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  1. hello everyone, nihao! for the first time i'm in love with my first 'ongoing' historical Chinese drama. Usually I watched CN modern drama and mostly Kdramas hehe so maybe I will hanging around here (hopefully coz i'm busy with my research) ^^ Vin Zhang is SOOO HANDSOME!!!! Aeril Lin is soo PRETTY! I found them so cute together. so here's additional poster revealed (I think its not shared yet ^^) been waiting for him ^^
  2. Premiere tomorrow! Omg can't wait!! Another wishlist drama. Hope for subs ^^
  3. Hello everyone. Have you watched the teaser of Encounter for 4 mins and 1 mins teaser? its basically the same for the 1 mins teaser but a lil bit different ^^ I found it interesting till I come here once again to check all the updates if I missed anything. /tho I found my twtr username here haa/ I can't wait to watch all the episodes. All because of PBG comeback after 2 years no new drama from him and definitely for SHK too!!! I missed spazzing at DOTS section. I missed my Kak Farah, are you here? rarely here but will check here often (hopefully) after the drama air soon! I love Kyo's outfit for today! Always gorgeous
  4. Really into the drama alot and have been starting update my account back for Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum. Its been a long time since DOTS ^^ Day 13 to Encounter.. Yeaaaaa!
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