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  1. OMG! Thank you for that info! It's really nice to know that until now Khun still acknowledges our presence and this is a solid proof of that. I'll try my best to post here once in a while because I believe that some people still visit this thread and I hope you could also post here whenever you have the time too!
  2. It always makes me happy whenever I see KVChuxin's logo! [KVCHUXIN] 181117 Nichkhun in Nanjing - 爱上你
  3. I hope you still remember that special night in Nanjing Khun coz we Khuntorians will never forget! Lots of love from Khuntorians all over the world! [Chi-Eng Trans] 181118 NICHKHUN weibo update So happy to meet everyone in Nanjing~ ! Here’s the picture I’ve promised to (show) you~ Let’s meet again in Nanjing next time. Please look forward to Lucky Charm too cr to minniecc
  4. Another version of our light stick! And it changes color! lol Maybe we can consider making an official one? Anyway, I hope Khun will make lots of fan meetings in China in the future so that he will witness how loyal Winnies are! As what we always say, Khuntoria forever! 181117 - Ni+Khun FM in Nanjing cr to owner via khun.toria22
  5. Hi guys! It's been a while again, but here I am to update on another of Khun's fanmeeting in Nanjing, China! Gosh that place really is special to us Khuntorians (if you still remember ). Thank you again KVChuxin for always supporting Khun! 181117 Ni+Khun FM in Nanjing - 1 [pls take out with credit to KVCHUXIN] Brighter than starlight
  6. We have our own lightstick!! I never imagined we would have one! And how I missed seeing those K❤V banners. I bet Nichkhun have seen all of Khuntorians there last night! So proud of you guys! Thank you for representing everyone of us and thank you so much for all your efforts! 181013 Chinese Khuntorians @ Nichkhun fanmeeting in Beijing cr to owners
  7. I love hearing him sing in Chinese! Hope someone can hear you! lol [filmed by: 207, cr to KVCHUXIN]
  8. See this my dear Khunnie? How I wish I would have been a part of this crowd! Go Winnies! cr to owner 181013 Nichkhun Ni+Khun Beijing FM - 2 [taken by: 207] [cr to KVChuxin]
  9. Good morning everyone!! I'm so happy w/ the news on Winnies attendance to Nichkhun's fanmeeting so yeah, I still can't get enough of it! Thank you again winnies! And as for Khun's message, no matter what happens we will always be here for you. And trust me aside from Thailand and Korea, you should consider going to China more! PS: How I miss putting KVChuxin on the credits! 181013 Nichkhun Handwritten message in Chinese: you know I am always grateful to everyone right? So sorry that I can't come to see you often, don't dislike me please~ I will work hard to become a better artist, a more handsome Nichkhun. Thank you for being with me until now, let's walk together for even further! I hope everyone will always be happy and healthy, thank you! =] cr to KVChuxin
  10. Nope I'm not crying Thank you Winnies for always being there to support Khun or Vic. Who said we are extinct? lol 8 years and counting! Khuntoria forever! 181013 Chinese khuntorians @ Nichkhun fanmeeting in Beijing tonight “Nichkhun, it's ok to cry~”【video cr:Khuntoria Chuxin Union】 cr to khuntoria_page
  11. It's been awhile guys and I'm glad to post about Winnies in China! Great job guys! Hope I can one day hold those khuntoria banners proudly! Hope Khun will clearly see those! 181013 Nichkhun Ni+Khun Beijing Fanmeeting Join us~ cr to KVChuxin cr to owner via Alpaca_TuoTuo
  12. OMG!! @Alpaca Tuotuo is that really you? I've been following you on twitter since I created my account there!! I know its very late (and this will probably be the 1st and last time you will post here) but I just wanted to say welcome on our thread! I truly want to thank you for everything! I mean I don't personally know you but I know that you are a true Khuntorian who supports them all the way up until now. Yup, I agree with you. A lot of people have moved to IG because its more accessible and I don't blame them, though I miss the busyness here on our thread before. I can't understand Chinese thats' why I can't really understand all the things posted on Baidu thread of Khuntoria (yeah, this is the only chinese khuntoria site I know since I can't access weibo ). I would just like to ask if how are khuntorians (or winnies) there in weibo? I mean I haven't got news from other KV fandoms in china aside from KV Chuxin union because of their posts on twitter.
  13. Hi there @chantaljaey! I know its been almost a month since you posted but nonetheless welcome to the fandom!! Don't think you're alone because I myself is also a very late Khuntoria fan Regardless if you only became a fan now, we're happy that even after all these years people come to love Khuntoria. It just proved how Khuntoria surpasses the test of time. Don't cha think? That even after many couples have been in WGM people will always mention or remember about Khuntoria. Oh and BTW, where are you exactly in Asia? Just wondering, because most of us here are from Asia. And one thing I love to ask on newbies here is how did you end up being a Khuntorian? We have different stories and I just love to know how fate have brought each one of us to love this very special couple. And BTW if you have any questions feel free to ask, if you have news about them (may it be outdated or not), if you have anything to just share about them, don't hesitate to post here on our thread.
  14. I know I have posted this for the nth time but pls forgive me since its our anniversary anyways Some of the most unforgettable 2pm concerts for us Khuntorians cr to owners
  15. I know it's been a couple of days but again Happy happy 8th anniversary to Khuntoria and to us Khuntorians! Time really flies so fast right? I can't believe it's been 8th years since they 1st met for WGM. I still and will always believe in these two no matter what. Regardless of what happens in the future I would never regret in supporting, believing, shipping these two. Keep the faith guys! Khuntoria fighting! Happy 8th anniversary!
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