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  1. Yes, jo jang poo is entertaining. But iam little bit dissapointed because Sy appeared briefly in each episode. Just 2- 3 scenes per episode for a female lead in kdrama. I hope PD and writer more exploring role Joo Miran and her relationship with Jo jin Gab. Actually this is only my opinion. Hope you guys don't mind
  2. Seyoung's friend ma_yoni locked her Instagram after SY's photo revealed. Maybe for Sy's privacy. If Sy's ready, she will show her new look to public.
  3. Hallo everyone it's been a while. I found Sy in her friend's Instagram. She got her hair blonde look like an idol. She seems a little bit chubby maybe the new appearance for new projects. So different Seyoung. Still beautiful as always. Check her friend's ig ma_yoni. I tried to insert the link but failed. So sorry
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