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  1. Let's focus on how important can improve the score. Let's be constant. It is something important and worthwhile.
  2. The fans of those ships are annoying, I have blocked many fans on Instagram I have not noticed that there is a new shipp I imagine that it will be the same with GIS fans, (I think they are the most toxic) I have not seen if there is already a new shipp, and I try not to take them into account they are very fanciful and sometimes they have stained the name of JSM for their nonsense, they are annoying I have already decided not to pay attention to them, out of respect for the fandom Joonmin but if they want to tell you some things about their idols but would fall into the same act of mediocrity
  3. As there is no news and an official date of his departure, I hope it will be September 25 but if not, I will not be disappointed, I will wait with joy for his return, I want to see him on a project. He is an excellent actor Keep voting for Lee Joon
  4. Basically, it wasn't to bother anyone or not bother him, because I remembered that he called mediocre KYK on his Twitter page. I didn't want there to be reasons to insult someone, and I wasn't wrong because he had the catch, (why didn't you ask privately?) I still think KYK's chemistry was good but that doesn't matter now I don't feel right to say who is good or bad, or who has to act with that I do not decide, basically that was why
  5. I think that it will not be easy for them to work together again (but I have hope). You are right. The important thing is that they are good companions with whom they have to work, and I also expect just the same image, I think it is well I hope we will soon hear from he or some image, LJ is very talented I look forward to your next project regardless of the name of the actress or actors
  6. The chemistry of Lee Joon and Somin is unmatched, I also hope they give you another project together, it would be great,
  7. No veo la necesidad de navegar por todo y todos, si hay Shipp en el programa, solo espero que los fanáticos de Lee Seung Gi sean respetuosos y no tóxicos como los fanáticos de SIG, sé que muchos todavía culpan a Sominki, pero cuando escucharon acerca de que Somin tenía un novio, se detuvieron, y los fanáticos de SIG son insoportables, los fanáticos más tóxicos que he visto en mi vida. I don't see the need to navigate everything and everyone, if there is Shipp on the show, I just hope Lee Seung Gi fans are respectful and non-toxic like SIG fans, I know that many still blame Sominki, but when they heard about that Somin had a boyfriend, they stopped, and SIG(Seo In Guk) fans are unbearable, the most toxic fans I've ever seen.
  8. If I hope that this year I wake up every day with the hope that the day, I just have to wait with courage without reproaching anyone  . Your post, I liked what you wrote before, I hope there are more positive fans like you I know that most of this forum are, with some exceptions.
  9. I will not trust any date that is not confirmed by the agency, I thought that if it would come out on July 1 and it was not like that, now I will always wait and support the time.
  10. [STARCAST] "This sibling is strange”… The start of romance between Lee Joon Jung So--min https://m.star.naver.com/LEEJOON/news/end?id=9448086&langCode=en
  11. My friend posted them on her blog - - Jung So Min House Behind the scenes session Marie Claire Korea https://jungsominhouse.wordpress.com/2017/06/28/detras-de-camaras-fotos-y-video-jung-so-min-정소민-y-lee-joon-이준-sesion-de-fotos-para-la-revista-marie-claire-korea/
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