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  1. As a Kdrama lover that surely anticipates kisses in Kdramas, I initially thought that nothing is worse than fainted-after-kiss until I saw YJ's fear of red lips. lol. Good that he finally could overcome his fear. Yeay!
  2. I am really waiting for the romance between Oh Reum and Ba Reun Oh Reum-i, please accept BR's heart juseyoooo~~~
  3. ANNYEONG CHINGUDEUL! Finally delurking the soompi thread after months. hahaha. I was one of those who felt sceptical about PSJ-PMY pairing but here I am enjoying the drama to the fullest.kekeke. Loving Park Seo Joon although sometimes I still feel Ko Dong Man vibe on Lee Young Joon, but he is still very cool portraying LYJ. Meanwhile, I never managed to finish PMY's drama; perhaps because of the genre. I guess WWWSK will be the first PMY drama I'll finish. Looking forward to the next episode!
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