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  1. 10 minutes ago, samzz said:

    For a woman in middle of 30, and never allowed or interested in handling her own financial account and never had personal bank account, yes we don't know her vision/mission. This revelation speaks volume already.

    Just guessing, maybe a wine bar in her new building. Fast cash.

    And finding new country after Japan. Since year 2011, 90% of the year (except during acting), she stayed more in USA, China and now Japan. 



    And just watched your fave Oh Ji Ho at KBS award.  His upcoming drama looking good from the trailer.

  2. Kim Sun Ah, Jang Na Ra, Shin Hye Sun prove that if you just worked hard, you will be rewarded at last. Jang Nara almost got daesang if not because of Shall We Kiss First Couple. And her strong competitor was Shin Sung Rok. And happy to see KBS awarded veteran for their top excellence awards. And forget to mention for Le Young Ja. In more than 20 years as gag-woman, host, finally she got recognized for daesang award.

    Our DH? We still don't know her vision and mission in this industry. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, samzz said:


    When I talked a lot why some celebrities love inserting or implying their scandal in every interviews, knowing it's going to get public backlash, those asxlicking hypocrite said, black heart, loser, delusional, bla2. Now look at it- the glorifying of their whatever scandals are coming from their OWN CLANS, the people they respect to the "haven", even calling who not agreeing the joke are stupid. Let see if their own kids will be on drug, alcoholic or pornography one day, as a parent let see how they mocking it to the public.  I want to see it.


    And off topic-to me, this issue is nothing new. I read one couple before, whereby the GUY himself told the public, few hours after a fight and break up with girlfriend, a pic of them at a sauna exposed to the public. Still remember the breast of the girlfriend covered with mud masker. Don't know who exposed it bc only 2 of them have the password of their lovenest picture collection. The rest is history, they broke up for good 5 years later.




    Hope the guy doesn't do the same to new GF.

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  4. 15 minutes ago, samzz said:


    Not only hate, she adding her massage sanitization programs for the past 3 years. Poor her, until now nobody loves that program. Every interview, variety shows, drama she inserted that program but failed. It's good though she know how to find good wines and honeymoon locations for recharging.

    As you said, I want to know now if the anger still there.



    Donghey path seems going to be like Selena and Justin love's path. Because of one particular person didn't like Justin and control Selena which I guess we all know who one of the particular person who control DH . So, the story was like forbidden love. #idiotguess

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  5. As we expected before, Dahae's new drama records lower rating than last week. Only manage single digit rating. While Uee's drama increases in rating. I prefer this way more. Slowly rise than rapid rise but slowly going down again.


    For this, I really dislike the concept of 4 episode back to back for a day to accommodate more cf. And now Dahae's drama already finish 8th episode and people already can expect the story line.

  6. 4 minutes ago, samzz said:

    One thing we need to know, Wookie and Park Ji young aka JYP are drinking buddies and most people know how protective he is to Suzy. He doesn't like hanky lanky men messing up with his daughter. His policies, no scandal and he is very strict, that why only just getting together, both of them must admit it to public. Who knows in case Suzy getting preggy, better admit it now.

    So how long they can keep the 40s yrs old conversation will determine how long the relationship will last. Unless Wookie always want 20s conversation. Early stage of relationship esp with hot body always feels like HAVEN, then just AMAZING, bet 3 yrs later, no more words. Lol

    If you used to watch Suzy interview. Her joke is quite old man type. Maybe her background also. Really not kind of princess type of chaebol heiress. Yes, JYP himself maybe recommend Suzy to Lee Dong Wook because he knows Wookie personally. And Suzy is one his breadwinner in his company apart from TWICE and GOT7. So he needs to protect Suzy from any scandalous man.

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  7. 17 minutes ago, samzz said:

    @dolley  You have sharp eyes, thanks for the connection. You pointed out that DH and Suzy are using the same stylish I.e Jenny House, no wonder DH posted TWICE with her on screen husband with a real NAME "BAE" similar to BAE SUZY. She already knew from her stylish lol. She seems so happy with MR BAE.

    So she still cares about her OPPA Wookie. 

    Wookie sure knows how to put his revenge back, he choose a girl that he knows DH has access of information hahahha. I bet DH is the first who knew it. Ehm ehm

    I always like 'Wait and See' game. Hahaha. 

    But I agree Wookie doesn't need Oxford dictionary anymore. They can talk freely. 

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  8. Actually, in my point of view, I think both Wookie and Suzy will be benefited by going public.For Suzy, she will have a boyfriend with a clean image in public. Wookie is also known as public friendly by appearing in many variety show before. And now his fans also increasing day by day in both Korean and International platform. For Wookie case, he will have a comeback drama soon and it will really help to boost the publicity of his upcoming drama. As we know, Suzy is one of top actress and singer in South Korean and also widely recognized in global. For me, even though they are in the early stage but already in a win win situation for their career. 


     But not for the case for the another D.

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