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  1. Another fan edit Have a good weekend everyone!. Stay healthy! https://www.instagram.com/p/B9r_cv9Jac7/?igshid=1duct75t5j7bv
  2. accrdg. to the naver article previously, it's a daughter, I would also like a boy but oh well
  3. thank you kindly so excited for Flower of Evil Here is another one of my favs...OMG so hot hot hot!! ...A hidden past....A secret identity... Will Cha Ji Won find the truth? Will the truth destroy her family? Lies, suspense, thriller.... Flower of Evil Showing in June 2020
  4. yes krisanyuanita...if u look at JG's latest post, that's exactly what I'm doing...asking ML2 requests to stop. Ok, girl...I know when I'm not wanted. Hold your horses and chill!
  5. Thanks for your comment LilyLee. So you are not yet a fan of Lee Joon Gi, I hope you soon will be. I'm sure you have seen JG's posts on IG and the most recent one where he looks like he's praying then 2nd pic looks like a cake/macaron with korean writing Flower of Evil. With that said, it speaks volumes that he is promoting his new drama. Then we see comments like please ML2, do you think it's not disrespectful at all? With regards to international fans, you are absolutely right that we are not included in korean ratings but saying that and promoting it as general will increase hype and encourage more koreans to see and watch it...again ML2 not helping if korean fans are seeing this. If you have better ideas to promote Flower of Evil to Wang So fans, feel free to write it here. To be fair Lily, I am not here to stop shipping in this forum, I only ask to set it aside for now for the new drama. And so, whether you are a fan or not, thank you for supporting JG and his past works
  6. I put it this way: there is a state of desire to a certain point and also there is the line of respect and politeness. I am not telling you to bury that desire but rather to set it aside. Timing is everything and I believe you can show your support to JG by promoting Flower of Evil and also support IU with her new drama instead of ML2 at this moment/time. How would you feel like if you are JG and fans are promoting ML2 instead of his new drama? What will it do for ratings? I'm sure you understand what I'm getting at.
  7. You are aware that Lee Joon Gi has an upcoming new drama, right? So pray tell, why turn up Moonlovers 2 now? Why do some fans ask for Moonlovers 2 at the same time that oppa is asking for support for Flower of Evil? Do you think this is not disrespectful at all?
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