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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CFD-hAYJeD2/?igshid=ur21vbjbs673 here's another timeline from @cheese_jg IG post. Hope this helps! We have to! Gotta support our hottie oppa JG
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDjrkpnpztB/?igshid=fdz39o5idx4x please refer to @cheese_jg IG post.
  3. @partyon #3 For me, Lee Joon Gi is hands down hottest psychopath!! But can I just say, Kim Ji Hoon, definitely a hottie serial killer!! I'm not normally into guys with long hair because they look grungy but he sort of reminded me of Johnny Depp, He just needs to cover his big creepy eyes with sunglasses Tried to imagine dating Baek Hee Seong in a psychiatric hospital but no thanks
  4. Maybe the gunshot wound in DHS head will restore his childhood memories of 10 years old and below And the part where, Jung Mi Sook held DHS back and yelled for BHS to run lol I was thinking, after BHS abducted and almost killed Jung Mi Sook in the past, shouldn't she at least let DHS unleash his fury? Lol
  5. DHS will not die, next episode preview is in a courtroom plus he promised Cha Ji Won, he will be back during the hotel room handcuff. And how can he not? Eun Ha needs her Appa!! No worries!! As long as BHS is dead, I'm happy! I really don't want him to escape prison and continue killing. Is he really dead? Or is it like a twist in the ending that he's alive? Re: wriggling human in the sack that Moo Jin videotaped, wow I was wrong again, my guess was DHS when he was younger. Also our guess ladies about the mole in detective team! I'm so bummed about that lol I wonder what h
  6. He better kill Baek Hee Seong!! After stabbing his supposed wife, which turned out to be Hae Soo (his sister), scaring his daughter who's already traumatized by the whole event, Baek Hee Seong is destroying his family and his life. Plus, Baek Hee Seong killed DHS parents too!! Also putting all his crimes to put the blame on DHS Grrr...I hate him so much!! If he doesn't kill him, I'll personally poison him in jail!!
  7. Yes. JMS "escaped" at the time of kidnapping or sometime after that...YSC located her and wanted money as payment for the victim. I don't think it's Hae Soo. BHS would have known where she is anyway. Crazy BHS would have wanted to finish what he has started.
  8. My guess is he's going to meet JMS during the time he accidentally hit DHS WTH his car.
  9. Yes, thanks to @joybran for that answer. I got confused too before.
  10. It's probably just to confuse us. I'm sure BHS would NOT talk about a murder that's about to happen as he wouldn't know about what Hae Soo was thinking. May 2002 Bar scene > kidnapping> witness saw>witness reported to police> witness retracted her statement Bec DHS alibi that he was with DMS whole night until morning> After a few weeks (June 2002) DMS suicide/funeral> 7 bodies dug in mountain> DMS suspected by village and so exorcism DHS (villagers thinks he's an accomplice to the serial killer DMS) > Hae Soo asked foreman to stop exorcism, ends
  11. I think they forgot to change BHS outfit! But I agree, the village foreman death DIDN'T happen yet, DHS wouldn't be coming back to the village after the village foreman's death.
  12. 1) All the evidences point to Baek Hee Seong only. I'm not sure tho if Do Min Seok killed anybody. 2) I only wanted Baek Hee Seong to die lol 3) Witnessing BHS kill the maid, she didn't do any thing...she even went along with the plan to put all the blame on DHS (disguising as the maid getting on a taxi). If Eun Ha gets kidnapped by BHS, I am unsure if she will have a change of heart. For now my guess is NO, she will not help Do Hyun Soo.
  13. But remember there was a scene where "Blond Do Hyun So identity as Baek Hee Seong aka Lee Joon Gi" was pressing his thumb on this machine and the lady can't find his fingerprint as Baek Hee Seong? Wasn't that for military? Joybran this makes perfect sense!! Ok now that BHS has placed that threatening call to the witness weeks or months after!! The puzzle pieces fit on timeline!! Thank you for your awesome analysis!!
  14. But why would DHS stay in village when village foreman died? Because scene after that was the bar with dad, then kidnapping happened. Was he just visiting dad while he worked in Chinese restaurant? I'm confused now.
  15. I am also getting confused in Timeline so I'll try my best to base it with the help of cheese_jg (IG name) timeline. Please check out her post. 2002: - Do Hyun So (18 yrs. Old bullied by Moo Jin and other students, exorcism of villagers). - Jeonsu Murders happened ( 7 bodies were digged up in mountain, ms. wu, mom of DHS is included in the 7 bodies, fingernails taken, we know where those nails are, police and villagers suspect Do Min Seok but he killed himself before getting arrested) - Do Min Seok and Do Hyun So we're at the bar. BHS (21 yrs. Old) picked up the ja
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