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  1. 3 hours ago, Mona Ys said:


    LOL.... my habit since this drama starting/since I know they make 2 versions : mon & tue waiting in front of tv, to watch international version, then after few hours, watching the raw of SBS versions, then the next day during lunch time watching SBS versions with subtitles, so each episode I watch 3 times :)  Then go to soompi and DB whenever I have time (like all the time), and play repeat over and over on LJG best scenes every day until next mon & tue.... LOL

    so my only complain is WHY MLSHR is so addicting??? And why LJG is so HOT!! 

    @qwenli  Hahaha my life too. So I need put on-hold my other ongoing dramas, because I can't focus watch them, my mind keep thinking about SHR . My heart too invested to WS, I must prepare myself when the storm come, but could my heart take it!!! 

    7 hours ago, Mona Ys said:

    hahaha.... I've been re-watching time between dog and wolf to get my daily dose of uri Joon :)

    @jentayue maybe I need more LJK as well. So mind will not keep thinking about sosoo couple lol. was  that drama good? how about My girl? Which one do you like better? 

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  2. 6 hours ago, kinginthenorths said:


    I'm sorry for cutting your post, but I just wanted to leave the part I wanted to address. Dramafever actually HAS the original version and NOT the re-edited SBS version. I watch the show through Dramafever and went back to check the episodes, and the scenes included in the SBS version are not on there.

    It makes more sense for Dramafever to have the original version since they are an online international broadcasting company for the drama and had probably pre-subbed the shows when the rights was sold to them.

    I live in the US though, so it's possible that other fans watching through Dramafever from other countries do see the SBS version, so please do correct me if I'm wrong!


    Ah yess you're right, on Dramafever has the original international ver same with youku and onetv.  thanks for your info.


    It should be DramaFever and hdFree has Original ver, KissAsian & DramaLove has SBS Re-edited ver


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  3. 2 hours ago, theseasasleep said:

    Can someone please tell me where I can find soft subs for ep 8, SBS version?  Just PM me, thank you. :D


    The soft sub not up yet, soft subs are ripped sub from DF, viki and viu. For SHR only DF who subbed,  I ripped the DF sub and tried it with raw video but its out of sync from the start, so we need to wait someone who will resync manually the DF sub and adding the translation of edited scene to the sub. its not easy job so we should wait patiently. If they done, it will available on subscene(dot)com for sure, last time the subs of ep 7 up at least 3 pm KST. 

    For me I never watch drama online, I always  download raw videos and watched them with soft subs. So I can rewatch them anytime especially SHR and Wang so scenes, I can watch his beautiful face all the day :wub: 

     in SHR case, because of two vers, the soft subs available longer than usual kdrama. So watched the SHR raw video first  eventhough there are other subbed dramas already. my addiction to this drama is on another level haha

    I noticed most of edited vers are Wang So scenes,  why they deleted them before though!!! 

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  4. OMG the preview is killing me. Gosh how is the feeling inside of  wang so when HS touched his scar, sexual tension *eeehh* 

    thanks so much for the trans, those HS words to WS mean a lot for him, he  will falling deeper and deeper to her for sure :wub:

    Aah the preview make me waiting for ep 8 even harder, cant wait!!! 

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  5. @Berou  me too I just knew it , when I read the comments on DB, I love read the comments over there as well. as I know YSH &  PEB knew each other since child, before Queen Seondeok so maybe that why he chose her, since there were intimate scnes. 

    thanks u so much for for the videos & the translations. Yeah many his co-stars mentioned that he is so polite & kind but YSH so down to earth and said that park bo gum more polite than him. how can we not love him!!! 

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  6. Yoo Seung Ho Considers A Historical Drama For His Next Project


    Actor Yoo Seung Ho is considering a historical drama as his newest project.

    Recently, a mass media source revealed the news, saying, “Yoo Seung Ho received an offer for the drama ‘Monarch: Owner of the Mask’ (tentative title), and plans to star as a crown prince.”

    However, the actor’s agency, San Entertainment, responded with some clarifications. “It is true that he received an offer to star in the drama. But it is only one out of the many offers he’s received. It is not yet confirmed but he is considering the role,” explained the agency.

    “Monarch: Owner of the Mask” is a historical drama about a powerless king who decides to fight for the sake of his people. According to a broadcast source, the drama is planned to air sometime in February of 2017 on SBS.


    sure he received many offers, Iam curious what the other offers about?

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  7. Yoo Seung Ho Turns 23 Years Old and Offered Lead Role in Fantasy Sageuk Ruler – Master of the Mask

    Posted on August 16, 2016 by ockoala


    It’s double the good news today to start off August 17th in Korea – child actor turned leading man Yoo Seung Ho turns 23 years old (or 24 in Korean years) and he’s been offered the lead in an upcoming fantasy sageuk drama. He really remains so in demand, even after turning down the lead in MBC‘s upcoming The Man Living in Our House there is no shortage of drama roles being thrown his way. This sageuk drama is called Ruler – Master of the Mask, which immediately makes me think of The Man in the Iron Mask for whatever reason. The drama will be full pre-produced and currently doesn’t have a broadcast network or time slot, but will be aiming for an early 2017 release. Happy 23rd birthday to my cute boy and here’s hoping he accepts the drama and gifts the world with his gorgeousness in sageuk costuming glory for 20 episodes.

    Ruler – Master of the Mask has Yoo Seung Ho up for the role of a Joseon prince who battles for his people against a shadowy powerful organization that seeks to privatize and exploit water usage in the land. That makes Yoo Seung Ho the Ruler versus the bad guy who is the Master of the Mask, I’m assuming? Even this brief concept synopsis sounds good enough for me.


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  8. Eh I dont see @Berou posted it already haha, cz I on hurry lol.

    Even its saeguk, I want YSH accept it, so I can see him on small screen again but why still no broadcast channel yet, Iam afraid just like Cinderella & 4K. however its YSH and the premise much better than the previous offer I think and YSH in saeguk outfit  is stunning.

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  9. Yoo Seung-ho courted to become fantasy sageuk prince


    Woohoo, now I don’t have to be sad anymore that Yoo Seung-ho (Remember–Son’s War) turned down the drama adaptation of The Man Living in Our House, because this is much, MUCH better: He’s currently considering an offer to headline a new fantasy sageuk called Ruler–Master of the Mask as a prince who battles injustice. Oh glorious mane ofglory, here we coooooome!

    The new drama will be about an 18th-century Joseon prince who goes up against a shadow organization that wields power behind the scenes. The prince will fight a righteous war in order to battle increasing privatization in Joseon society, which drew public censure. The character is described as a prince who becomes a hero because of love, and “starts a war with the power to possess and control water.” I really don’t know if that’s literal or not. Can he make water dance, or is it a metaphor? Maybe his swindler Kim Seon-dal character took all the water and now he just lords it over everyone.

    If anyone feels at home in royal robes, it’s Yoo Seung-ho. He’s already played a king three times — in The King and I,Queen Seondeok, and Legend — and that’s not even counting the times he’s played a god (Arang and the MagistrateGod of Study), or legendary swindler Kim Seon-dal, who impersonated a king. And if he’s a warrior prince, all the better, since he could reuse all the fighting skills fromWarrior Baek Dong-soo. Basically, he’s got his bases covered.

    Ruler–Master of the Mask will be a 20-episode drama series that’s 100% pre-produced; it’s currently being shopped at the major networks, and doesn’t have a broadcaster yet. Once casting is complete, shooting will begin in December for a 2017 broadcast. That is EONS away! I protest! …Or fine, I’ll just sit here impatiently until you give me the drama. Sigh


    Aww new offer for him, but why saeguk again? 

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  10. totally agree with @lovely_skham I love read ur posts dear, so detailed :D and my feeling say so about them as well, but I never feel this way to other couples even I really love them though.

    on ep 7 their kiss & sweet moments so natural, on bed scene LJS ears so red, it was his body reaction or something else? but I don't think it was because of cold weather !! *just like ywcts excuse on KSH red ears back then as I remembered * since its summer now :P, I hope they release this BTS!!!

    I can't get enough with their sweet moments so I will look at these gifs & rewatch over and over again those parts while waiting W-day 


    his eyes, I can't 





    I prefer number 4 as well & mix it with no.3 would be even better hahaha  :blush:






    kiss scene gifs






    I really love their smile after kissing :heart:

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  11. 14 hours ago, paperboat04 said:

    I already watched it without subs (beca die-hard fan) LOL and I enjoyed the first half of the movie because of the comedy but the second half was full of action and revenge. (I usually get bored of fighting and stuff) keke Joseon Magician is full of action and fighting but I looove it. Actually it is my all time favorite YSH movie so far and Hearty Paws.

    I am watching Imaginary Cat right now. Mr. Shashasha is sooooo adorable and cute!!! :P 

    My Go Ara and Yoo Seung Ho fave scenes. :wub:  

    I looove their banter and moments in the movie. Well, maybe I am the only one who likes their chemistry? :P sucks that they don't have many pictures and photoshoots. 

    So the 2nd half no comedy at all? how was the plot story, was it good for u? Fortunately I like action but revenge not really. 

    For JM I like it, but not fave, I get bored on some parts (maybe the genre not my cup of tea?), Go ara & YSH so beautiful in JM, I love his  aura over there 

    Imaginary cat a light drama, he is so adorable along with boggil and I don't even like cat but for the sake of YSH I watched it and turn out I don't hate cat anymore haha thx to YSH

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  12. I just watched with the sub, OMG ep 7 too sweet *my heart can't take it*:blush: their chemistry so amazing, I didn't even read live recap before *and  whatt I missed 30+ pages already*  so when I watched this ep I was squalling like a crazy girl with their sweetness aww, woah still 7 eps but we got 4th kiss already, could we have  kiss every 2 eps?? hehehe. The options so hillarious, I prefer number four as well though haha




    they're too cute :blush:





    I love it as well



    yess it is


    but the killer turn to YJ now, and the prev of ep 8 they'll break up?? I hope there is no noble idiocy later huhu. why SH hand disapeared? is the world within the webtoon slowly collapsing?

    I glad the rating went up, hope ep 8 will be aired *pray*

    for  everyone who can't get enough of their sweet moments :wub:


    their passionate kiss :blush: 




    “ Because I love you ! ” 

    - oh yeon joo -

    cr: withlee.tumblr



    i keep telling you, but i like adult-only things.



     I wish I can just create the man of my dreams and have him come into being?? or could I just have kang chul instead? hahaha *oh fantasy* 

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  13. Yoo Seung Ho in Magazine M and Turns Down KBS Drama The Man Living in Our House

    Posted on August 6, 2016 by ockoala

    K-actor Yoo Seung Ho won’t be moving into the KBS house just yet, last week he’s officially declined the leading man role in the network’s upcoming Mon-Tues drama The Man Living in Our House. That’s okay, the offer is forever out for him to become the man living in my house. The drama is slated to follow Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and will pad the schedule until pre-produced flower boy sageuk Hwarang airs at the end of the year, which gives KBS still time to find another cutie pie to live in that darn house. Yoo Seung Ho was out promoting his period caper film Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River which did reasonably well at the box office. As part of the Seondal promos he did this Magazine M pictorial that has a slew of snapshots with Yoo Seung Ho in a green button down shirt that is so adorable it gives me cavities. This is so going into my forever save pile




    there is full raw video for kim seondal movie already,  but Iam waiting for the sub to watch it though

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  14. QUIZ: Which “W” Character Are You?


    The new MBC drama “W” is rising in ratings and popularity.  The unique script, cliffhanger endings, and intriguing characters have captured audiences and the fan base is only getting larger. Are you curious to see which character in this hit drama you’re most like? Take the quiz to find out!

    read more klik here ;)

    I got oh yeon joo!! yeah Iam a comic fangirl :P

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  15. finally thank you for creating this thread, I love watched their BTS, they looks comfortable with each other.

    They were so cute, Looks at 0:36 the way LJS  stare at HHJ :love: 

    Full ENGSUB MBC Section TV 160703 with BTS poster photoshoot

    they're so adorable

    FULL ENGSUB 2nd MBC Section TV 160724

    at 06.22 LJS talk about HHJ for the one who is most different from first impression and 07:02 LJS said her blood vessel really beautiful (lol one of a kind answer), they're cute


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    4 hours ago, LanA said:

    Would you mind explaining what's CPI for drama? Thank you


    The "Contents Power Index " rankings attempt to rank television programs based on the overall buzz that the shows create, factoring in things like internet search popularity and number of articles written about the show on news sites.

    Or this!

    The CPI number calculates viewer response to a show to determine influence based on: topic of interest (how many news articles), audience response (search rankings), SNS involvement, and the like. ~ from koalaplayground

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  17. @paperboat04 ur description abt YSH in happy fish make want to watch it, sadly there are no working links anymore, right? Hope u have great watching WBDS, although u don't enjoy the story at least seungho worth watching, he was so beautiful, hot, badass at the same time.

    Iam watching fight ghost, love squad 38, addicting to W, dropped UF  

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