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  1. I'm really eager to see last 2 eps.

    I hope JJ and the girl won't die, neither of them...hope old trio will end on good terms, leaving painfull past behind.

    Somehow i would like if both WJ & IH come to JJ's company

    Well...and the most i want our OTP to stay as steady as they were from the beginning and stay happy ever after :)


    P.S. Sorry to barge in at the end...hi to everyone here!

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  2. 20 minutes ago, sakura2016 said:


    how mean of you chingu!! tsk tsk I was totally thinking the same way!! hhhhhhhh :naughty: he got his chance and failed so he only have himself to blame :tongue: and she's totally falling for our guy!! :D:wub: I will fall for him and only follow him too if I was in her place!! that voice and those eyes!! :wub: 


    hhhhhhh right!! only skinship between our OTP!! :wink::wub: 

    :D...give me five.gif my mean chingu :wink:

    Ahhh same fangirling again and again kava.gif  ...you forgot 'the smile'   :tongue:


    How will you survive till monday i wonder...:wink:...EDIT: it wednesday!!!....worse even


    BTW...lets stop talking about skinship...you know me...i'll become greedy and i'll want kisses too...sooo lets stop :D

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  3. 17 minutes ago, sakura2016 said:


    hhhhhhhh well he's weirdo for sure!! :lol: but I think he still have feelings for her too!! bothe of them kept getting flustered mentioning their old feelings like hiding them right now!!

    Well if he really still has it'll be real punishment to witness her falling for other guy infront of his eyes :naughty:...which she will...person to person she only saw his weird, distant and a bit mean side...when she sees how lonely and vulnerable he really is despite all see he has she'll him in different light


    Good he will have allergy reaction to touch from his ex...but he didn't have to our girl ...i know its coz he don't know she's proper girl but anyway...lets see more skinship till he gets on a road of no return :wink:

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  4. 9 minutes ago, sakura2016 said:

    right!! :wink: let's hope he won't get mad and hurt for too long!! 


    We know we have to have some drama before end but as you said lets hope it won't last fot to long


    9 minutes ago, sakura2016 said:

    hhhhhhhhh yeah yeah!! :tongue: 

    You don't believe me??? :o...i'm speachless....ok ok let it be your way here :tongue:


    9 minutes ago, sakura2016 said:

    hhhhhhhhhhh yeah!! don't worry @2handsintertwined chingu!! let's die together!! :wink::wub:

    Thats my chingu! Always ready to share such a suffer :tongue::wub:


    9 minutes ago, 2handsintertwined said:

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! Let's die together!! :wub:

    Come on! If you both die who'll watch with me rest of this seems to be great story??? :wink:


    11 minutes ago, Berou said:

    So far so good! This drama looks super cute.

    Feel the same...well... i had that feeling from the start, from first pics and clips


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  5. 5 minutes ago, sakura2016 said:

    no, it wasn't intented from the start!! the real humanoid robot will get broken a day before it's send to Min Kyu and I think he didn't agree to delay the delivery day so they were forced to ask Ji Ah to take the role of a robot as a part-time job!! 

    I thought so...it'll lessen their guilt a bit for fooling him...though i know he'll be mad at some point...but i think he'll gain more then loose with this prank right? :wub:


    6 minutes ago, sakura2016 said:

    don't you have it?!! :wink::tongue: 


    Me? Neahhhhh... :tongue:...you know he's just a kiddo to me :blush:


    4 minutes ago, 2handsintertwined said:

    Yes! I'm crushing hard! He's just too perfect! Sexy! I'm done. He's going to kill me. :bawling:

    Ah my poor chingu...what we'll do with you...seems serious :huh: :wink:...don't you cry...seems you r not the only one @sakura2016 will keep you company at least ..hope will be easier to bear :wink:

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  6. 2 minutes ago, sakura2016 said:

    hhhhhhhh he's so cute and hillarious!! :lol::wub:...now we know how he got fooled!! he already saw that she's a robot so he won't doubt it again and his psychological allergy won't be activated by Jo Ji Ah's touch since he already set his mind that she's a robot and won't feal threatened arounbd her!! I like this!! :D 

    ...but they will fool him with real girl coz something will happen to robot or they intended to from the start?

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  7. On 11/30/2017 at 8:03 AM, RPM said:

    ( I'm also happy to know that Yoon Kyun-sang declined the offer Daniel I like the most❤)

    I must agree on that...though i love Yoon Kyun-sang i think that he's excellent choice for drama he is doing right now just as Daniel is for this one :)


    BTW...just 3 more days right? :D

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  8. OTP is cute :wub:...i like how she protects him from old guy with umbrella :D...but also pulls his cheek to let him know his place with her :D...looks funny though since our lead guy is so big and tall taking help or scold from such a small girl :wink:


    Second couple...bravo to girl!...he thinks she is slow typewriter?...type yourself :tongue:


    Looks funny :)

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  9. 25 minutes ago, 122am said:

    But I don't know how she ended up with the bank book money. It's still a mystery to me.

    Yeah...and i don't like it...think SH won't too...his father really had to give it to his son himself and not try to use her to make up for his mistake


    As for the baby....same way...seems he has to have a man to man talk with his son not SIL :wink:


    12 minutes ago, cherryblossomkawai said:

    Little things to say : 

    I am pretty sure JH didn’t give up SH but needs to put distance between themselves.

    Also she doesn’t fight for him because as she said : you can’t grab or steal heart. You have to let it come to you. 


    JH is tired of her feelings. She is suffering

    Remember what BN said : it’s tiring to be in an unrequited love relationship.


    At the beginning, JH was always satisfied with her one way feelings toward SH.

    Satisfied to see him everyday, to see SH make kimchi,....

    But at this point, she isn’t able to keep up. She is breaking.

    And what I love about her decision is it’s not noble idiocy. She knows SH and JM aren’t going to rekindle their love. JM was clear, SH is the past. 

    So no noble idiocy. In fact, it’s the opposite.

    She ends the contract because of herself and maybe a mean to have a real thing with SH ! 

    I can understand her pain...but its not just like she's not fighting for him... she's pushing him away

    Maybe i'm too sensitive...their talk didn't end yet...

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Jillia said:

    She said that though when she wasn't aware of Jung-min as a person and she was sure she would somehow being able to win Se-hee's heart. The problem is she doesn't know she already won it.

    I know...but she said to JM that if she said she still has feelings for SH they would become enemies...that means she is not willing to let her have him...but her act in front of SH was different......yeah she doesn't know he loves her now but giving up even before she heard what he has to say?...well we still don't know what she said to his father and does it have a part in her decision


    Good thing is both won the other one's heart by now and they won't be able to stay apart anymore :wub:

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  11. Didn't JH decide to play a different role? Why is she in defence one again? I miss her determination to win his heart...where did it go? ...and now when he started to change at last...and why did he stopped and let her say first?

    Last ep...both of them were so full of feelings twds each other but to selfcentered to notice the state other one is in ...i wish to see them smile to each other like on the gifs above (tnx @roseeflower)

    Well...i guess it will be better to end valid contract they have and to start new one with undefinite term duration...but i don't like JH with tears in her eyes :(...luckily we have only 2 more eps so sad part won't last long...right?


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  12. 8 minutes ago, chibimidori said:

    Mr ma is crying while listening to sad song.. am i right??? hahahaha sorry but i find it funny


    No he's crying coz girl next to him turned out not to be his girl...or coz of her words to him...but it might be sad song on top of it 


    Ommo he did cry :tears:...girl saved him not to be seen by his co-workers...don't understand why he cries aishhh


    Girl kissed him!!!! I'm happy for him :)

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  13. 5 hours ago, sakura2016 said:

    it's what's supposed to be but the date isn't fixed officially yet and we had news that it can be delayed to late november because of the ongoing strike on MBC beside needing more time to film enough materials for few episodes before the start of the drama!! let's hope it will start soon and everything be as wanted!! :D 

    I knew its to good to be true :phew:


    Well with more done material...better ...better quality and less eps without preview :wink:

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