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  1. The detective said there was something strange about the bloody foot steps at the crime scene. He said the patterns looked like someone was casually walking away rather than a panicky one. I notice the way WH walk. It looks like he is catwalking on the runaway. So WH could be the killer. That night he did see JW drove away towards the Geosan building. Or maybe the actor was a model before and I am overthinking much
  2. I really pity SH. His own family treated him like richard simmons. Even YR is showing her Geosan claws out of jealousy. Lets see how YR will react when she discovers her mommy dearest and MH are truly evil being. Edit: SH has finally become his own man. I think his little wife is salivating over the new SH. Lol.
  3. I think NJ will switch DK2 sample with his own since he is AR's son. The test will show a positive result. Most probably they will also find out AR is running her own test and used NJ's sample to alter the result. Its still early in the drama for AR to know and its karma for her for tampering with the dna sample used to find SooHo.
  4. I think the timeline with all the flashbacks .. 7 years ago WH scoop triggered the marriage between JW and MH. 3 years ago YR, JW sis in law first met WH. He has became a prosecutor. 1 year ago JW met WH for the first time. They were kissing buddies by their third meeting. The night MH was killed..JW went to WH's house after MH assaulted her at the hospital parking lot. They ended up in bed. WH should have seen some bruises on her but somehow there was none. She knew his door code. So I guess she has been there before.
  5. Hello. Just started to watch this crazy drama. The frequent flashbacks are bit confusing. So the big Q now is why ML's mom hang herself? Hope she was not related to Min Ho. Min Ho's mom totally disappeared from his life. Can imagine him becoming a psychopath growing up in that house. He was treated lesser than the family's dog. Still awaiting ep 7 to be sub. There is an intriguing scene, a woman locked up in a cage. Show getting crazier. p/s To be honest I dont get ML having the hots for the FL like in every darn episode.
  6. I loves SH relationship with her dad. He knew his daughter so well. Loves his convo with SH. He has the foresight to keep the watch. AeRa is one cool cat. She didn't even blink when she saw the snow globe. All AeRa wants is for her son to get Aura. If she knew DK is dead and NJ is her son I think she would support NJ. But at the moment for some reason NJ is not telling her and enjoys toying with his mom. @Pam_Van Fossen Love how DK2 solved problem. He did it discreetly. Twice now I got to enjoy NJ's shocked face. Tq writer.
  7. The chairman suddenly gave 2 mil and a spot in Aura Mall to Fore. Is he paving the path for NJ to be with SH. He obviously did not get the part when SanHa told him she has no intention of marrying NJ. But no doubt SanHa's mom will be ecstatic when she discovers the chairman approves . I dont think I have the stomach to watch SH and NJ together not even if she thinks he is dead. Hope the story will not go in that direction.
  8. This mother and son duo, NJ and AR are pretty impressive. They can rule the world if they put their head together. Is it too much to expect that good girl like SH would just run a dna test on DK2 instead of running around asking questions? But if she did that there will be no esther going crazy scenes. Lol.
  9. I guess Cho Ae Ra rats on the company just to stop the shareholders meeting. Very resourceful of her. @lu09 NJ should concentrate on his revenge to make Aura his. He should anticipate AR's move to stop him from becoming the ceo instead of pursuing SH. I hate seeing that two faced NJ making his move on SH SH's mom should respect her doter's wish. She is a sucker for anyone with money.
  10. @Pam_Van Fossen I guess still too early for the big reveal. But the ship has sailed for SH and DK2. Love the focus is on the main lead. But for a daily , odd that we dont have any secondary couple at the moment. I like SH's sister character.
  11. Ep3. She saw DK1's mom picture in a newspaper. In that picture she was wearing a similar pendant found with baby SooHo. There was also a card with the name Cho Ae Ra with the baby.
  12. Things are getting crazier. Too many bad people. Love the scene DK2 stood up for his worker. Hopes mom learnt her lessons. Cant stand her pushing SH to be with NJ.
  13. I was like get your hands off him Esther! I like that DK2 is not a pushover and very upfront about his lack of feelings for Esther. He felt nothing. Zilch Later I bet she gonna use DoRi to keep him. I used to feel sorry for NJ. Being constantly bullied by DK's mom. But this on going NJ vs DK's mom thing. I wonder if his dad is actually related to DK's mom instead of the Park family. From the synopsis she married Park Kang Chul without love when her dad business went bust. Wouldn't that be a twist. I'm not liking her when she looked down on SooHa as her son in law just becoz he is an orphan. She knew him when he was a little. She would know he is such a decent guy. Now she is thinking NJ is a better match. She is so greedy. I remember how she was so excited when she thought SooHa is Aura's heir. All she can see is the dollar sign.
  14. @Ameera Ali @Pam_Van Fossen Me too. I enjoyed this episode. Loved that all DK2 could think of was SanHa. The heart remembers to whom it belongs. Esther really this gal all she knows is making threats. She should not be making enemy with the media. The public gonna love DK2 honesty. Wow from the preview, NJ is willing to give up his share for SanHa.
  15. This Kim Nam Joo guy. Is he blood related to the Park as well? Chairman seems to know something. Maybe that the reason he was okay with NamJoo being Aura ceo. Esther scheming got SanHa fired as DK2 therapist. I guess later she gonna help DK2 as she knew everything about cosmetics.
  16. I loved the chemistry between SooHo and San Ha. But watching DK 2.0 and San Ha together kinda gel with me. They look good together. I can feel the connection. Fickle me! Gonna enjoy watching Esther on tenterhooks becoz of what she did to SooHo. Love when DK 2.0 totally rejected her forced kiss. Sorry Esther that guy is body and soul San Ha's.
  17. Am watching love to the end in ff mode. Storywise meh! But can't resist JH's brooding looks.
  18. Mrs Shin hates KS and she is too set in her ways to change anyway.
  19. @Lmangla EH did not hate the Moons. He just played his cards closed to his chest. He knew chaebols like the Moons used their wealth as power but I guess EH realised early on information is power too. There are information he shared with senior moon and there are those he kept to himself. Which came handy as the evidence on junior's slush fund was used as the bargaining chip for CR divorce and taking back ownership of makepacific. I pity SA becoz nothing justified kidnapping an innocent kid. SA ended up raised as an entitled snowflake by her fake mom who over compensated for her guilty feelings. SA was not raised to handle rejection or mistakes properly. In this drama, CR was like a beautiful flower that blooms in a pile of poop.
  20. I too am enjoying the post prison KS story. I think its the combination of beautiful soulful ost, good acting and writing. I watched all the KS 2.0 episodes dilligently. No ff at all. Fancy that.
  21. Senior Moon does not want CR to manage Makepacific. He wants CR becoz CR is his little moon current flavor, so lets get CR it is by hook or by crook. These chaebol people are arrogant sob. They dont care who they hurt as long as they get what they want. This is just my imagination running wild but what if Secretary K followed that rogue researcher. Seduced him and she got preggy. Left him to start the revenge.
  22. @maribella Little moon knew his dad thinks highly of EH and that he felt short compares to EH. He was always jealous becoz he knew his dad tolerates his mistakes and stupidity due to their blood relation. If dad could choose, he wants someone like EH as his son. He desperately wants dad to be proud of him. Senior moon even told EH he wished EH is his son. So he just cannot lose again to EH. He like a dog in the manger wants CR back just to spite EH. He admitted he could accept losing her to any man but not EH. While senior moon will humor his son as long as its benefits him.
  23. @grapefruit7 Maybe the evidence is stashed somewhere in the Moon's home. Well they say money talks so no surprise JS can get the info on secretary k pronto. Actually I am in 2 minds over CR becoming owner of makepacific. I know she is capable and she deserves it. But if she became the owner, that means secretary k will get what she wants. I hate that after all the bad things secretary k did to CR, EH, SA and SA's mom.
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