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  1. I saw it on IG. Someone said it was from SJK's father when they celebrated Joong Ki's birthday at his house at Dajeon last year 2018.
  2. @dlvelasco Thank you! I found it. Let's respect their privacy and we should refrain from speculating. Let us not add fuel to the fire. I know both parties are already hurting. It takes two to tango. I wish them both happiness if they chose separate paths. I will still support them. by the way, this is their last recent photo together right?
  3. What is his brother's IG? Yeah I noticed that SJK grew up to value family that's why there must be a deep reason for filing divorce. This really saddens me.
  4. I am actually looking forward for their announcement that they were pregnant. Although this is heartbreaking, I will continue to support them.
  5. Dude, I was binge watching DOS last night and now this. This is so heartbreaking.
  6. I am curious if Saya would be strong as Eunseom. Since we saw how weak he is when Tanya beat him up and doesn't like to fight. lol Remember how Hae Too-ak teaches him to fight but he refuses? Saya is still an Igutu, I am curious how his super strength will awaken.
  7. A backstory of their love story would be nice though. But I don't think they will show it, maybe some flashbacks. I believe Saenare is dead, Tea Huk was petrified when Saya asked her if she was the one who killed Saenare. Saya is not aware that he has a brother so that's why he don't care who the heck Eunseom is. I think he really do believe that he is a biological son of Tagon. Also, I think Saya used to be a nice guy but he snapped and turned cold and cunning when they murdered his first love. I noticed that Saya and Tanya have something in common, and that is losing their first love (and reason to live), and that would serve as a connection between them. They both felt powerless then, and I believe they will team up to take revenge on those people that hurt them. I think that's the metaphor of the stone that Tanya's mother taught her, use the stone (tool/weapon) that is nearest to her, and that is Saya. If you guys look deeper, Saya has a good heart. He was worried when he threatened Tanya (It was his way to make Tanya strong and think and not to wallow in grief just like what he did when Saenare died; and he keeps coming back and forth murmuring "What should I do? what if she really kill herself?" lol and oh, I almost forgot. Tanya also cast a spell on Saya. hahaha I believe a love triangle would be possible in the future.
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