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  1. I know QH-ML meeting is being discussed right now, but can someone please let me know about GTY's son? Is he still missing or dead? And what happened to MN?
  2. Do you think ML is upset because she realizes that Molan is using the same tactic as her Mom to get rid of the babies of her husband's concubines ? This is the first time she seems to talk loudly and have a back bone inside the Sheng family, especially against her father.
  3. Even I think the son might die. There is a scene where we see GTY break down and ML trying to console him. It might be when he finds about his son's death or something on those lines?
  4. Watched till Ep 40 with subs. I understand that Rulan has gotten married as well. I wished they had shown a few scenes of her wedding as well. If Molan could dress up, we really should have seen Rulan as well.
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