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  1. hi  @moniw18, so nice to hear from you..i do understand his being picky, he had 2 great projects after his MS, i'm sure he wants to sustain those successes, as actors they are remembered by their last projects. Anyway, he is active with his CFs this means he is still around :)

    i agree it's comforting to still see silent lurkers like @meryxsi and also my dear @timi163 who pops once in a while :)

    @everythingnothing and @luluwannagohome missing you both :(

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  2. @hclover96, those gifs made me miss them more :tears:

    @esophageal14, that was a cute greeting :)

    seeming them so much that i just contend myself to stalking the IG, here are some finds of their recent activities. what makes me happy is their both in SK :)

    SHK with Taewon Park, she looks so sweet and innocent :)



    JIS caught by a fan's cam walking at Kyungridan Road, Itaewon near his brother's cafe :)



    cr: IG owners on pic


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  3. @moniw18, God bless your grandmother. I wish her long life. i think we share something in common with JIS, our attachment to our grandmothers :)


    So sad for Jis..:( I'm glad he has friends like Kwang soo who's always on his side. ,and   he also find time to celebrate anniversary for IOTl. I love that drama too. One of my favorite from last year. My first jis drama!  With jis close relationship with Kwangsoo, you can expect them to celebrate anniversaries like this. I noticed he liked to get in touch with his co-stars even after a drama. Like Ha jiwon, I've seen a lot of CF's with her and of course Go Hyung Jung. Both actresses seems close to him at some point, even after the drama  So that's make me wonder, if kwangsoo was not in that drama , will he celebrate or even get in touch with his co-stars as well?  Again, random thoughts running in my crazy mind, lol. Popcorn anyone? 

    Probably not. Just my opinion based on his history post drama through the years ( however few they maybe). Him and Kwangsoo were friends even before they made the drama so it was not a  surprise at all if they ever do or  did  something even after the drama ended. I would have been more curious if they didn't .  D.O. was my favorite character in IOTL , he was as good as any of them considering it was his first(?)  lengthy drama.  Hopefully by next week or so, Insung will decide what he will do next, and I'm not crossing my fingers on this one, knowing him and his history of  taking his sweet time to do another project, I wont even hold my breath.

    @Aimee092, i agree with @timi, i doubt if he will celebrate it. just my opinion, maybe that bro bonding may have been initiated by LKS to cheer-up JIS becoz he has just gone through a great loss of a loved one.

    @timi, same thoughts. i was amazed by DO's performance. all his scenes with JIS are remarkable :)

    I just want to greet InSung the happiest birthday ever...non-O2 shippers please pardon this post...


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  4. repost from @shk_divineofasia

    wwi1990 [News]Korean drama "That Winder, The Wind Blows" will be televised on JIANGSU TV FILM AND SERIES CHANNEL(江苏电视台影视频道) from July 28, 2015. Airtime to be confirmed.

    Source: http://js.ifeng.com/life/fun/detail_2015_07/22/4141155

    this just shows how timeless TWTWB it's been 2 years :) and take note showing date fall on JIS's birthday :wub: won't SHK and JIS promote this even just a vid clip of them together ;)


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