fans' IG posts) that Wookie unfollowed all his list. I wonder something happened to him.

    Or because he doesn't want his friends being followed and being bothered just because of him. Suddenly, I feel sad for him. I see his smiles through fans IG flooding my feed everyday while he works hard everyday, I think that he's more like a child now with his cuteness overload. Somehow I forget that he's a very thoughtful and matured guy. He doesn't want to waste any time to work and tries what he can do/play at this age before his enlistment. That's our Wookie.

    Back to Korea soon, Wookie ya. 


  4. @cherkell Thanks a lot for your fan account! I'm happy for you when you could see him again in his concert.

    Uri Wookie's sooo sweet with his friends and staffs on the Mother's Day. I respect him more and more!

    Be back to Korea soon, Wookie ya...! Just staying in the hotel for months is not good. He must be missing his mom's cooking so much.


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  5. Can we do a group hug....to comfort each other?

    It was DOTS day..........I miss DOTS, Alpha Team, Heasung Medical Team, especially our Big Boss and Dr Kang ...Miss them so much :bawling:

    Because of DOTS, there is a place called Uruk and there is a beautiful couple, Caption Yoo & Dr Kang, remaining in our memory.

    Thanks unnie  @vuhoa1983, I understand SiJin but don't know how to express. Like like like your posts.

    Thanks to everyone for always being here with DOTS! :heart:

    Waiting for the news about DVD. I don't want Season 2 if SJK and SHK won't join in. 


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  6. I feel so empty these days because Dots has ended. I rewatch the drama everyday. And tonight, watch the Song Song moments again in the full episode, I feel like watching a movie of this couple. I still have the same special feelings. My heart still beats fast as I fall for them. 

    No matter how others said, no one could be Caption Yoo except Song Joong Ki. And there's only Song Hye Kyo as Kang Mo Yeon. Only SongSong is Big Boss and Beauty.

    I'm waiting for the 2nd special ep tomorrow night with more sweet scenes. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, Bambiina said:

    i have never been so invested in a character before ... (like I have been with YSJ) ... to me YSJ sort of a real life character and he live among us .. Right now he is in Korea .. working and as I am speaking right now he is recovering .. and he is going on a camping trip with MY ...

    Both of them are real to me .. so do the rest of the cast in DOTS...

    I can't bear the tot of anyone dying especially YSJ ...  :tears:

    and the fact that there will be no more DOTS .. :tears:


    Please please I pray - Don't ruin this beautiful feeling ... 



    Dear unnie! sorry for cutting and quoting your post. This is my inner voice, too. Thanks to you! Salute!

    To me, They're are real. 

    Yoo Si Jin, Kang Mo Yeon, they’re in Korea now.

    Caption, pls be back safely after all missions. Coming home with your Beauty. Be happy together!

    Why I feel like crying now when Wed's coming?  :tears:

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  8. @oetoria15, @nadya92 Thank you!

    Yay.....finally the sweetest OST's coming out! 

    While the K-Will's song reminds me of Big Boss's love for Moyeon, the Junsu's song reminds me of Moyeon's big confession and the couple's lovey-dovey scenes. 

    Happy ending....(or whatever is the ending)...I'm sure I will cry a lot because I am NOT READY......I don't want to say goodbye to this wonderful DOTS team.

    I won't say goodbye. I will always miss them a lot!

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  9. Could we make a big group hug? while waiting for tomorrow night in KST time.

    Everything will be alright, right?

    We have 3 more eps (well, really don't want to recall this fact) but he will be alive, he will be saved by her and by his love for her. Fighting, Big Boss.

    Download the raw and keep replay their sweet scenes, chingus! Love uri sweetest couple, Caption Yoo & Dr Kang. Love you all!

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  10. A sad OST again. I remember some scenes of this bodyguard mission from one of previous MVs or teasers. YSJ rolled over the white car and landed next to it. Then in next scene, the black car hit the white car. Can’t wait to see if anything happens to our dearest Caption :tears:.

    But once again I have to repost my post that the finally OST is the sweet song by Junsu’s voice. They will wisely use this sweet melody, right? 

    A fresh ending! HE! Fighting! Cheer up, everyone!


    Another note, If today was Wednesday, the ratings tonight would break all records of all time because of Caption Yoo and Dr Kang’s chemistry in real life. I’m blessed to see them.

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  11. Hello chingus! Just want to share a thought.

    Junsu’s song isn’t released this week. It’s a sweet song and it keeps playing in my mind when I think of SJ-MY sweet moments.

    This week, the story becomes intense as they’re facing serious problems and the new OST is for 2nd couple again. So the sweet song will be out in next week or the final week for our Big Boss & Beauty. That means they all will be safe. My delulu mind.

    So many things line up today: Dots Team will have a date. KBS will show special footages. SJK on news program…..daebak.

    Thank you all for your updates!

    @miss sojisub: good announcement, chingu!


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  12. 58 minutes ago, twtwb said:

    "Descendants of the Sun" syndrome spreads all over Asia and beyon

    With this trend, it will be no surprise that the drama will gain success in other parts of the world.



    With my lack of words and expressions… how much I want to say  “THANK YOU” to you for your overal report. :heart::heart::heart:


    I smile, and laugh, and squeee ..over your post and chingu’s updates here although I’m in the working hours and have to read secrectly. :sweatingbullets:


    I’m so happy because there are more and more pp love Dots.


    Today is Wednesday = our happiness!


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  13. 40 minutes ago, MAROSA_JIN said:

    Gummy's 'You are My Everything' snatches #1 in 8 countries!

    By beansss 


    R&B queen Gummy's "You are My Everything", from drama 'Descendants of the Sun' OST Part 4, is sweeping iTunes K-pop charts in 8 different countries!

    On March 12, C-JeS Entertainment relayed that the song had snatched the #1 spot on iTunes K-pop charts in Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, and Taiwan as well as top 10 spots in the U.S and Vietnam. 

    Sorry for cutting the post!

    It means that Dots is a hot topic and is loved in many countries around the world, (not just in Korea or China). Well, I know it by the facts that we are from foreign countries gathering here at Soompi’s DOTS thread, but this news show a recognition response.

    Hope the flower of this Love keeps growing bigger and stronger. Can’t wait for ep 7 and any updates!

    I love everyone's analyzings (espically about kiss scene, chemistry, delulu mind...:P) that I just can't quote all posts and say thank you. :wub:

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  14. 26 minutes ago, stargazer187 said:

    Okay.. I wonder what will happen to MY, I'm sure she won't die but she's in the car that about to fall off the cliff... Am I seeing right or is the preview just trolling us and intntionally give tensions to get our curiousity and anticipation.


    Is that a bomb exploding or an earthquake has just hit Urk. The medical tema will get busy to help the patients and the soldier peacekeeping team will go around to clean the mess. So, since all of those are coming, the shoe-lace tied up scene will also appear soon right? The most memorable scene that SJK pick as his fave scene. Oteokhae... I can't stop speculating this and that... hmmm lots hours to go... it's still 8.15 am here anyway.

    What about you guys... how do you predict this will be? I have free time this morning, but my work starts in the afternoon today. Let's discuss more while passing the times quickly... :D

    I think SJ will come in time to save MY out of the car before the care fall off the lift. I really hope that! 

    Falling off the lift, it’s too dangerous to film that scene.

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  15. 2 hours ago, The_dia said:

    couldn't agree more.. i think i have read somewhere that in some forum there is comment about age difference from our OTP right?? 
    but as K-Drama fans, i can't see how SKH is considered as "Too old" for SJK.
    i can see how beautiful face like HGI and JJ are still look older for KSH. but from the first time i saw the preview i didn't have any other thought than "wow, good pairing" she's probably just look 1 years older, and i still can't get it why some people still bring they age when the story it self says that MY is older. SHK is goddess, and thanks god that age difference problem more and more vanish now since they give us a great performance. it's almost vanish by now right??


    I think because they’re always jealous with SHK and maybe because they already ship SJK with other actresses they love and never change their mind.


    I’m really thankful that SHK accepted this role. Her great acting skills, her beauty, her Goddess look, her mature,….I can’t imagine who is perfect for MY as SHK. Therefore, they can’t come up with any other ideas than the age gap.


    Ok, now I have to admit that I hope/wish/want Song-Song couple is real, too. Even if it never comes true, I’m blessed to be able to see them everyday in my screen, as they’re blessed to be able to work with each other.


    Song-Song, Song-Gu, Gu-Won, Song-Won (doctor couple)……I love them. :heart:


    Can’t wait for tomorrow night! 


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  16. 3 hours ago, leedonghaek said:


    Hope we'll get new OSTs next week. I'm already in love with K-Will's song. Need a full version now. 


    Me, too. I love the K-Will's song since the beginning in ep 1.

    When the song was playing along their trip to the island, I just say "WOW.."

    Watching beautiful scenes, seeing SJ-MY smile brightly, and listening to this song, I feel like I wanna fly and fly high. :wub:

    Gummy's song is so good, too. The song's very emotional with its heart-touching lines.

    Edit: I'm dying with the new stills of kiss scenes. Thanks sisters for sharing!



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  17. On 2/29/2016 at 9:37 AM, pagesleigh said:


    we hope not, but its up to him really...I trust him with his professional decisions, and support him all the way:). But I'm also holding on to what he mentioned during his Singapore fan meet that he would (or could...not sure here) be joining in a Korean production, so fingers crossed. Go go go Wookie!!! 


    Yes! I remember that line too (a Korean production ), or if it's not true, it will be okey.

    I just can't hold myself now. Don't know how to think. Of course it's up to Wookie :tears::tears::tears:.

    Thank you for replying to me.

    Thanks @willenette.







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