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  1. I just finished watching ep16 and I’m literally lost for words..... The episode started off so strong. I liked the way it progressed. I enjoyed the way the drama turned around some of the characters and the way we felt about them. Suzy and LSG portrayed really well the trauma and sadness and growth of their characters in this ep. I got shivers down my spine from watching some of the scenes. If it was a Western show and I knew S2 was coming then it would’ve been a brilliant cliff hanger but I am 100% sure they won’t be making a second season. It will never happen. All actors are in new projects. I kept thinking that instead of wasting 5 minutes on Suzy doing her make up and spraying perfume they could’ve used those precious minutes to allow DG & HR to see each other, at the very least, so that HR would know that DG is not dead. I don’t care if it’s cliche, I love cliche! This show doesn’t need season 2, it needs just one more full episode to give us some closure. I do like the premise and the sad reality that you can’t make the bad guys or the terrorists just disappear neatly and that it’s an ongoing lifelong battle. But still they could’ve continued with that thread but not leave us so totally gutted ... BUT it is what it is ...... congratulations to the wonderful cast and staff behind the scenes for giving us this show. I may not forgive the writer for this final episode but I am grateful for being able to watch my beloved Seungi doing awesome stuff, (bless them for the LSG shower scenes!), for the funny, soft and warm moments between DG & HR, the action and the awesome OST....
  2. @katakwasabi- I have to apologise for my previous comments. I’ve been part of soompi for about 6 years I think (although I don’t post very often) and I have never been mean to anyone before. It wasn’t fair of me to call you out. I’m sorry. I was obviously in a grumpy mood at the time (which is not an excuse for being mean) and I think I was frustrated because this k-drama was the first k-drama in a very long time where I was watching it live and I was soooo looking forward to having joint discussions etc but instead I just saw mostly negative comments about the show from many people here and on Dramabeans. Admittedly, I did find that depressing and uninspired to make any posts or join the discussion. Don’t worry, even though I am enjoying the show I have had many eyerolls while watching it lol but it still hasn’t stopped me from loving it. And I am very pleased and heartened that you enjoy and appreciate the cast off the set. All the bts are so much fun and frankly I could watch entire show just made of these. The reaction vid of Suzy & LSG of the eps 1-4 is magic. They really come off as very good friends who made a show together. Kudos to the whole cast. That’s why it’s so important to me that there is some positivity about the show. It’s clear from occasional comments they make that these actors read some posts. Now, if I can throw my two cents in about the plot, I also subscribe to the theory that Edward Park is a bad guy. We’ve been given many clues here and there. Also, Remember how he spoke about his young daughter who died (when he was speaking to the families for the first time - ep2 I think?). Part of me thinks it was her death that sent him on a war-path that he’s on now but another part of me also thinks (and I KNOW this sounds crazy) that Mickey is his daughter. Their relationship is very formal but she is very devoted to him. This would prove that he was lying about everything from the very beginning. This show is crazy so I am allowed to have outlandish theories lol.
  3. @frozentundra- you have restored my faith in reading this forum again. I logged in with a heavy heart knowing that @katakwasabiwould have criticised every aspect and every scene and pretty much everything about the show again. Before anybody yells at me, that’s ok, that’s what forums and discussions are for. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we all perceive shows differently. I promise I am not looking for a fight. ‘That’s why I LOVED comments from you @frozentundra. So wise. So on point. It is a k-drama and not a documentary. I absolutely enjoyed ep13, I finally got some satisfaction and some closure (Kang beating up MJS was pure gold). I simply ignored the stuff that didn’t make sense, so much easier to enjoy a show this way. Speaking only for myself, I love the OTP and welcomed all the slow and lighter moments they gave us in ep13 after all the trauma. I am totally feeling the chemistry between CDG & GHR and nothing felt forced or unnecessary. I don’t think there’s anything weird or abnormal about two people getting closer after experiencing what they have. I acknowledge Vagabond is not a romance but an action/thriller but I do love the little crumbs they throw us from time to time romance-wise and I am enjoying the show for what it is. Despite all the craziness I will miss it when it ends!
  4. @cadymcbronzie I absolutely loved what you said about people respecting the cast and being supportive of all their hard work. Excellent post!! Absolutely spot on what you said about Sulli. That’s the first thing I think of when I read complaints about Suzy’s acting and people saying she’s hopeless etc etc. I remember that after I finished watching my beloved Hwayugi it upset me when I read that Oh Yeon Seo would cry herself to sleep after reading malicious comments about her performance. These are human beings not just actresses and I wish people would chill and remember that sometimes these actresses work within confines of a script that doesn’t give them much opportunity to be brilliant etc. ‘I am enjoying Vagabond for all its craziness and yes it is unbelievable and I do roll my eyes but I also remember that it’s fiction and NOT a documentary so I wish people would stop treating it as such. Lastly I have seen some comments that Dalgeon should learn to control his anger etc, Lee Seung Gi has made it very clear in all of his interviews that his character is “simple” and “impulsive” and “acts without thinking” and has a “short temper”. Effectively, LSG is portraying him exactly how DG is written. I am interested to see if he will have some character growth in the future and I’m happy to continue watching the show to find out. ‘One thing is for sure I love all the actors in the show and I love hearing positive stories of their camaraderie during filming. For that fact alone I hope the show will receive some positivity despite its flaws which I am willing to overlook. Fingers crossed.
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