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  1. OMG! Thank you for that info! It's really nice to know that until now Khun still acknowledges our presence and this is a solid proof of that. I'll try my best to post here once in a while because I believe that some people still visit this thread and I hope you could also post here whenever you have the time too!
  2. It always makes me happy whenever I see KVChuxin's logo! [KVCHUXIN] 181117 Nichkhun in Nanjing - 爱上你
  3. I hope you still remember that special night in Nanjing Khun coz we Khuntorians will never forget! Lots of love from Khuntorians all over the world! [Chi-Eng Trans] 181118 NICHKHUN weibo update So happy to meet everyone in Nanjing~ ! Here’s the picture I’ve promised to (show) you~ Let’s meet again in Nanjing next time. Please look forward to Lucky Charm too cr to minniecc
  4. Another version of our light stick! And it changes color! lol Maybe we can consider making an official one? Anyway, I hope Khun will make lots of fan meetings in China in the future so that he will witness how loyal Winnies are! As what we always say, Khuntoria forever! 181117 - Ni+Khun FM in Nanjing cr to owner via khun.toria22
  5. Hi guys! It's been a while again, but here I am to update on another of Khun's fanmeeting in Nanjing, China! Gosh that place really is special to us Khuntorians (if you still remember ). Thank you again KVChuxin for always supporting Khun! 181117 Ni+Khun FM in Nanjing - 1 [pls take out with credit to KVCHUXIN] Brighter than starlight
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