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  1. @kboramint thanks once again for the name explanation. When you put it like that then it does make sense that Suji could be a way of saying Suzy. I didn’t know said actress wrote her name like that. We learn something new everyday. Speaking of her the first drama that I was introduced to her was Dream High where the female lead over here was her rival and probably also the second lead. Since I was into anime back then I had listed them as Sakura and Ino respectively, IU was Hinata, and the second lead was Sasuke. If anyone hasn’t watched said drama give it a shot. The first season was definitely better than the second though. Now moving on to the bit where you mentioned Suji’s mother calling the grandmother mother/sister. While I didn’t hear her call her mother, yet I am pretty sure that I heard her call her Unni at some point. Perhaps this is a mistake from the writer’s end, so they don’t have an exact term for her. Plus, as one can see the family dynamic in that house is extremely complicated currently. Nobody really seems to be connected by blood apart from the two siblings, but they apparently are well aware of each others backstory. For instance, when the sister wonders if they should help locate their mothers lost daughter (Suji) and suggests ways how to do so. Uri advices against it and mentions that their mother must have a good reason not to do so at the moment. But as we go further into these episodes it clearly looks like there was some kind of interception like in the previous drama which has resulted in the misunderstanding and separation between the two families. This can be indicated when the grandmother notes that Suji still has the cape that was stitched by her mother. She then comments how her mother was so heartless for abandoning Suji or something along those lines. Now the grandmother could easily be faking her reaction so that Suji doesn’t realize that she may have been responsible for the separation. But as of now I will give her the benefit of doubt for the time being. From what I recall she preferred her as her DiL and even suggested that it would have been better if she were to raise Rapper Bro. This means that she was clearly against his mother from joining the family at that point and only gave in after she left the family. Therefore, it seems more likely that this relationship had to be sabotaged and if anything, the doctor seems to be the one who has the most to gain at this point. He even wonders if he misread the situation or something at one point. Someone mentioned about Na Young and how they don’t like her or how she overreacts. I will partially agree with this sentiment for the time being. Perhaps I have become to desentised after watching a lot of these shows but as of now she isn’t half as bad as some of her other counterparts. Let’s look at their actions and see if she has done anything similar. Has she framed the main leads for a crime that they haven’t committed. So far, the closest that she has come in regards to this is when she damaged and borrowed that dress and wasn’t willing to take responsibility for her actions but even then she didn’t blame it on Suji. Has she faked her pregnancy (not being one) or is pregnant with someone else’s child but is claiming that it belongs to the main lead etc.. nope. Has she stolen corporate information and dumped it on someone else or hurt another co-worker just so that she can get a chance to shine. Again no. I am not saying that she won’t do any of this down the line but as of now she is still better than all those other second female lead rivals. On the other hand, let’s talk about her overacting or whatever the issue is. Frankly my main issue is perhaps not the overacting I just assume that is part of her character. My thing over here is that she is an adult woman (not sure of her age) but she tends to act like an overgrown child or highschooler and that just doesn’t match with her appearance. Now I don’t know if this issue is due to poor actings skills on the actress part because I believe I have only seen her in maybe two other earlier dramas where she was in supporting roles. The one show where she was the main lead I just had issues with the drama itself and I have put it on a ban list. In fact, if anyone I know mentions that they are watching said drama I actively advice them against it. But if it is just her character it does make sense. She mentioned that she has never been slapped before Suji did it to her. Clearly indicating that her mother did a poor job of raising her. Uri is a fun character sort of. He has been extremely dense especially when it comes to picking up signals that Na Young was interested in him in a romantic way until she had to literally tell him about it. That also reminds me of another comparison between other second female leads which Na Young hasn’t done. She isn’t going after Uri or trying to seduce him simply because he is an item with Suji. So in other ways out of spite or for some perceived wrongs that Suji might have done to her or her family. While she is chasing after him it is simply because she likes him and she doesn’t even want any kind of financial gains from him. Not that is going to happen. @nohamahamoud2002 you are correct in your current assessment that there isn’t any kind of love triangle or even square at the moment. But when you watch a lot of these dramas then you see a pattern and it is extremely rare when the pattern is broken. People that we have categorized as main leads generally end up together. When they don’t I know that I have issues because I have invested a lot of my time only for it all to be wasted in the end. But that is a debate for another time. As of now I don’t think that the writer is going to deviate from the original plan after all the show is even called Suji and Uri indicating them as the main characters and thus in all probabilities the main leads and hence the endgame. How that happens we need to wait and see. From the preview it seems like the doctor finally is aware of who is son likes and he informs his wife. We now need to wait and see if they will approve of her or will one of them play the role of evil In Law. The mother as of now seems to have supported her son’s choice of life partner. Perhaps because she was forced in her own marriage and has remained unhappy, so she doesn’t want her son to go through the same thing. She even brought up this point sort of with her husband. Who is he to judge the girls standard ie wealth, background etc.. Regardless the main issue is probably not with Suji as an individual but the problems that her family will bring by becoming in laws such as they are currently in debt and may even be labelled as scammers. Nobody would want to be associated with them in said situation. Now back to Suji’s mother and the family that she lives in. Granted I don’t know what a woman would refer to her SiL since I am terrible in Korean, but I am a bit confused about her getting married again as someone suggested. As of now from what I have gathered in regards to the chain of attempts (which I won’t deny can easily be changed down the line) from the clips shown. She left her house and tried to find a job so that she could support herself and Suji. This sadly resulted in her accident (probably since this was her first try) and she ended up in the hospital. After her recovery she discovered that her family had moved away. Again, she had no time to get married anytime during this period. The Mother/Sister even points out that her brother had never been married prior to this and was mistaken for her husband during her accident. It would have made more sense if her husband had shown up if she was married prior to the incident. After the incident she has clearly mentioned that she has no desire to get married because she feels so guilty that she could possibly live a happy life without knowing what happened to her daughter and whether or not she is happy. So again, it doesn’t seem to me at least that she was ever married apart from her original family. From the trailer of the next episode it also seems like Na Young is going to blame Suji again for messing up her life. Until I watch said episode I feel like Na Young is being unreasonable again. Suji was clearly uninterested in the job regardless of whether or not Na Young would have gotten the job. Perhaps Suji shouldn’t have mentioned Na Young when she declined the offering. This way the director might not have an outlet to place the blame on. But this way he may think that either Na Young complained to Suji and for some reason they are related and hence Suji was declining or something along those lines. Not only that Suji probably shouldn’t have brought up the sexual harassment that he was doing to Na Young that evening. Probably both these contributing factors made him take out his frustration on Na Young who then takes it out on Suji. Anyway, I think that i will end my post over here for the time being. So take care all of you. I was going to mention how it seemed like this was a dead thread and I was wondering if people have simply stopped watching dailies now compared to back when I started watching these shows. Perhaps I am in the wrong thread. But it seems like we have a few new posters over here. So let me welcome them and hope that we can all have some fun and come up with interesting theories. I will admit that sometimes it seems like the writer of the show might be prowling over here as well because they shot down two of the theories I came up with earlier. Regardless I am looking forward to all of your posts and theories.
  2. Okay so first of all thanks once again @kboramint for clarifying who made what statement in regard to that bloodline bit. Saved me a lot of time of searching said episode. The other part is in regard to that fan theory of yours that the revenge dramas and dailies are happening in the same world. Actually, that is a popular theory which some of these dramas have hinted at times. Examples that can be seen as evidence. While I don’t remember either dramas name we had a scene like this. The female lead (who is currently doing the weekend drama on KBS World aka here) was a cop in one show. In the next daily after (I think) where she was the lead. There is a disturbance somewhere and the cop that shows up is the same actor from her show. Indicating that he is the same person. No names were used over here. Not that we would have even bothered to remember a side character. But the implications or fan theory could be seen. In another drama one of the grandfathers mentions that he is currently seeing/dating a character name. In another show (probably after this one also) the grandmother character mentions that she is using said name. Again trying to imply the connection for the fans. The best one had to be where we had Joo Won in the manga adaption (that korea did) drama. Over here he is cleaning up the mess that the female lead had done of her room. He comes across some stale bread that he throws out, but not before the female lead mentions that it is from her favourite brand Kim Tagoos bread. (clearly a reference to his Previous work.) at least we now know what happened in that show after it’s ending. Then we have shows from different networks that try and make similar connections or are based in the same universe. But I think that will be me going off topic and to prevent that warning let me get on to the post regarding the show itself. @nohamahamoud2002 welcome to the thread. Hopefully you stick around. So far since the show is just beginning, I would grade it a 4/10. If you are looking for something new and different get ready to be disappointed it already has the standard tropes over here. But since it is also the beginning the characters haven’t become frustrating in either being too dumb or naive or evil. But give it time and who knows. Kbo yes Uri and his sister are most definitely adopted somehow in that family. This could have been implied by the following statement the grandmother/aunt made. When their mother had her accident, the uncle was assumed to be her husband. She remarks how that was when he had never been married by that point. Now it certainly isn’t impossible to have a child without being married (hence a lot of birth secrets in these shows). So, they could have come after the accident. But then you have to consider the following Uri and Suji are clearly endgame. If this is the case, they can’t be related. Also, they are probably the same age so it would be next to impossible for Uri and his sister to be biologically related to her mother. Now they could have been the uncle’s kid but there was no indication of a woman being in his life prior to the accident. Making this also not an option. So yes, it would be nice if they could better explain the mystery of these two and how come the aunt doesn’t have an issue with them compared to the little girl who has now become part of the family. Moving back to some of the other tropes that we have over here. The standard rivalry between the main leads and the second leads including the infamous love triangle/square. Sorry but i don’t feel bad about Na Young. Any pain and grief that is bound to come her way is going to be her own fault. She comes of as an ungrateful brat at times but that is besides the point. Will get into that in a bit. But let’s talk about the issue where they tend to blame the main lead that if they hadn’t shown up the opposite main lead would have become an item with them. Almost every show proves that this isn’t the case even when the other lead gives them an opportunity by moving away for X number of years before returning even showing up for the first time. In this case she is giving out signals, but he has struck them out two times. Girl just give up and move on. He just isn’t interested in you in that way even before meeting with Suji. For instance, when she gave him money and he tried to return it back to her she gave him an excuse so that they could meet up again (treat her with it next time to a meal) he refused. When she asked him out for a meal on the weekend he told her that he had plans to study. So no he isn’t interested in you. She should give it up at this point. Instead she is coming of as a highschooler with a crush. Probably her first love given her reactions but still have some pride. She is all about that when Suji offers her help but when it comes to a guy, she has lost it. I would say that she is still slightly manipulative when it comes to her character. But so far, her actions haven’t caused anyone any serious harm so I can give her a small pass. For instance, when she messages Uri to call her the intent is clearly obvious. Suji doesn’t know that she messaged him, so she thinks that he contacted her on his own accord. Indicating a closeness between the two. Therefore, when she starts to develop feelings for him, she is going to put it on hold just out of respect for her sister. Until the misunderstanding is cleared up. Not that Na Young is going to see it that way. She will feel like Suju betrayed her considering her other reactions to her helping out. For instance, when the PD took her out for drinks the way he was behaving towards her clearly counted as sexual harassment. She only staid quiet due to her job being on the line and she was clearly uncomfortable with his actions. Now instead of being grateful for Suji for bailing her out of the situations she tells her to mind her own business or the fact that this was the reason why Suji was unable to get the classes she promised her because said person got offended. Again she doesn’t blame the guy who was harresing her or admit that she was uncomfortable she blames Suji. So yes I can see why people might not like her. The other thing/trope to consider over here is probably the misunderstanding the other party trope. Normally this is done between the main leads, and this results in them breaking up for the time being until it is cleared up. Since they haven’t become a couple, you can be sure that it will come down the line. But as of now this is probably the same as the last drama where the parents got separated from their kids. It kind of looks like this happened again. Just who is responsible for this remains to be seen. For evidence let’s look at the following statements that characters made and what it could imply over here. The aunt/grandmother (what should we call her relation wise since I am a bit unclear) mentioned to Suji’s mother how that family not only moved abroad but also sold of their family property (burial site among others) before doing so. As for the stepmother she brings up the fact how her husband cheats on people (or their particular case) when things are going well for him. This included the soy sauce factory that he was running at the time (was this the same soy sauce that Na Youngs doppelganger and family made when she was a female lead. PS . do not watch said drama it is not worth your time). Now on their own these statements may not make a lot of sense but if you consider what Suji’s grandmother mentioned to the stepmother’s response, we can see a connection being formed. She mentions that things started to go wrong after the stepmother became a part of the family. If this is the case, then it is safe to assume that the company faced financially difficult times that the family had to probably sell it off and perhaps even the rest of their property to clear of any debts that remained. Using the rest of the money they probably decided to try their luck abroad. Not sure why they had to return to Korea at this point. Had they gotten tired of living over there or did the father make bad business choices. Either way this explains why they sold of their property and left. Naturally since the mother was involved in an accident, they couldn’t contact her prior to leaving. Though to be fair considering how the grandmother is she probably saw that as a good thing since she might not have wanted to part with Suji. Of course, this still doesn’t mean that a deliberate intervention to prevent the mother to meet up with Suji is not impossible at this point. It is unlikely that the uncle or his sister were responsible. At least from her statement and she wouldn’t be urging her to find her family/daughter if she was guilty. This does leave the number of suspects to Suji’s grandmother, Na Young (though she was too young at that time so i don’t know how she could have lied or why) or the doctor that performed the surgery. We know by now that he is 90% has feelings for Suji’s mother. If he thought that there was a way for him to be with her if he lied that her family moved away without giving him the contact information, then he is at fault or he could have helped them indirectly. For instance, we don’t know who purchased the family property. Could be a random stranger never to be introduced or the doctor telling them that he could clear of their debt in return for leaving the country and the price of their property. They might have been desperate to accept such a deal. Another thing to note is that Suji has her name conveniently changed hence even when she has come face to face with her mother, they have failed to recognize each other. Clearly this is for plot convivence because the mother might have brought it up earlier therefore, they need many more plot twists before they realize their connections. Though we can be sure that Na Young is going to discover this fact first and try and use it to her advantage. Perhaps by trying to cause a misunderstanding between the main leads before this is cleared up. But like I said why did they decide to name her Suji. Was that family a fan of semolina? If it was because they had moved to the States it would make sense if she was using a Western name like let’s say Jessica, Jenny, Tiffany etc something easy for them to pronounce. Suji just seems like a weird choice. This now brings me up to the second lead. So far, he seems kind of okay. A bit possessive and perhaps a bit jealous but considering everything else he also looks to be loyal at the same time. He isn’t buckling down under his father’s pressure so far to date and marry the girl of his choice. In fact, he even let’s her know that he attended the show with his girlfriend so there isn’t any kind of misunderstanding down the line. We know this is going to cause him trouble down the line but at least he hasn’t done anything major to harm the leads or manipulated the situation to get what he wants. Again, I am not sure what is going to be the trigger factor that will force Suji to break up with him. As I pointed out he doesn’t seem like the person to be influenced by the other parties wealth so he isn’t going to be greedy in that sense. The family seems well off so I don’t see them getting into financial difficulties that they may be needed to be bailed out by the girl’s family thus forcing him to marry someone else. While it is true that the father has mentioned that they depend on politicians and other sponsors to help run the hospital I doubt that it is going to be that serious. Suji’s family scandal might be an issue where she may be forced to breakup with him. After all she has been running the household mostly by herself from what we can gather. It has been mentioned that she paid for both of her younger siblings’ classes. The brother at least seems to be grateful in regards to this. She will probably also be the one to clear up the scam that her father has fallen for and caused. It does make sense that the hospital might want to cut ties with her at this point as it wouldn’t look good for them from a PR point of view. Also, another reason why the family would be opposed to her. The chairman has an ego issue plus according to him Suji doesn’t come from a background that could help them financially. So instead of the evil mother-in-law trope we can have the evil FiL trope this time round. Not sure what he will think after he finds out who her mother is. But probably knowing him he would still be against her because this would mean that he will have no chance to be with her mother. It is interesting to see just how manipulative he is at the moment. From his actions to control his son’s fate, choosing a post at the hospital, to picking a life partner for him. But it doesn’t end over there. He noticed the reaction what his wife did at the anniversary party at the hospital, and he tried to take a page out of that book to make himself look good. Only the people that he tried to involve weren’t as greedy and ambitious as him causing him further headaches. Well deserved mind you. For instance, he is trying to use the singer and Suji’s connection as a PR stunt and not only that he deliberately mentions Suji’s mother and how she is important to him. It is probably well known how he saved her life on his own dime. He was hoping that she would admit it and do some good PR for him. So, the light would shine on him once more and this would show everyone at the hospital that he was still relevant and important. Well, I guess Na Young thinks that she has it in the bag for a change. From the preview it seems like she finally got the job as an announcer that she dreamed off. Next is her trying to win over Uri. Problem over here is that she is already in the bad books of his sister because she got her in trouble regarding the dress. Now she is being extra rude towards her at this point. This means that when it comes to convince the family she already has someone that is going to oppose said relationship. You can be sure that she might even try and manipulate Suji’s mother against her when she discovers the birth secret because why not. This apparently is a popular trope when it comes to dramas. Oops while I have more to add I don’t want to get into trouble for writing a super long post which might be boring and all. So I will leave it over here for the time being. And continue my thoughts if I still recall them after someone else posts a few more after me. So till next time.
  3. So, it seems like I am slightly getting a better hang of the characters. Not a 100% but still something. Also it seems like @kboramint seemed to have helped out a bit by explaining how Na Young was her mother’s daughter prior to her marrying into Suji’s family. While this does explain the animosity towards Suji slightly better the comment her mother made regarding how the grandmother seems to favour Suji who isn’t of her blood was strange. Perhaps I probably misunderstood her reference over here or there was an issue with the subtitles. Need to probably re0watch the scene for confirmation. Other than that, let’s see what we do have so far. Na Young clearly has a crush on Uri at this point. Not really sure what she thinks by hiding the fact that she is Suji’s sister. She wants to find some dirt on her good luck. But you have to remember that she wants a long term relationship with Uri and might even be considering marriage with him (even if it is one sided) so why hide this fact. You know that Suji is going to be at her wedding as family, so the secret is going to be out eventually. So, I don’t understand why she is hiding this fact. The betrayal down the line is going to be far worse. Her mother seems way too much of an air head as well can’t seem to see and understand her husband might not be in a good place and wants to spend his money or the time when she takes the bag of clothes from Suji and tells her that she will hand them over to Na Young. If she was going to do that she should have just pretended that the clothes were a gift from her instead of rubbing the fact that Suji has been better than everything to her daughter. Especially when she knows that fact triggers her daughter. Bad mother. Now let’s move onto the rest of the characters. Second male leads mother has done something because she looks younger and thinner than what I remember her last. (maybe the hair). Not that she looks bad in anyway just different. Now back to the family dynamics over here. The husband is clearly ambitious and married into the rich family possibly for financial gains. Even though he denies it at the moment. No wonder they seem to be clashing to the point that they sleep in different beds at the moment. But he also seems to have a thing for Suji’s bio mother. Was she his first love (one sided). Let’s look at the evidence that might be supporting this claim. He performed surgery on her and from what I understand he covered it from his own pocket, and he visits her restaurant as a regular. Not it is totally understandable that he is a kind and generous doctor so he could have performed the surgery for free. But if that was simply the case he doesn’t need to go to the restaurant. That is taking advantage of poor people who he knows are grateful for his actions so they will never refuse him. Now it is possible that he has taken a page out of Miss Otooke book and has agreed to clear what they owe him by agreeing to buy meals to the amount that covers the expense. But the real proof of him having feelings for her is when she hurt her hand, and he rushes up and tries to make a big fuss over it. Then when the guy shows up as well as the little girl and calls her mother, he kind of hesitates. At this point any normal person should have simply entered the restaurant instead of waiting. This shows that he clearly has some sort of interest in her. Not only this but when the guy shows up to serve him his meal he seems a bit disappointed until she shows up. Then it seems like huh you don’t control her that means you can’t be in a serious relationship. Moving back to his wife. She seems to be extremely understanding towards her son and his supposed love life. She also probably doesn’t want him to make the same mistakes that she did when it comes to marriage. Which makes me suspect that she might have been forced into her current marriage by her parents probably her father. But will she be willing to accept Suji into her family considering all the baggage that comes with her family. Suji as a person seems to be great but the rest of her current family has issues. Her father causing trouble by being part of a scam shows that he isn’t the brightest bulb in town and he may just cause similar problems down the line which may affect the hospital and it’s reputation down the line. Same for her mother and brother. They don’t seem to understand the value of money at the moment. Oh, the little girl now I know why she looks so familiar. She was in that weird drama Elegant Empire. Did the mother leave her here because something happened to Puppy Oppa and she is out trying to avenge his death. Uri and his family also need a better explanation at this point. So far the only things that are clear is the guy who works at the restaurant and his sister. Uri and his sister call the female leads mother as their own mother. The age group doesn’t match and as far as i can tell the guy hasn’t been married yet as he only has eyes for Suji’s mother. Both brother and sister are going to be disappointed at her actions for trying set him up on a blind date without considering his feelings. You don’t spring a surprise like that on a person at the last minute unless you want to end it in disaster. Clearly I get what she was thinking on paper but practically it is bound to fail. So has that family been adopting people who are in trouble. I am sure that when Suji discovers that Uri is her mothers son she is going to feel hurt and betrayed until it is explained down the line of how it is all a giant misunderstanding. I also think that the problem with the guy and the mother is also a lack of miscommunication which isn’t helping matters. Clearly, he can tell that the doctor comes over here with other intentions at this point. Instead of telling her this which might help he instead is trying to give him the cold shoulder or telling her that he will handle the situation and that she shouldn’t show up to serve him.\ Why would she listen to him when according to her he seems to seem unreasonable. She also feels guilty that he isn’t searching for someone else when she has her own baggage from her previous marriage. Unless that is resolved and she fully moves on she has put her life on hold. I am going to assume that they are at least end game at this point. They do make a better couple than her Ex. Speaking of does she have a connection with the second leads mother. I can’t tell at this point. On one hand it doesn’t seem like she knows the doctor prior to her injuries, and she seems to also not have amnesia so.... it will really help if the two run into each other or we have a near miss showing a possible connection between them. For instance, we had that scene when there was a near miss between Suji and her mother at the hospital (slow mo) clearly indicating that they were connected some how. Not that it helps at this point because they can’t recognize each other due to time that they were apart. We do know that she probably has a connection with Na Youngs mother or are we totally misreading the entire situation. For instance, we know this as a fact. Her husband cheated on her with her friend and that friend had given birth to a son. We automatically assume that friend to be Na Youngs mother because Suji has a younger brother now as well. (LoL whenever I see her name I am reminded of Semolina and especially Basboosa for some reason. Even though that is very tasty,) But anyway back to the point that I was making. What instead of this being the case how about the reveal that second male leads mother was her friend, and her son was the one being referred to. This probably explains the comment by Na Youngs mother to the grandmother about her taking sides with someone not related to them by blood. If she was Suji’s mother’s friend then she would have known that Suji was related to that family. It also explains why Suji and the other doctor are such close friends. They feel the family connection. We had something like this in another drama as well. I forgot the name at this point (darn it why do i watch so many dramas back then) but it had the actress from that dinner show where people were talking about who she ends up with or falls in love with aka her caretaker. (i dropped that show due to time so I have no idea what happened) So, what do people think of this theory. It might also explain why the second male lead isn’t ambitious like his father. Anyway, I have to do other stuff so will leave my post over here for the time being, I do wonder why we don’t have more people over here. This show is quite light especially when you compare it with all those other revenge shows out there. Which i just might need to get back at some point as well. Still, I hope to see more posts so that we can share more theories out here. I need a theory of my own one day that is actually correct so I can claim my drama predication award. Which some of you have already claimed. Please don’t leave me out.
  4. So, I was checking out this new drama even though I have a lot of backlogs on other dramas at the moment and even watching some of them. But regardless of all this i still seem to be enjoying this even though some of the character connections seem to be a bit confusing at the moment. Which i find a bit surprising considering that I have watched a lot of these dramas so I should be quite adept at figuring this stuff out. I even had a theory, but I had to throw it in the bin because of the reveal that is being hinted. My initial theory was that Suji was probably the lost daughter of the doctor’s family. I based it on the following hints that were provided. The parents clearly have some sort of issue between them at the moment. Clear signs of trouble in paradise. I thought that it could have possibly been because Suji was misplaced while one of them was supposed to be responsible for her the day, she went missing. Probably the father. Hence the hostility and the wife is ignoring him. Not only that but the fact that when the mother went to pay her respects for her father the priest brought in another nameplate for her to pray on. I missed the name not that it would be helpful at this point considering the fact that Suji wasn’t her given name. (Most Likely). As for Suji not eating seaweed soup or the rice balls could be simply because of the trauma that she is associated with but also the fact that they were regulars at a restaurant that served them. But all of this is moot because we now have a slightly better idea of what happened back then. Not that any of the sibling relationships make a lot of sense at this point. So please help me out over here. Clearly in this case Suji’s mother is Uri’s mother as well. Sort off. I will get into this in a bit. She left home because her husband cheated with her friend who ended up giving birth to a son. If that is the case, then her brother the rapper makes sense at the moment. Since the grandmother wanted her to raise him if possible. But that doesn’t explain Na Young. She seems like his older sister. So, what happened over here. Did the father end up marrying someone totally different and expects her to raise his kids from different women? But Na Young’s mother seems to have more issues with Suji which makes little sense to me. Just what has she been told at this point. Suji’s mother was someone they knew but she abandoned her kid, so they have been taking care of her out of pity. Because at this point it really seems like she is unaware of the fact that Suji is even related to her family. This could be seen when she mentioned something along the line of Suji not being related to them by blood and the grandmother went along with this. I just don’t understand the need for all this deception at this point. But anyway I can see some of the connection points that will end up connecting the main characters later down the line. Suji (aka Semolina) clearly suffers from a trauma of being abandoned by her mother (how true that is remains to be seen). Uri and his family also happen to have a little girl in their family with the same issue. This common factor will end up helping Suji and the kid to bond with each other which Uri might just find nice. Not only that but her mother is also probably looking after the girl for the same reason and to make amends to the best of her ability at the moment. As for that current family it would be actually nice to get a proper family chart between them. From what I can tell the mother clearly isn’t married to the guy in that house from some comment that the grandmother made. I think when the little girl referred to them as her parents. So are the kids from the guys previous marriage or did they simply decide to have some without marriage. This might complicate the relationship between the main leads. Well we know that it should cause some kind of misunderstanding at least or perhaps fuel for Na Young to use to try and break them apart. After all dramas need their love triangles or squares. In this case Na Young must have clearly fallen for him after her first encounter with him on that island and him helping her out then. Clearly her jealousy and inferiority complex is going to be brought up the moment she realizes that he has feelings for Suji. Of course she has a major hurdle to get over in the form of his sister. She has gotten her into trouble and she isn’t willing to take responsibility for her actions. Actually speaking of that issue I am surprised that Suji hasn’t done something to bail her out. This brings me up to the other issue. Her father is someone that is equally baffling. He is falling for a scam even when his daughter told him to be careful. I see her having to bail the family out because of his mistake. But someone who seemed to have run his own business in the States? Can’t be really that dumb now can he. How did he manage his business over there then. This reminds me of another drama that I watched a few years back. The female leads father had an affair then runs of with the woman. Apparently, he used to run his own business back then but he sells it off when he leaves with his other woman (who is the main leads aunt I think). When we next see his he is trying to use multiple get rich schemes which all end up in failure for some reason or the other. I mean if he could run a company successfully how can he come up with such schemes now which always end up in failure. This totally baffles me. This seems to be the same case over here. Suji’s father can’t tell that he is being used to run a scam and when the victims realize what has happened, they are either going to demand that he pays up or end up heading over to his daughter to get their money back since he used her as a selling pitch. I am also not understanding why Suji’s mother is being so hesitant to go on camera if it will help her get reunited with her daughter. Assuming that is the daughter can recognize her even after such a long time. It isn’t like she is running away from loan sharks. It also isn’t the case that she has amnesia at this point also. Since the grandmother (current house) mentioned that after her injury she tried to get her daughter but discovered that they had moved away. (Another misunderstanding like in the previous drama?). either way if the family had nothing to hide then even if she comes on TV what will it matter. It also probably isn’t the case that the husband due to poor business choices took out loans and the loan sharks will come after her to force her to pay them. They haven’t hinted that so far. Then we have that senior doctor that is the father of the Second Lead. What is his connection to this family. He not only saved her life when she had her accident but also is a regular at their restaurant. Clearly there is more to the story over here as well. Again I find it unlikely that they were having an affair after she left home but thanks to the accident she has forgotten about this. She was heartbroken when she discovered what her husband did to her so I doubt that she would do something like that nor would she have the time to do so if she intended to get her daughter as soon as possible from her last house. Also speaking of all this brings me up to another issue. If Suji does have trauma from her mother leaving the house. She should still know that she is biologically related to her current family why doesn’t she speak up when she is being mistreated with Na Youngs mother or when Na Young mentions that they aren’t sisters at all. Granted they aren’t biological sisters but this should probably make them step sisters unless Na Young’s mother is a different woman altogether. (thus rapper brother isn’t related to her as well) but that also doesn’t seem to be the case considering that she seems to treat the brother at least a bit better compared to Suji. I get her hostility towards Suji and it really doesn’t help that nobody in that family seems to understand what she wants or needs. For example her mother instead of trying to support her dreams is busy discouraging her. Only Suji tried to be supportive. That went as well as expected. Not only that but due to her own actions (though she isn’t aware of it) she lost the chance to get trained by someone that her sister tried to get a meeting with. Not that she will be willing to realize this and blame it all on Suji for failing to keep her promise with her. Anyway I seem to have a headache now so I will end my post over here for the time being. So take care all of you over here. Let’s see how this show ends up.
  5. So, it has been quite a while since I last popped by. Sadly, been busy and i still haven’t caught up with this show. Regardless i should first of all thank @Ameera Ali for making the gif that I requested. Now moving on to my post itself. I think that I want to point out that I don’t really feel all that sorry for Noel. She kind of deserves the pain that she is going through. But I don’t think that it has anything to do with Karma as some people here think. Let me explain what i mean over here. She feels so betrayed over the chairman’s actions especially in regards to him getting married to Da Jung. But here is the thing why was she living back in the chairman’s house in the first place. Remember she was divorced from him because she was fed up with his antics especially when it came to his cheating ways. I like to believe that she was even suspicious of him when he tried to ruin her business thus she was refusing his help. All that she had going was her pride. Then one night she gets drunk that the chairman conveniently brings her back home. After that she simply moved back in. Where is the logic in that. One could argue that she staid back because of Anna. But if we think about it logically that doesn’t make a lot of sense. If she was so attached to her she could simply request Yohan to bring her around a few times and he wouldn’t have refused such a request. Yet she decides to stay back and take care of the house as if she was still married. Granted the Chairman played the game well and pretended to not be interested in any other woman just to win her back. But like i said she should have been aware that he could cheat on her anytime again. Thus I think that she was an idiot and deserves the pain that she is getting now. Moving on to the next part of this discussion. People think that she is getting the karma that she deserves. For cheating on her husband with Kang Manseok (Seran’s father) or if she should be forgiven for her said actions. To this I ask where is the proof that she did any of this. After all isn’t it Innocent Until Proven Guilty. I can say with 95% certainty that she is probably innocent of this accusation. 5% I am leaving for a margin of error because dramas like to trick us or suddenly change the plot to match their narrative. Now how do I base my current odds. Well for starters there have only been two so called interaction scenes that she had with Seran’s dad. The first was when she was trying to reach for something, and he comes and grabs her from behind. This was when Seran’s mother catches them and starts accusing her of making a move on her husband and pulls her hair. If anyone notes her reaction at this point. She is clearly uncomfortable at him holding her like that. If she is like that then what makes it possible that she would cheat with him or even be intimate. Highly unlikely. Now I get that some of you here will try and remind me of the next scene where she is actually in bed with him and how can I explain that. My response to that is that the scene is probably a Red Herring. I explained this in an earlier post, but it was probably missed because of my rambling. Anyway, here I go again. That was a scene where Shin Duk Soo was probably imagining what happened. This isn’t the first time a writer has pulled a bait and switch in fact if you think about it this writer has also done it later on. In that scene we had was Seran admitting to everyone that she was having an affair with Da Jung’s husband. People included over here was her father and Noel as well. People were wondering how either party had failed to recognize the other. Anyway, to cut to the chase it turned out all in the head of Da Jung’s husband. One of them failed to show up for some reason. But the scene makes sense because he doesn’t know that Shin Duk Soo and Noel are related so they would be sitting peacefully. Another point to notice in regards to Noels innocence regarding the so called affair. She claimed to be innocent. It was Shin Duk Soo who had gotten tired of this drama that he wasn’t ready to believe her. But near the end when he is looking for her again he admits to Da Jung that wasn’t the case and there was a misunderstanding. Further proving that Noel probably was indeed innocent. Now after all this if the writer decides to make Noel a cheater i will admit that i was wrong. But I still feel like to better understand a scene we should always watch it from the entirety not in parts as things can always change. Come to think about it the Chairman getting married to Da Jung makes little to no sense. How was it that it took so long for people to figure that out. He needs to redecorate his room for her arrival. Not only that but if anyone were to enter the room they would clearly note to separate beds. A newly married couple should at least be sharing the same bed. This brings up the point that Noel was also cheating with the chairman. But was she genuinely doing that or just how much aware of she of the so called truth. She may have been aware of him being married but he could have easily lied to her that he wanted to divorce his wife but she wasn’t letting him or that they were in the final steps of divorcing her. Remember this is the same person who is the master at blindsiding people such as marrying Da Jung out of the blue. Also anything that he says has to be taken with a grain of salt. She did figure out that he framed his Ex Wife for having an affair but she pretended to take a blind eye to it. But depending on the lies he fed her she might be given a pass. Speaking of the so called incident in France where she got amnesia makes no sense at all. Remember we have to take the chairmans word for what happened because she clearly doesn’t. But if she actually thought about it she would have figured that out on her own. According to her their so called love story began when they met for the first time on the flight to Paris where he even gave her his card. Then later on she got into an accident where she was mugged and the only thing that they found on her was his card and they therefore contacted him. My issue with the statement is that if someone mugged her why did they conveniently leave his card on her. A thief is going to take everything of value that they can spot and also where it may be. Now let’s get into this detail a bit further. Where do people keep cards that they just get. Someplace safe and important. Men will keep it in their wallets generally perhaps a pocket, females on the other hand will do so in their bags and purses. A thief is almost always going to target those items. It isn’t like he has the time to carefully search and leave items that aren’t of value to them. The Ji Hoon reveal of doing a hit and run for Song Yi also doesn’t make sense unless we take Drama Time into consideration. By this I mean that something that should take a few minutes at max turns out into a few hours. Now for dallies that can be understandable due to time constraints but i have seen the same issue for the weekend/weekdays dramas as well. Anyway, let’s get into this for the time being. According to what we were initially informed was as follows. Seran got him drunk then takes him to a hotel room. Where she apparently spent the night with him. Then in the morning she leaves him to return to her home. We know this is a fact because when she arrives home. The grandmother has woken up and is looking for her. She specifically inquires whether or not she spent the night out. She then returns at that point conveniently and mentions that she was with Ji Hoon. When asked if everything was okay she pretends to be coy and rushes to her room. Ji Hoon later on wakes up and head home himself. Now when we look at the accident that happened it was during night time. How can we explain this time discrepancy. The only thing that comes to my mind is that Seran’s place isn’t near the hotel that they were staying in. So she leaves it taking that time into consideration thus arriving just when it turned into morning. Not really makes sense but we will have to go with that for the time being. Also can someone explain to me why Da Jung didn’t have a clause to get out of her marriage with the chairman if it was a contract marriage. I get that she was blinded by revenge but frankly I am not fully understanding it. This brings me to a point someone made why does Da Jung keep the person that she knows drugged her still at the office and why she hasn’t had her transferred to some far off place like one of their factories in the countryside. The problem over here is that we as viewers know exactly how that person is guilty. We witnessed Seran giving her the orders. The problem is that Da Jung doesn’t know this fact. I mean she is aware of who did it and why. The logic is simple she knows that she didn’t take any sleep medication and the only time when she could have gotten it was when she took that glass of spiked ginger tea. Easy to figure out but without evidence hard to prove. Now if Da Jung was to transfer her without said evidence the worker could claim that she was abusing her power. If Da Jung would claim that she was drugged the worker could easily claim that it was a misunderstanding and that she was simply being nice when she offered the glass and that it wasn’t drugged at all. Da Jung’s ex has just gotten worse. I get that the three of them are the comedy relief squad. (His mother, himself and Seran’s mother). Not only that but they are equally as greedy and dumb. He wants to quit work because he is ashamed of what to tell his daughter and wants someone that she can be proud off. Congratulations when she asks him what job he does. Oh nothing i am just a bum in my house. If she asks him how does he plan on looking after her in the future. His response. Don’t worry you have a rich mum she funds my entire living and if that doesn’t work you have a crazy Aunt who loves to pitch in now and again. Rich Grandmother is also plain weird. She allows a thief to return to work. Her excuse that she needs to be with her daughter because she has never been alone. So wait X amount of years abroad she was living with you? Not only that but back to the issue at hand. The grandmother is now aware that she is a thief. In that case she shouldn’t be back in a position where she has management rights. At best start to make her work in the kitchen again unless she is going to steal some ingredients again. Perhaps some serious punishment make her do the cleaning of the restaurant. Speaking of Seran faking her background is that really an issue on her part. Frankly i don’t know what to make of that statement. I mean I get that is a crime. But according to her what actually happened was she was apparently sitting next to a reporter, and she told him that she was a Star Chef. He then decided to print that story. If that is actually true, then the reporter is at fault for not fact checking before publishing said story. Though how he managed to find a decent picture of Seran is beyond me. Noel;s driver in interesting he seems to have a connection with a lot of characters over here. He knows Da Jung’s MiL because he was in the same fan club with her, he was a fake date with Seran and finally he is Noels driver and has connections with the detective that Noel hired and was bribed by the chairman to quit the search. Now one would think that he would be an opportunist and strike deals with all the wrong people but surprisingly he seems quite loyal towards Noel so far. In fact I even suspected the guy was trying to make money of Noel from her grief of searching for her missing daughter. Such as making a deal with some of the witness he would bring up. But if he is indeed loyal let us hope that he remains like that till the end. I think that i will end my post over here for the time being. While I do have more to add it has sadly slipped my mind. When i do remember what I forgot I will be sure to add it. So till then take care all of you. If anyone here also disagrees with what i have mentioned let me know.
  6. @Ameera Ali can you please make one of your legendary GIF images. Over here when the chairman looks at Da Jung and thinks that she looks familiar. Then add him wondering if it is because he may have dated her in in the past/mistress. Unless that isn’t funny enough for the rest of the viewers over here. @kboramint You asked me if I think that Noel can be like the rich grandmother in Miss Monte Cristo and funding the main leads revenge agenda. I think that is highly possible at this moment. It does depend on a few factors though. So, we need to wait and see how this aligns up. But regardless of all this, some change needs to be made after Da Jung falls into the water. All K-Dramas work around a predictable formula. So, I will admit that when it comes to these revenge dramas my hours devoted to them may not be as high compared to the other family dailies, weekday/end shows. But I am getting the hang of it. But as any good revenge show happens you need to have a way to achieve it. There can be two main ways to do so. Being sneaky or having enough power to crush your opponent. Seran was clearly the former and to an extent still is. Therefore, if Da Jung is to defeat her or get any form of justice the playing field needs to be even. Now we know that 9/10 main leads just aren’t smart or sneaky enough to pull off their revenge schemes. Take for instance revealing to the second leads their plans allowing them to find a way to slip out. Also, as we can see Seran has a bit of access to her grandmother’s wealth. Now if Da Jung needs to overcome this hurdle, she will need money of her own. This isn’t something that can happen with what she is currently doing. The only way she gets access to money is if she were to marry Yo Han (male lead) and he agrees to fund her revenge or if she reunites with her mother in some way. I mean the mother can at the start secretly fund and support Da Jung when she discovers the truth and realizes that someone is trying to hurt her. Depending on how the reveal happens and she thinks that is a better way to get close to her daughter or she can reveal the fact that she is her mother and wants to support her. But if I am being honest we get more dramas worth if she is her secret supporter in the start and then Seran discovers this connection and tries to use it as leverage. Another point that someone brought up was what if Da Jung ends up with amnesia and the main lead lies and pretends that she is his wife. Look I don’t deny that is a good plot I am just wondering how it can be executed. There are a bunch of people who would do their best to remind who she was. They would have to explain her daughter Song Yi unless something happened to her. But then you have her Ex or even Seran who would not want that marriage to take place. Plus, no pictures as proof. Not only that the chairman has already seen Da Jung and is under the impression that she is already married. Depending on how close he thinks he is with his nephew he might bring up this point. Hey, I rushed her to the hospital, and I talked with her husband so how can you be him. She is probably trying to take advantage of you being rich. Frankly the guy is extremely possessive, perhaps more so when it comes to money matters. This can be seen when he is constantly advising Noel to keep her distance from people because they may try and leech of her. So, we have to ask just why that is. Does he want all of her money for himself, and he can’t afford her to waste it on kindness or is it a matter of control. If she discovers that she can be independent, she will leave him, and this will also result in him losing access to her money. Seran was kind of fun in the last episode. When she picked up the chairman’s sons phone for a moment she seemed like a high school girl with a crush. To bad it was dashed in a few scenes later. Not only that but he seems to have her number. So good luck getting him anytime soon. Her mother is busy clubbing will she end up getting scammed or will she end up with her BiL. Speaking of Thug, who do you think will end up partnering with him down the line. Noel’s new driver. We have seen him work with the PI and we also know that he has money/gambling problems. The same as the Thug. So, they are bound to cross paths down the lane. Now if both of them have the same agenda then we know what to expect. Either that or one will be the one to slip up and give the wrong party crucial information. But there you have it unbelievable coincidence people meeting. This guy knows not only the PI but is also in the fan club which Da Jung’s former MiL is a part of and now Noel’s driver. I really wish that Noel was a bit more assertive. Because now she is going to be taken advantage of. This brings me to a point someone made earlier that if Da Jung wanted to know about her mother, she could have gone to ask her former MiL, Seran’s mother etc… as they knew each other in the past and how the MiL doesn’t recognize Noel. Here is the thing in regard to the others (Noel excluded). They knew each other when they were in school. After that as all things happen, they ended up drifting apart for many years until the got reunited again. This time skip is more than adequate for each of them to get acquainted with Noel separately. Not to mention that since Noel conveniently has amnesia, she can’t recall the first meeting that she had with Seran’s mother. As for asking Seran’s mother the answer is simple. She isn’t on good terms with her so she can’t ask her and even if she does, she has to take it with a grain of salt. Well I think that I will end my post over here for the time being. So all of you take care and let’s see which theory comes out correct.
  7. Okay so here I am back after catching up with some of the points that were brought up by some of you in your previous posts. Though to be fair you all answered them well yourselves. For instance, I agree with those of you that say that Noel didn’t abandon her family by choice. Her husband had divorced her and had even threatened her that if she tried to make contact with their daughter, he would end up killing them both. Then add the fact that she had amnesia it makes sense why she never realized something was up with her family. The only question that we do need to ask over here is just how much truth is in her current backstory. Such as we are told that she is a famous designer who studied/worked in France before coming to Korea. Did that actually happen or was that simply the backstory the chairman came up so that people’s suspicions wouldn’t get aroused. (whether that was to hide his involvement in her getting amnesia or because her past was unknown). Now I don’t know if I mentioned this in one of my earlier posts so forgive me for repeating it then. It was brought up that the main lead was dumb to inform Seran that she had a rich grandmother, and his smarts show equally when he mistook Da Jung as a homewrecker. In regard to the former I think that he made the best call given the situation that he had. The grandmother wanted real desperately to connect with her lost family and since her son was dead it would make sense to connect with his family then if he had. Even then he wasn’t just agreeing to the fact that she was the granddaughter he made her take a DNA test for verification. It just so happened that she discovered the truth first and had the results altered. An innocent person would have done the same thing and if the results didn’t match they would have moved on. Seran didn’t want Da Jung and her father to get that because it would mean that the villains (according to her) were being rewarded while the good people would continue to suffer. Not that she is any good and her further actions so that the truth isn’t revealed she has been doing her best to cause misunderstandings between the grandmother and the rightful heirs. This will bring me up to another point later on. Moving on to the mistake that he made with Da Jung makes sense depending on his viewpoint courtesy of his interactions with her in the past. The way she coincidentally approached him felt deliberate on his part. We as the viewers knew that apart from her rolling on his bed at the hotel there was nothing wrong with her showing up. But since he didn’t have that luxury, it could indeed seem to him that she was stalking him. He also happened to meet Seran and Second Male Lead and assumed that they were the married couple. Naturally no cheater is going to correct this misunderstanding. So I don’t really blame him in this regards. Though instead of making vague hints he should have been perhaps a bit more open/honest with Da Jung and things wouldn’t have come down to this. There was also the question as to why the police could mistake Da Jung as a murder suspect in her father’s death. According to the subs there were two possible reasons. The first one that was brought up was that she claimed that Shin Duk Soo was her father but according to his family register she doesn’t show up. This was due to the fact that she was registered under a different name. This problem could easily be resolved by pointing out that they were separated at birth and during this time her name was changed to Da Jung and that they had recently been reunited with each other. A simple investigation into this could easily be verified by the fact that both of them had not only registered their DNA in system to be found and also the station where they were reunited. Probably what must have happened off screen. The other point that was brought up was the fact that her father apparently had taken out a few insurance policies and had made her the beneficiary. This could be a basis for motive. Unfortunately, Seran didn’t capitalize on this situation. Because she could simply paint Da Jung in a negative light and say that she resented her father for abandoning her as a kid. She was already doing something like this with the grandmother. Of course going over to the cops might have been a bit risky according to her so she dropped it. Either way that plot could perhaps been a bit more interesting. I think that they did something like this in the show Meant To Be. Sadly I never got that far in that so I can’t say how it would have played out over here. Seran eating the picture of her dad instead of burning or shredding it. Given what she had I have no issue with her action. With humour I say this. It was the safest and fastest way to do so. What would happen if along the way she accidentally dropped the picture or somehow it got misplaced. She would have to explain it. Plus, we know that at times things don’t fully get destroyed even when you shred and burn them. What if the incriminating position (arm and some other identifying parts) didn’t get destroyed and Da Jung or the main lead found said picture parts realized what had happened the game would already have been over. So, in this case she knows if she eats said picture it is gone for good. Not very healthy but let’s go with the flow. Actually, speaking of the pictures, I have better questions of my own. Why does Seran freak out every time someone shows it to her. I am referring to the doctored picture in this case. If she gets her hands on it she just needs to hand it over to the grandmother. Remember she has the original picture which she stole from Shin Duk Soo. I am willing to agree that as long as he was alive, he could easily tell the grandmother that it was a fake and show his own birthmark to her as proof. But once he passed away there was no way to verify this fact so why freak out when she thought that Da Jung had it as well. Fortunately for her the picture conveniently had a blood spatter on the place where the mole was supposed to be. This brings me to a drama logic fail which I would like your help explaining. Da Jung’s father not only had a picture album with him but apparently, he also managed to keep other stuff from his past such as Da Jung’s old teddy bear which will surely come into play much later on especially considering the fact that it had that message stitched on it by her mother. So, my question over here is just how did that happen. He was arrested way back and then he was so busy searching for Da Jung for X number of years till they got reunited with each other. How did he manage to keep all this stuff in one piece. I doubt that he could take these items with him to jail so how were they kept safe. His company had money issues according to Seran’s mother and they apparently harassed her for money that she couldn’t account for. If this is true then it would make equal sense that they would have ransacked his house as well and taken or destroyed stuff over there. so to believe that these pictures or even teddy bear remained intact is a bit hard for me to believe. As is the fact that he somehow managed to keep them safe for so long because he couldn’t possibly take them with him to jail. Did someone perhaps keep them safe for him while he was imprisoned if so will they show up in the future. The other stuff that I agree with the rest of you is how dumb both Duk Soo and Da Jung are when they confront Seran with evidence of her crime. Of course she is going to do her best to steal or destroy it or any kind of credibility they may have. It is standard main lead characteristics. I am just glad that Da Jung was smart in this case and handed them over to the main lead and nobody would think straight of the bat that it would be there. But just think of what would have been if she played the same mind games with Seran and she was left wondering who could know the truth. As of now she is already aware and will further try and get rid of Da Jung before she can prove her involvements in her crimes. Seron on the other hand should also watch a few English dramas while she is at it. For instance instead of smashing the phone nuke it in the microwave. Much better to get rid of any data in the phone. As of now I feel like the data can probably still be restored to an extent. Probably not a 100% so that we can have some more plot. But enough to get the ball rolling in the right directions. Also while we are on the topic of that phone I am going to call out bad parenting on the main leads part. His daughter brings home phone and he just wonders what she has. If I brought anything home that didn’t belong to me my parents would have questioned me where and how I got said item. It could even be as small as a sweet mind you. As an adult he should probably be able to identify a real and fake phone. Sure the screen was conveniently covered by stars courtesy of Song Yi but still.. I am sure one gets the idea. Not even sure when his brain will figure out that it is the phone that they have been searching for all this time. I have also come to realize that Da Jung having her name changed to that is actually a good thing. I think that the chairman knows that she had a daughter courtesy of Shin Duk Soo. Now if anyone tries to search for her, they will be stumped for a time being because of her birthname and not realize that she is the same person. This will allow her to get closer to that family even if it is unintentional and by the time the truth is discovered it may be too late to do damage control. Not only that Noel may reveal to her how she is searching for her daughter and how she has lost her memories. Further allowing them to bond with each other without realizing this fact and if the chairman discovers her and tries to cause a misunderstanding it won’t work. Now this brings me up to the point of what will happen with Da Jung in her quest for revenge. Her mother is going to somehow discover who she is first. She will then decide to help her take revenge on Seran because she knows how Seran and Second Husband have wronged her. Along the way they will discover that her current husband was the one responsible for all their initial misfortunes. This will then result in all three of them working together (male lead, Da Jung and Noel) in their joint revenge plans. Other things to add. It seems like Serans mother is going to cause trouble again. I am simply waiting for the fact for Second Male Lead to realize who the junior member on his team actually is. He better have his resignation papers ready. But considering the fact that he needs Seran to bail him out more often than not I am not sure where this will go. In fact, I have no idea where he will end up in the long run. Seran has no intention of returning to him unless he gets custody of his daughter so that she can get her back. Again, not sure how they plan on accomplishing any of this. I mean in theory I can understand what they are going for. But practically not sure if it can even work. If I try to work with the logic that these characters, go with. It would be something like this. Get close to the family. Get enough time to bond with the daughter. Then find some glaring fault in the husband which will result in them asking for a divorce. But they will then ask for custody of the daughter as they have bonded with them to such an extent. In this case, being super rich the court might be willing to go with their plan. (Also taking into account what the daughter wants naturally.) Okay I think that this covers most of the points that were brought up. Also as it is starting to get cold. I am going to get into a warm bed and snuggle inside a blanket and perhaps watch a show while thinking about some new points to add. So till then take care all of you and keep posting. It seems like this week will be the one where Da Jung is going to take a dip in some freezing water. Will this dull her brains or transform her into an Ice Queen who will get ready to slay her enemies. Stay tuned to find out.
  8. @maribella I totally agree with you Seran probably doesn’t deserve a happy ending considering all that she has done and will do so far in the future. My point in regard to this was more along what k-drama formulas are. The majority of the second leads end up getting forgiven and they also find ways to redeem themselves as well. Now days this seems to change a bit and if the second lead or villain are totally remorseless of their actions then they do tend to get a heavy dose of karma. Take for instance dramas like Man In A Veil the second female lead ended up not only in prison but had a disease that she couldn’t be cured easily and her MiL ended up losing her mind. This was because they were totally unrepentant till the end. I feel something similar is going to happen to the second lead in Elegant Empire. Probably his mother will end up dying and that will make him come to his senses partially. But then you have dramas where the second lead is totally forgiven which makes no sense like in Heavens Promise. Don’t even get me started on the ending of said show. Anyway, as I was saying for all that Seran has done it was out of a misguided sense of revenge so there is a small chance that she can end up redeeming herself. As for the points that you bring up especially where she is fraudulently pretending to be the granddaughter of a rich old woman. We must ask why she is doing that. Is it her greed. Sure, that is partially the answer but not the complete answer. The actual answer is that she doesn’t want Da Jung to be happy. She feels that it is unfair that after all that her family has done to hers, they should get a chance at happiness after ruining hers. According to her Da Jung probably had the perfect married life a MiL who cared about her and a husband that doted on her, a father who was a murderer being let go scott free without any consequences and now on top of that they just inherited millions so they will continue to live the good life. Whereas she would continue to suffer. Her mother isn’t the smartest and will continue to get into trouble not only that but because she doesn’t have enough money people will continue to look down on her. Take for example the customer that slapped her when she was working at the nail salon. So, her taking on Da Jungs spot as the fake granddaughter is her thinking that she is justified and letting karma take place. Now do I think that she will willingly give Da Jung her place once she discovers the truth. Highly unlikely, probably because of her pride and whatnot. But I do think that she can try and make amends of sorts if she has to be redeemed. If not, she can easily go fry. Not that it will bother me in the long run. I am just here to be entertained. Anyway, I should probably go over all the older posts that I have missed so far and attempt to take part in a question and answer survey. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have fun trying to make some weird sense of the questions that we all seem to have. For instance, the name that Da Jung and the male lead are trying to figure out Song Si-Yi this is clearly where he misheard her father. The father was trying to tell him that Song Yi wasn’t Da Jung’s real daughter but Seran’s. Unfortunately, he wasn’t strong and clear enough due to his injuries, so it came out as Song Si-Yi. If you try it enough times you can see the resemblance to Song Yi. But that is something only us viewers will realize because of the scenes we witnessed. But since they don’t know any of that they will be busy trying to rack their minds for a solution. Now I have a few questions of my own as well but first I will try and go back out of respect to other posters here and check if it has been answered. So, until then. Taje care all of you. I look forward to all the theories to come in the future.
  9. Okay so I seem to be enjoying this show a bit more than Elegant Empire for a few reasons. Elegant Empire was kind of fun in the start when it wasn’t taking itself seriously and kind of couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be a revenge drama or a comedy or something in between. Clearly the reason that they were probably forced to change the second lead. Sure, it has a bit of overacting at times even now, but it had started to get a whole lot repetitive at this point. Over here the female lead is something that I am sort of enjoying. Sure, she still isn’t the smartest person in town and can be tricked by the villains at this point. But she still has a few points that I can enjoy about her. For starters the female lead usually played a second female lead in her previous dramas and I think that she still hasn’t fully transitioned to her new change over here. Because of that she tends to at times give back as good as she gets over here. For instance, how many times have we witnessed female leads become doormats and let others throw drinks on them, slap them, or even pull their hair. We see all this happening over here as well, but she returns the favour back to the people that did it to her. So, she gets a few bonus points for the time being. I am sadly waiting for her to become a total damsel in distress (DID as in Hercules) and become dependent on the male lead. Let’s hope that when she returns that doesn’t happen. Now I know that I haven’t been posting for some time now so things may have already been covered but I will still bring them up. Where do I think that this show will go or end up. I think that we may have an ending like Two Mothers but probably on a happier note. The ending in that show was okay and at the same time it made sense. Though over here things might be a bit different so let’s break things down. Sorry for the show spoiler but you really aren’t missing out on anything in that show. People have wondered who the actual villain of this show is. Seran or the male leads uncle. The answer is clearly the uncle. Seran is only the villain because she has a so-called bone to pick with the female lead. Plus add in a bit of greed on her part. But if you think about it a lot of it is based on her misunderstanding. Once that is resolved I think that they can sort of mend their relationship. Will it be as it was in the start. Probably not. So, we can either expect this kind of scene by the end. Seran is in prison for the crimes that she has committed in the show. Da Jung will visit her and show her a picture of Song Yi and Anna playing together and having a good time. Aka their daughters. She will point out that if there wasn’t this misunderstanding between them this would have been the natural result. But that since she is Song Yi’s mother, she will be taking good care of her. But Seran can always reconnect with her once she is released. (wait what will the housing arrangements be in that case). Perhaps add a bit of Thorn Birds ending as well. Seran will decide to go to the States and ask to at least be invited to Song Yi’s wedding when that happens and if she decides to study abroad, she can live with her. Or the other ending is that things are sort of returned to where they belong. Da Jung runs her grandmother’s restaurant while Seran takes over their fathers’ business. This way she isn’t totally unsatisfied with her end life. But a happy ending sort of for both of them. Now moving on to why the Uncle is the true villain of the show. As of now he really hasn’t changed from what he was from the start given from what the show as revealed of him so far. He is fueled by his ego/pride and greed. Also, from his character description it seems like if he has nine things, he will want an extra thing. To achieve his aims, he will do anything in his power even if that is illegal or ruins the other party. For example, he tends to force people or companies in a corner so that they are forced to accept his offer to bail them out. He then gets them for a price that is good for him but way less than their actual value. He did the same thing with his Ex-Wife. He couldn’t stand the fact that she was the one that dumped him. He then tries to make it seem like there was trouble at her work and whatnot. He wants her to come begging to him for help. It is also the reason why he is preventing her from meeting her previous husband (Da Jung’s father) because he sees her as his toy, and he doesn’t want anyone else to have it. Does he actually have feelings for her is debatable, but I doubt that a person like him can. Not only that but he loves to make enemies. Even at this point both his nephew and others are against him though they don’t openly show it. I wish that we had more of a backstory over here, but it certainly gives the nephew and Da Jung to team up later on. Anyway, sorry for my rambling let’s get back to the reason why he is the villain over here. As I pointed out his MO over here is that he buys companies for a price lesser than their actual value. We later on find out that he has done the same thing with Shin Duk Soo’s company as well in the past. Interesting because it shows that they have more of a connection than we initially assumed. Sure, he always tries to justify his actions that things weren’t looking for X company and he did things legally. But if his actions were the same as in the past as they are now. Then this takes a totally different meaning. Not only that but even the murder of Seran’s father can be seen in a different light. I had initially assumed that her mother had decided to get rid of her wayward husband. After all, if she could sell of an innocent little girl what was stopping her to do the same for her husband as well. But after finding out that the Uncle purchased the company. Things start to look a bit different plus add in another flashback and his involvement becomes a bit more apparent. We have Seran over here being with her father who shows her Dream Food and tells her that someday he will be able to work in a company like this. Perhaps it was wishful thinking on his part, or it could be foreshadowing things to come in a bit. Now we have other things to consider why was he murdered. Perhaps because he knew too much, or he was using said knowledge as blackmail. Let’s get into this for a bit. Da Jung’s father noticed that something was fishy in the company’s accounts and automatically assumed that his friend was involved in it since that was his department. He wanted him to turn himself in etc… His friend’s reaction was that he catches on quick (after he had left). Now this could certainly imply that what was mentioned was true or that he just discovered it fast but doesn’t know the full truth. This could mean that he was either involved in the thing or had also discovered this and realized who was responsible. Either way Seran’s father knew too much as well. Perhaps he was using this information as leverage against the uncle which resulted in his death. Perhaps the uncle had pretended to strike a deal with him because he knew that he was the weaker link and that Shin Duk Soo would not accept one. A deal could be that Seran’s father could work in Dream Foods and perhaps even granted a bit of shares in return make it look like his company had issues so that the Uncle could purchase it. But since he now knew this, and the uncle had no intention of keeping his word he had the father murdered. Once Seran discovers this it might make sense for her to shift her target of revenge. How well will she work with Da Jung at this point remains to be seen as well as how much greed she has at this point. We also really need to see how Da Jung’s mother ended up losing her memory. One could say that she initially confronted the uncle when she somehow discovered that he was responsible for what he did to her husbands’ company. They had a fight and she ended up getting injured which resulted in her losing her memory. But this also kind of made it look like they were having an affair at that point causing a misunderstanding between people. But he needs to keep her close because of this so he plays along because the moment she realizes the truth she will have him reported and he will end up losing all that he has gained. Plus, like I mentioned he doesn’t want others to have what he wants. After all, why doesn’t he want her to recall her memories. Because he wants her to be always dependent on him. But at the same time there are moments when it seems like he genuinely doesn’t know who she is. Perhaps he is very good at pretending. For instance, he always seems to be worried that she is going through a hard time when he is the one responsible (paying off the detective that she hired to discover the truth), so it is equally possible that he is doing the same when she was wondering about a painting in their house. He asks her that if she was interested, he could investigate the painter. When the clues are that she was the actual painter. So, in this case he could be faking it as usual or he is genuinely clueless as well. One can suppose that there must be a better backstory for the mother then over here. She may have been a painter briefly after leaving her family then something happened which resulted in her losing her memory and ending up with the uncle. We just need to discover just how much gap was when she left the house and ended up with the uncle to come up with better theories. Now moving on to other aspects of this show. I get that Seran was desperate for Da Jung to break up with her husband so that her revenge could be completed. Also, that she seems to be a slightly quick thinker some of her plans need to improve because they don’t really make a lot of sense. For instance, when Da Jung is trapped in the cold storage room with the male lead. She takes pictures of them in the morning which show them in a compromising position so to speak. Actually, this entire plot was absurd, and I am surprised it took them some time to resolve that she was involved in it. This is where logic seemed to have failed everyone. If it was to rile up Da Jung’s husband and MiL it worked. Clearly, they couldn’t figure out the truth and those pictures would never hold up in a proper court of law. But hey this is just a drama so who knows over here. Now why this wouldn’t work and why nobody could prove Seran’s involvement is a surprise. Da Jung and the nephew clearly mentioned that they were trapped in that storage room. Indicating that someone had locked them in. I mean who would want to stay in a cold storage area on purpose. So that must mean that they were intentionally locked in. This brings us to the next point. Who was the person that actually found them first. The answer is Seran. Surprisingly nobody bothered to ask her how she managed to free them if they were locked inside. I get that things were a bit hectic back then. But it would have gotten people to wonder a whole lot more. Sure, Seran could have lied that there was no lock ever and they were making things up. Or that perhaps someone locked them in for a reason but later on unlocked them. Why they didn’t inform others after doing this. Well they should find that person to discover this. Instead, the nephew had to track down her uncle and get a confession from him. Seran probably should have gotten another confession from her uncle at this point that he was paid to confess what he said earlier. Which is partially true by the way. Wait what am I doing over here. Why am I giving ideas to the villain. But like I said she doesn’t always think things through. Also let’s talk about Da Jung’s father’s accident/murder. Da Jung can really not be investigating stuff on her own and providing the police with evidence. Look that is tampering with evidence and it shouldn’t hold up in a court of law. Seran can clearly claim that she was being set up and that Da Jung has been planting said evidence or stealing it to frame her. Just like Da Jung has already done in regard to the thing that she took from her room. Yes, she wants to use it as basis for the investigation to take place but that should have been the cops department. The same goes for the handkerchief that was found at the crime scene. It is only Da Jung’s word that her husband had it on him that day. This is super problematic for two reasons. The only people that actually know the truth are as follows her MiL and the husband himself and her daughter. Now the first two just need to deny this fact since they don’t want to get incriminated as for the daughter. They can simply argue that she must have been confused. Also, would anyone want a little kid to stand up in court and admit to this. Yes, I saw him with it. Lawyers from their side would try to pressurize Song Yi into recanting her statement by confusing her or making it look like she has a hard time remembering facts. Da Jung clearly wouldn’t want her daughter to go through with that. So this fails. Now we need to get on with other stuff. But sadly I am not feeling well. The cold is a killer over here as well as me constantly rushing of the toilet for an upset stomach. So I will end my post over here for the time being. When I feel better I will add in more points. So till then take care all of you.
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