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  1. Has this lovely video been posted before? My heart is in pieces !!! KJW was right (from the Viki interview)...we really did watch them fall in love. What a wholesome romance that has enamored me for 2 months (and many more months to come)... I’m glad you guys are still around It eases my withdrawal symptoms just a little bit. Like PMY, I’m still having a hard time letting go of HPL. I think I’m going through the 7 stages of grief and I’m far from #7 . I’m lowkey glad that the post-drama interviews haven’t been done yet because once they do, it’ll be officially the end of HPL season until the release of the DVD cut for me personally. I thought I’d be rewatching this week, but it’s a little hard for me to get attached again, probably even stronger this time upon rewatch. I rarely rewatch dramas, but HPL has a special privilege. As for the post-drama interviews, they will come soon enough my friends. From what I understood from ABH’s V-live, he has already finished his. It’s only a matter of time before it gets released.
  2. Oh you guys...I’m going to miss all of you so much ! I’ve participated in a few forums before but this one is truly special and close to my heart. It felt like one big family that I got to share my love for HPL with. I anxiously waited for subs for the finale today and forced myself to do things to keep myself distracted while waiting and it was all worth it. I never thought I would get post drama withdrawal this bad! I started crying within 15 mins of the episode, especially during the exhibition, where they were paralleling scenes from the earlier episodes. This is one of my favorite things about HPL. I don’t have much to say, as everyone here already shares my sentiments. PD-nim is super sneaky He left us to our own wild imaginations to continue their bed scene in the end. Which is the safer choice because I know some of us in here have much more to offer than what PD-nim could have HAHA! I also really liked the fact that DM got her job opportunity in NYC through her effort alone, and not because of Ryan. Their little scene where even he was surprised was perfect for me because it shows just how much of an equal they are to each other. Not once did we ever see or feel a power imbalance in their relationship, and they are both respectful of their capabilities as professionals so that they can shine on their own individually, but are a sparkling night sky when together. Ryan may have been her boss, but he treated all the coworkers all the same unless a situation called for him having to act as the higher up that he was. I was so happy to see that HPL was cleanly concluded and came full circle, albeit a few loose ends (such as CSA knowing SNG's identity -- but a gentle reminder that CSA has his entire life to figure it out seeing she is his sister-in-law after all). As much as I would have loved to see an even longer time gap that would have given room for a few little LaBits here and there, I loved that they ended HPL with what was basically fan service from KJW and PMY. The best part of it is the fact that it still makes sense in the story and their characters. DM's life had become filled with love and her lifetime bias had changed to Ryan. I know a few were upset that her fansite persona was put in the back burner after their confession, but was that not the point of DM's story? As much as I would have loved to see her in action one last time (she did buy concert tickets after all!), just like Seon Joo had explained in an earlier episode that once she started dating her husband, her bias became him. DM's already a more than successful fangirl. Maybe when I rewatch the drama and take a deeper analysis on it, I can point out parts from the dialogues that basically supported what Seon Joo said and how it applies to DM's fangirl persona, her personal life, and the gradual switch in her priorities. As for the childhood connection, I didn't mind it being added on there, but I won't argue that it felt rushed and tacked on. However, as another member had mentioned earlier, I choose to view their childhood connection more as a story for the mothers involved than it was for DM and Ryan. Needless to say, I thought it was very interesting how the mothers were used in this drama. They were all strong and beautiful but flawed women that did what they could do best for their family in their time. It almost felt like subtle shade at the patriarchal society in Korea, not that I'm complaining hmm. I noticed that a lot of (western) international fans had lots of questions about why wasn't this or that done. Apart from the technical viewpoint such as the fact that the production team probably didn't have the time or capacity to spell that situation out for the viewers, I feel like I might be missing context as a non-Korean. I mean, this was Korea in the 1990s after all. There must be some things/actions that could be more understood if you were Korean living in that time period. Notice that the most important aspect of their connection was that it didn't change anything in the dynamics of their relationship. If this were an alternate universe drama, DM and Ryan would have used that as a justification for why they must/probably love each other. Here, it was merely a sprinkle on top. In the end of Ep.15 when they were saying "I missed you DM/YJ", to me that was more of them revisiting their friendship/companionship as children. They were kids back then, how were they supposed to know that they love each other? Also, not once did their childhood selves mention anything about loving or marrying each other in the future. The childhood connection only strengthens how deep their connection is as individuals, not lovers. I loved loved loved the proposal scene. When I was watching this, I had to audibly gasp and hit my pillow because I really wasn't expecting it. But as soon as I saw Ryan's hands leave his left pocket, I knew it was happening. They weren't married by the end of the episode, so the proposal was basically a declaration of wholesome love, and for the lack of better term, cuffing themselves to one another. I mean, the two of them and everyone else in the HPL-verse knew that they would eventually end up getting married but I love how Ryan made it clear. And his flowery speech, OOF. That hit me right in the heart because I actually started tearing up??? Like WOAH! I wasn't expecting this proposal and even more so was never expecting that I would tear up. So very big kudos to KJW and PMY and their skills (those eyes man!!!) with this emotionally charged scene, because I could feel how palpable and sincere their love for each other was through a mere screen. Am I the only one confused about EG and HJ's relationship ? I was so shocked to see viewer comments that they ended up getting together because when I was watching, I literally thought it was just them having ended up becoming friends/siblings seeing how similar HJ actually is to DM. Regardless, I'm not complaining. Speaking of EG, I was pleasantly surprised to see his role not being wasted as just a second lead. He actually had a purpose being the family's glue and I'm so happy about that. And my favorite scenes that leave my heart bursting with happiness: (Credit) They're so smiley and happy!!! Their genuine happiness is clearly palpable through our screens and I gotta give it to KJW and PMY because I have no idea how they do that but it looks SO REAL. Maybe it's also the fact that as HPL viewers, our eyes are trained to spot reel vs real (ad-libs). Time for me to go back into my cave and cleanse my delulu musings... @jeonghyang ARGH you've made me even more sad! Seeing all those tagged names...our one, big family Thank you so much for tagging me! And it also allows me to watch your wonderful gifs on repeat hehe (since TVN is being stingy on uploading this clip in both Naver and YT excuseeeeee meeeee)
  3. You guys are NOT helping me at all ! It's been SO long since I've had post drama withdrawals and it's already happening. I'm getting even more sad not just because HPL is ending this week, but also because you guys have been so fun to be with. Reality is just starting to hit me now that it really is the end soon. Although we still have post drama interviews, final episode dinners, reward vacation (although unlikely because HPL didn't gain enough traction in Korea...), my Wednesdays and Thursdays won't be the same. I've been the happiest these past 8 weeks. I'm already starting to eye some new dramas to watch to ease the withdrawal symptoms but nothing is helping at the moment. I've also started rewatching episodes and the best thing about it is that the feelings I feel watching each one is still fresh and new, which is rare for me! I'll just accept my fate in the meantime. Happy Monday to everyone on the other side of the world! We're a few days closer to Ep. 15! One of the best things I love about HPL is that I cared (good or not!) about all the characters, especially Sindy and Si An. They're so cute and endearing! Surprisingly, I never once felt like Sindy was annoying because hey, at the end of the day, she was the catalyst that brought Ryan and DM closer together Everyone say "Thank you Sindy!" I love watching her relationship with her mother (Director Eom is a hoot she's so fun!), and although I could feel Director Eom's hurt and jealousy, I felt very soft watching her call to DM's parents like as if they were her own. Sindy's comedic timing deserves praise on its own, and her relationship with Ryan is honestly so funny, just like siblings! She has certainly grown on me. To Eun Gi, you redeemed yourself my dude. I appreciate you. I think, after much thinking, I expected too much from him in a small amount of time in terms of his feelings and reactions to DM and her relationship with Ryan. At the end of the day, he IS her best friend, one with 33 years of history behind it. I think I could understand him a little bit more now in trying to salvage his relationship and his feelings for DM. It should be pointed out though that Eun Gi never once aggressively pressed his feelings on her. Sure, he might have slipped up at first by confessing to her at the swings, with full knowledge that DM was already with Ryan and telling her he would wait for her. A little selfish yes, but not once was he ever negative about her relationship with Ryan (as her bf). He gave her space, and never pestered her about his feelings. I'm glad he made the first move in trying to maintain the friendship with DM, and his words of appreciation towards her (and her family) made up for everything. Eun Gi, you may be second place but a silver is just as precious as a gold! I'm really glad it was Choi Da In who got through him. It really made everything clear for the both of them and where their priorities in their own respective relationship lied. I will never shut up about HPL. In a very rare instance, it has become a true definition of what a "romantic comedy" is like. There was some light angst sprinkled here and there, but overall if the genre had a staple work, I would suggest HPL. My best friend, who doesn't really watch kdramas, is going to have the time of her life when I finally get to show HPL to her. IK I'm way more excited than she is
  4. Thank you for pointing this out! PMY isn’t given as much of an attention as she deserves because of KJW’s emergence and portrayal of the gold standard for male leads is taking over everyone (understandably so). If I recall correctly from bits and pieces of the BTS and the press-con, KJW himself has said something similar to this. PMY also mentions that KJW is very generous, and if we were to view this statement with a lens on their professionalism, one can see that the two work together with the PD to know what will create a very good performance. He wouldn’t be able to shine without PMY. Had he been paired with a different actress, I have no doubt he would have performed just as well, but the effect of his role as DM’s significant other and partner (in life) may not have had the same degree of an impact if his female co-star fell flat in her portrayal of DM. Here, they are very much equals in their craft and are on the same wavelength. PMY just has that power, and it’s been evident from all her other works. That’s what we call professionalism! I think KJW was very lucky to have been paired within PMY for his first rom-com. Both of them have shown nothing but a stellar performance in portraying two characters that they have made their own, and most importantly very real and believable.
  5. Thank you so much for clarifying! I admit that I was just so surprised to see some color on her skin that I had forgotten about their drinks prior to this scene. Maybe it also because I always assume that their drinking scenes don’t involve real alcohol but I guess it does!
  6. To our more seasoned PMY fans of this forum, does PMY usually drink before an intense scene? And if she drinks, does she get the 'Asian glow' as well? I was pleasantly surprised to see her actually red in this scene. I think it's so funny that KJW always gets called out, while PMY has been seen red/flushed a few times (BTS for Ep.7-8) and her red ears that's usually covered by her hair. Why isn't anyone talking about the fact that she's been around KJW so many times that his redness suddenly got transferred to her ? PMY is gorgeous and glowing in this scene!!! I’m so in love uGh. And to think that we may have never seen her bun again...clever how they brought it back for this scene. Her stylists deserve a raise for this scene alone. I loved this scene. It might not have been as steamy as some wanted it to be but I thought it was perfect and just right considering the amount of emotional turmoil they went through, both individually and as a couple. They are strong as individuals but stronger together. I predicted that we would finally get their declaration of love for each other in tonight's episode, and this morning while waiting for subtitles I kept getting e-mail notifications from you guys on the other side of the world and I thought to myself "Yep, this is it. Something big must have happened" . Also, TvN/PD team has been notorious for trolling (End of ep. 9/beginning of 10 HEHE) so I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually held it out till next week. Otherwise how are they supposed to have viewers if they killed us all this week? And honestly, they don’t need a bed scene at all. They have shown us enough and can always leave us to our even WILDER imaginations HAHA. It IS a mature romance, but it doesn’t necessarily have to shown through a bed scene. It would be a bonus ofc! If they do I feel like they might show a teeeeennnnyyyy peek of it in the last episode which then leads to a potential time skip to their growing family. I’m not trying to expect much, because seeing the spotted pics from last week and this week, they’re very very tight on the live filming. However, I will sincerely riot if they don’t show us a family scene for our OTP . Anyways, I won't reiterate any more of the wonderful sentiments that others have posted about this scene, but if I may repeat it once more, they nailed this scene with the right amount of tenderness and overflowing emotion that was needed to convey their deep emotions. It's so utterly believable. In my eyes, they're practically married now. This scene really sealed the deal. And it makes me really happy watching their journey together for someone who's been single since birth because they have shown us that a deep love like this CAN exist, even if it's just a drama .
  7. All cute interactions aside, I really appreciated this scene with Deok Mi guiding Ryan’s hands to draw her own. It was so symbolic and so deep with love, compassion and understanding. As many have mentioned, DM’s EQ shines in empathy and being able to understand Ryan without spoken words. She waited for him to come to her when he was ready and never pressed him to reveal anything. In the very beginning of Ep. 12, Ryan asked her “Why aren’t you asking me anything?” and she just smiled at him. He continued to tell her at his own accord a little bit after. I teared up a little in this scene, because the pent-up frustrations and sadness that his condition brought him was being relieved right here and right now, with a single and simple gesture from DM. They are so observant of each other, with DM noticing how Ryan respectfully declined the sketchbook and the crayons from Curator Kim. The most important aspect of DM's actions is that she never forces Ryan to do anything. This scene didn't feel like DM was stepping any kind of boundaries. I’d also like to make a note that as far as I remember, Ryan paints with his left hand, but DM makes him draw with his right. I’m not sure if this was intentional (i.e. they had to use his right hand for the technical shot), but regardless, remember Ryan and DM’s conversation when he asked her how she learned to draw and appreciate her talent again after breaking her wrist? She said she used her left hand and it was difficult but she did it regardless because it was the first step in healing for her. Here she does the same thing — using Ryan’s right hand instead of his primary left, guiding him carefully and never once letting go of his hand, signaling that his healing process doesn't have to be done alone, and that she will always be there for him. This heightens the impact of the ending of Ep.12 as well. Using the quote from Ep. 5 “I am here. I am always looking at you...” DM has been the healing that Ryan needed all this time. She helped him take that brave first step, gently and slowly. You can see this endearing reaction from Ryan as well as he stares at her both in disbelief and in awe (what a woman DM is). And she continues to smile back at him, reassuring him that he’s doing just fine. It hasn't really been explored that much, but I always assumed that Ryan pre-DM wanted to be able to paint again but with an expectation that he would be able to paint as well as he had been prior to his condition. DM gave him the wisdom of starting with baby steps to help him heal. I love this scene so much. I love love love how hands has been used in HPL. It shows connectivity as well as intimacy when it comes to Ryan and DM. The arrangement of their hands after DM finishes the drawing shows this as well, connected as one. (source) And then to our cute little guest! They look like a tiny family here, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they adopt her in the end (please Writer-nim!). She was pretty attached to Ryan, and honestly who wouldn’t want to be ? I can already imagine some of fangirling hijinks DM would pull her into, and then fun art sessions with the family. It's asking for a little much, but for now I'll let my imagination run!
  8. I’m actually CACKLING because I was thinking the same thing I really liked their interaction here because it shows how laid back the two are along with the production team who are letting them just have fun to create a more authentic scene for broadcast. I love watching these because seeing how much fun they’re having is transmitted to us as well seeing how we’re all enjoying HPL as a whole.
  9. Guys...we’ve been caught on set After watching the BTS multiple times, I couldn’t help but swivel my eyes around 1:46 right before PMY pushes KJW down on the couch and watch grey hoody guy again. Thank you for repping LaBit couple nation What more can I say? You guys have taken the words out of my mouth. I was eating dinner with my family right before I saw that the bts has been posted and I kind of collapsed on the floor...they started giving me questionable stares but I was literally so excited to see this was released. I know we’re all spazzing about the content we’re being shown but I’m more amazed at the fact that the production team even let them take control of the scenes themselves and using that as content because it’s more genuine and real. Kudos to the PD team, but also curse you all because how are we going to survive ? I’m writing this from my grave!!! My favorite bit: the cooking scene still tops! Specifically when KJW tried to kiss her and PMY wasn’t showing discomfort by it afterwards...more like embarrassment since she asked “What are you doing?” and looking around at the cameras with all those people watching them as if he just exposed the two of them LOL. Am I thinking too deeply into this? KJW says something we can’t hear afterwards and PMY continues to smile. This made me really happy Keep it coming guys! I’ve forgiven TvN from my previous post because this has given me the oxygen to make it through until Wednesday.
  10. I think my STS has reached it's peak because I'm finally delurking because I actually cannot physically contain myself anymore. They make my lonely feels go away because I feel happy just watching them on/off screen! I've been a PMY fan since City Hunter and I think she'll be the only actress I will love with all my heart. I watched Coffee Prince eons ago but never really kept up with KJW. Regardless, I'm glad I've also fallen for KJW's charms as an actor in this project and I'm really glad that these two were brought together. Because it's PMY, there's been instances where I've ended up shipping her with a few of her costars, but it's never been this bad/intense. I thought a previous ship of hers would be my last, but there was just something about these two that kept drawing me in since the start. I first noticed a budding feeling as a shipper in one of their clips where Park Jin Joo was interviewing them while filming at the zoo/amusement park. It was how they complimented each other and their reactions to it that made me smile. They haven't been filming for that long but they already seemed like great friends. Here is my favorite screenshot of them: I remember during their presscon, PMY shared to the interviewers that being around KJW and ABH felt like being around one of her girl friends. And I specifically remember that this was used in one of her ships as a way to "cancel out" whatever romantic relationship that could blossom between KJW and PMY and therefore making that specific ship superior/the winning ship. I liked the way she said it however. With this statement, it showed that PMY felt friendly and comfortable with the two men as if they were her own friends. We can see this very well in the BTS clips how carefree and more at ease she is filming this drama, as @Woodshop beautifully put in her post. I totally agree with what the post mentioned (Possibility #4) that I sincerely think that this project has been much of a relief for PMY after the mess that was after her previous drama. And I'm glad that she is surrounded by others that have attributed to that, especially KJW. It's not that hard to see how much of a fun, laid-back kinda guy he is who can be goofy and personable offscreen and professional when the cameras are rolling. We all strive to be make ourselves happy with our own power but it doesn't hurt to have a little help from others, and seeing that her and KJW are together almost all the time for this project, it can be safe to assume that he's taken a big part in this. At this point, I think I can fully understand why PMY mentioned that she can rely on him for emotional support when she's tired, and how he can rely on her as well in this project. And the best thing about this ship is that it doesn't even have to be necessarily romantic (although that would be everyone's wish I assume), but it can also be out of pure friendship as well. I feel like with her other ships, they relied on that romantic aspect too much to the point that it becomes unrealistic wishful thinking that has shown to be hurtful to their respective parties, especially PMY. If you've watched her vlogs through Namoo's YT, she is the same person both in the vlogs and the BTS videos, and as her fan, it makes me really happy to see that. Because she's having so much fun and more relaxed she is with this project, you can see that through how her work is delivered and the results are absolutely breathtaking. Through that, we as the viewers and fans are able to feel those same emotions coming across through a screen. Thank you for these gifs @taedysol! I really wanted to comment on this part because it just looks so soft and wholesome! For two people who have barely started working together, I quite liked their interaction here. I thought it was cute how PMY immediately looked to KJW after answering "Mo Tae Gu", kind of mischievously as you would with your friends knowing you're waiting for a reaction. It makes me wonder if they have some kind of inside joke between them, possibly related to how she mentioned that she's always laughing when KJW has to glare at her in the drama because it reminds her too much of his past character. Them laughing in sync is so cute!!! My history with this ship has honestly hurled me into their world after the screenshot from above. You guys should see my YT history and how much of it is filled with HPL and HPL BTs clips, with a dash of presscon interviews even when I don't understand them . I just really love seeing them together Their budding friendship both as people and as costars is really beautiful to watch. There's a lot of trust involved with your co-star in being able to create something as natural and believable as what they've shown in HPL, especially those ad-libs. At this point, if I had to choose a favorite, it would have to be the cooking scene one from this week's episodes. I mean, LOOK AT THEM: Credit: idleminds on tumblr Credit: nuestraron on tumblr I mean...Look at them!!! I know PD-nim cut it, but PHEW. I have every right to believe that almost this entire sequence was ad-libbed. And it's even more endearing to watch this knowing that DM (or PMY's?) natural response was to wrap her arms/hands around his neck as she has been... (Bonus Post: https://liveasbutterflies.tumblr.com/post/184936349250/this-is-nice) Through my years of drama watching, I don't think I've ever been this blessed with this many ad-libs in a drama, let alone a rom-com. But the thing that intrigues me the most about these two, is that how is one able to pull off that kind of scene, as natural as it is? I know that these two are excellent actors, and I don't mean to shade their skills at all, (I've read that PMY immerses herself into putting her mindset as if she's dating someone while filming a drama) but just...HOW?????? And as @TripleNa and @Wendy123 have mentioned, it's not even about the kisses that are skyrocketting their chemistry anymore. It's the fact that these two are able to create such natural reactions and nuances to characters that have just begun a romantic relationship to the point that you start to question if its real...(seeing each other while filming???) *sigh* In my opinion, there are just nuanced reactions/movements/etc. in a relationship that can't be replicated alone through just being able to perform what is written on a script (or even through an ad-lib). I've warned myself not to ever reach the point of becoming delulu about the romantic aspect of this ship, but they're making it VERY hard for me to prevent myself from doing that because the lines between reel and real are very, very blurred. Anyways, I'm glad the production team and PMY and KJW themselves are being given the freedom to do these ad-libs, and PD-nim was very smart to do this move because it has successfully become the best chemistry out there right now. For a casual viewer like myself, I don't really mind the editing mistakes, although I don't think I can forgive PD-nim for cutting off the last cooking scene kiss and doing us dirty like that Now, if they can just please release even a GLIMPSE of this part in the yet-to-be-released BTS, maybe I'll consider forgiving him! I'm...shamelessly addicted to them. My life, for the past 6 weeks, has revolved around HPL, this thread, countless replays and videos on YT, and using SNS to fill me up. My summer semester has started but I didn't realize how much time was passing that I already missed a deadline LOL. But thank you guys for accompanying me in this journey! I love being in our civilized, respectful community. This has been keeping me happy for however long it's been around and I can already feel the post-drama depression and the withdrawal symptoms coming around.
  11. @celest1al This is seriously so...WILD. I had my thoughts planned out right before I saw your post and I literally had to stare at my phone and blink a few times because who is this person who just hacked into my brain and ghostwrote this for me? PLEASE DO. I am thirsty for content! I don't think any of us here would be opposed to this ♥ THIS. I was really out here thinking that nothing could top Ep. 10 for me but HPL keeps getting better and better. Ryan and DM have undoubtedly become my favorite kdrama couple for this exact reason. This scene, as well as the one from earlier when she linked hands with him and brought him back to reality, goes to show how far DM's empathy can reach. I think this is the exact same reason why Si An mentioned that he loves SNG as a fansite because of her ability to sympathize with him through the medium of photography. I'm glad that TVN didn't let us down when they talked about showing their mature relationship growing in this episode (although you know, it wouldn't hurt for a mature romance either hehe). It was small moments like these that really make them as a couple seem so real (thank you kdrama gods for PMY and KJW). And their connection!!! This drama isn't safe for my single life omg. This is exactly what Ryan needed at the right time, and now he finally has HIS person to be there for him. She, who doesn't have any clue on the context of the change in his mood, was able to provide what he needed the most. And like the ice cream scene, she does it so subtley and gives him validation and compliments to lighten his mood and it just instantly brightens up his life. This is even more of a reason for me to continue quietly push the ending with them having children of their own @ writer-nim! I joke about how it would be fun to see Ryan and his fangirl/fanboy family, but it would just come full circle with Ryan finally having a complete family of his own where he can provide love and be given that love in return that he was missing all these years.
  12. Not sure if this was shared yet : https://ddoboja.blogspot.com/2019/05/spoilersher-private-life-roundup_11.html
  13. @rabbiteen That’s what I was thinking too! My first thought was that maybe PMY was uncomfortable...but as you said, it’s that signature “punch” right there. I’m so pleased to watch how relaxed they are both on and off screen. This entire gifset is STS inducing. It was very late at night and only my brother and I are awake and he happened to pass by me smiling to myself on my screen and looked at me strangely HAHA. Heck, I think my entire family think there’s something wrong with me because sometimes I can’t even control when the smiling symptom come in!
  14. Hello friends! I'm proud to announce that I've had a major case of STS over this entire waiting period. It felt like Wednesday was never going to come. It's only Monday night for me, and the wait for the next 2 days is going to be absolutely agonizing. It's never been this bad before, and I consider myself a pretty patient person I was just so enamored by Ep. 10 that it made me question is someone could feel this happy in such a short amount of time LOL. I do admit though that I have my worries about where we go from now -- it is usually between Episodes 11-14 that can make or break a kdrama for me in terms of plot. But I have decided to put my faith in the writer...she has been exceeding our expectations so far and I'm sure the drama will be able to deliver until the very end. Ramblings: Also some random reactions from Ep. 10: Are my eyes playing with me (after multiple replays, rewinds and zoom-ins ofc) or was Ryan teary eyed at this part? If it's true that he was teary eyed, then this makes his reaction to DM's outburts/confession so much more endearing. This one gaze alone for DM says SO MUCH and I am thanking the drama gods for KJW because GOOD LORD. How can his eyes speak a thousand words in one gaze? UGH. This screencap alone is so satisfying to look at, like Ryan is staring at his entire world. Gif Credit: @imjaebeoum on tumblr Hello PMY and KJW, what are you two doing here ? Seeing how many times I've shamelessly repeated the entirety of the beginning of Ep. 10, I couldn't help but keep coming back to this part, especially the second gif. I must admit that I was a bit confuzzled with DM's reaction to her trying to pry herself off of Ryan, but then I realized...that's definitely PMY trying to pry herself off of KJW. I have an inkling that he was still laughing at this point, as you can see from the (laugh) lines around his mouth. Hence DM (or PMY hehe) trying to remove herself from him because he's either still laughing or he's muttered something that made her laugh as well. It's moments like these that make the romance of HPL even more enjoyable. We can see the actors enjoying themselves, therefore we are able to as well. I quite like moments like these actually, because it also makes the characters feel more real and live than just two actors reciting lines and performing emotions on a screen. I keep telling myself that there's only 48 hours left...but that's 48 hours too long LOL. Keep it coming guys! Y'all have been my oxygen these past couple of days
  15. They haven’t posted it yet We’re all sitting ducks at this point but we desperately need it LOL. I love scrolling through the comments on the TVN IG page pestering them for the bts, we’re all thirsty for content to relieve the wait. In WWWSK they also had certain episodes where they waited until Monday morning/afternoon to post the making, and I think given the steaminess of the last episode they might be doing the same thing. COME OUT COWARDS
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