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  1. Hola, usuarios del foro. Solo para ver las fotos que comparten la marca de sofá JangsooDolbed. Me impresiona la decoración con las figuras kaws. Sabemos que estas figuras son muy populares, pero también sabemos quién es muy fanático de estos juguetes. Es muy Joonmin. ❤️ Crédito https://m.jangsooshop.com/article/스타구매후기/8/1889/
  2. @eyjoonieshIt is confirmed? That Lee Joon will finish military service in September?
  3. There is no news about them, I think they are not required to say what is happening in their life. there are many couples who have not seen many photos together as the couple of Shin Hye and her boyfriend, Also, it's not like that. as if LJ wrote every day and mentioned a million songs, except for their relationship, the last time they made a comment in their publication that referred to places where they recorded scenes of FIS, it also depends on their emptiness, maybe some details, but if you want, you can not see it because it does not show what you would like to see. In my opinion, I see that they are together for many obvious reasons and details.
  4. Vengo a desearte buena suerte para leer a Joon y Jung So Min. Y enviar buenas vibraciones.
  5. The chemistry of SM and LJ is better.I saw the 2 dramas and it's better, although there were no scenes from the bed and there were not many kisses.When Joonhee bought her a Miyoung, the makeup was beautiful, as she looked after her.I love FIS, and their chemistry was not just on stage, they went out to eat, they interacted, they gave massages, they made jokes, they published photos, they did not promote those photos, they were personal.LJ said that SM was adorable and SM said of LJ that he was the best. Who does not see the chemistry of LJ and SM is because he did not see FIS, there are people who are only in kdramas of 16 chapters. not because there are scars on the bed, it is better, the chemistry is better, love is also demonstrated in other ways, like when MY young man sided with Joonghee for what his family had done to him.It was an act of love for her that mattered to her as Joonhee felt.
  6. LJ and JSM are still coming out, there are still clues that make me believe that they are still dating. For example, the necklace he wore on the trip to Japan used it after having completed 400 days of relationship with LJ and also took photos in poses similar to LJ. in the Instagram account of SM are the photos that she took with LJ and in her appointment with LJ. So Fighting Joonmin.
  7. it's okay. I apologize to the person who deleted my post was deleted because I was wrong. I wrote in another language and had every reason to delete it.
  8. I apologize to the person who deleted my post that was deleted because it includes the rules. I will be more careful in what language I write
  9. ok ok point, I forgot to write it in English. I could explain myself to the moderator, but I eliminated another publication that was perfect. but as is correct, correct my error ... My comment was to say that I do not trust what people say or that I think they are exaggerating, basically marketing. It's my point of view. Take this post to tell you that I think your publication with the SIG photo made toxic and negative comments. I do not know what the purpose of his publication was, he has many followers and is a leader in his group; Imagine that the effect of your words on your follower is to feel sad. I take your post as a bad joke for the Joonmin forum with the question. The end of joonmin? From my point of view, it was very bad, you did not think how the fans would feel when they saw that image in the forum of Joonmin.and it was not because of the image, it was because of the question ... is it the end of Joonmin? The question is that it bothered me a nd I felt that you were making fun of the fans.
  10. I believe that LJ and SM are still together, the truth for me there is no reason to doubt. On the other hand I complained about the fans last year Sominki I do not deny it but this time I feel that these new shipp fans are being treated justify and for me I think it would be fair that it was the same because the Sominki fans were annoying but those of the new Shipp are also I think they surpassed the Sominki fans
  11. What a surprise they deleted my post I just want to say that I am a Joonmin fan and I will continue to support the Shipp. I have never had doubts. You have to be positive in life.
  12. The JSM agency emphasized a publication that will support JSM and its JSM character is not JIN KANG. They can understand it, how disappointing that the Joonmin fans do not trust or be on the side of another shipp. you can not want 2 things at once Always to the past that in the productions they make comments, since they tend to have an unmatched chemistry, I also pass with LMK that said the articles and what happened later. nothing nothing happened In the case of this new drama, I think they need promotion because the drama has had little audience
  13. nothing happens with LMK had more chemistry and nothing happened so Fighting Joonmin
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